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Hazardous Waste Depot

Sunday, June 8, 2014
BFI Canada, 3354 Navan Road (Notre Dame des Champs)

If it’s corrosive, flammable or poisonous it’s hazardous waste. These types of products contaminate water and landfills and should never be poured down the drain or put out with your regular garbage.

To help you dispose of these products safely, the City of Ottawa operates several one-day Household Hazardous Waste Depots for City of Ottawa residents only.


Carleton University
Research Project

Photo Of Person

Genevieve Perkins is a Biology graduate student at Carlton University studying domestic cats across Ottawa. She is trying to determine the number of cats across Ottawa by interviewing residents. Her aim is to see what relationships exist between birds, cats, squirrels and raccoons across the city.  She is currently conducting door to door surveys in our area.

Predation by domestic cats is thought to have a negative impact on many birds, rodents and reptiles. In cities the impact on birds may be large due to the high concentration of cats, however, no evidence has been collected within Canada to support these trends. For my research I will be estimating the density of cat numbers throughout Ottawa by interviewing households. I will compare these findings with bird survey data collected under the Ottawa Breeding Bird Count to investigate;

1) if cat density effects the diversity and abundance of bird species; and
2) which bird species are most affected by cat densities.

For any residents who are interested in participating in this research, you can complete a short online survey HERE (approximately 5-10 minutes).

Garage Sale

The 2014 annual Fallingbrook community-wide garage sale took place on May 24. The weather was generally good, sunny in the morning.  The hail storm arrived at 4 pm, too late to affect anyone.

Fallingbrook Garage Sale
took place on
Saturday  May 24

What to do with unsold and unwanted items?

  1. Leave them by the curb, with a sign saying "Free".

  2. Call Canadian Diabetes Association at 800-505-5525.

  3. Visit to share your treasures.

  4. List your items on Craigslist Ottawa.

  5. List your items on Kijiji Ottawa.

  6. Wait for Ottawa Give-Away Day (Saturday, June 7 and Sunday, June 8, 2014, or see Ottawa website)

Queens Medal

Two executive members of the Fallingbrook Community Assocation were awarded the Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal by MP Royal Galipeau at an impressive ceremony in the House of Commons.

Zybina Richards, longtime president of the Fallingbrook Community Association, and Nicholas O'Connell, longtime volunteer since he was 10 years old at Canada festivities in Fallingbrook and on Petrie Island, as well as supervisor of all outdoor rinks in Fallingbrook, were feted.

For more details, go to Orleans Online.  Photo credit: Fred Sherwin, Orleans Online.

The community of Fallingbrook is situated in the City of Ottawa, Canada, in the east end of Orleans. It has a population of over 25,000 people, 8 elementary schools, 2 high schools, a public library and Ray Friel Centre recreation complex. Fallingbrook was farmland until 1985 when development started.  Fallingbrook is bordered by St Joseph Blvd, Tenth Line Road, Innes Road and Trim Road.

The Fallingbrook Community Association tries to represent the interests of the residents of Fallingbrook by holding regular meetings which are attended by municipal, provincial and federal elected officials. The community association also tries to boost community spirit by hosting events such as Canada Day, Summerfest, an annual community garage sale, a Neighbourhood Watch program and other events that benefit the community. We welcome recommendations for improving current events and suggestions for new events. If you want to be involved in any of our events, please contact the President.

La communauté de Fallingbrook fait partie de la ville d'Ottawa, Canada, dans le secteur est d'Orléans. Sa population actuelle est de 25,000. La communauté possède huit écoles élémentaires, deux écoles secondaires et le Centre récréatif Ray Friel. Fallingbrook a été développée sur des terres agricoles à partir de 1985, et le quartier est circonscrit par le boulevard St-Joseph, les chemins Tenth Line, Innes et Trim.

L'Association communautaire de Fallingbrook s'efforce de représenter les intérêts des résidents du quartier; elle tient des réunions périodiques auxquelles participent des représentants élus municipaux, provinciaux et fédéraux. Pour rehausser l'esprit de la communauté, l'association organize des événements comme la Fête du Canada, un festival d'hiver, une solde de garage annuelle, un programme de Surveillance de quartier et d'autres activités offrant des bénéfices pour la communauté. Nous sommes toujours ouverts aux recommandations tendant à améliorer les événements organisés et aux suggestions en vue de nouveaux projets du genre. Si cela vous intéresse de participer à ces activités, communiquez avec la présidente.

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