Fallingbrook Community Association

2018 Ottawa Municipal Election

The election takes place on 22 October 2018.

Residents of Orleans will vote for (1) Mayor (1) Ward councillor and (1) School board trustee.

If you live in Fallingbrook, you belong to one of two municipal wards:

  • Ward 1: Orleans — North or inside of Charlemagne
  • Ward 19: Cumberland — South of Charlemagne (Gardenway area)

General information on municipal election.

School board trustees

List of municipal candidates (City of Ottawa web site):

Ward 19 – Cumberland

Certified candidates for Ward 19
Candidate’s Name Date Nomination Filed Registered for the Contribution Rebate Program Telephone Email Website or Social Media Account
Stephen Blais 2018/05/01 Yes 613-291-0830 voteblais2018@outlook.com(link sends e-mail)
Jensen Boire 2018/06/29 No
Cameron Rose Jette 2018/07/06 No 613-867-5066 cameronrosejette@gmail.com(link sends e-mail) www.facebook.com/electjette(link is external)

Ward 1 – Orléans

Certified candidates for Ward 1
Candidate’s Name Date Nomination Filed Registered for the Contribution Rebate Program Telephone Email Website or Social Media Account
Rick Bédard 2018/07/11 Yes 613-209-7779 Rick@RickBedard.com(link sends e-mail) rickbedard.com(link is external)
Toby Bossert 2018/07/23 Yes tobybossert.orleans@gmail.com(link sends e-mail) www.tobybossert.ca(link is external)
Mireille Brownhill 2018/07/04 Yes mireillebrownhill2018@gmail.com(link sends e-mail) www.mireillebrownhill.ca(link is external)
Guy Desroches 2018/07/25 Yes 613-266-8453 guy.desroches111@gmail.com(link sends e-mail) www.facebook.com/guy.desroches.14(link is external)
Diego Elizondo 2018/07/25 Yes 613-355-1506 info@diegoelizondo.ca(link sends e-mail) www.facebook.com/ElizondoOrleans(link is external)
Dina Epale 2018/07/24 Yes 613-797-0944 dina.epale2018@gmail.com(link sends e-mail) www.dinaepale2018.com(link is external)
Doug Feltmate 2018/07/03 Yes
Jarrod Goldsmith 2018/07/10 Yes 613-834-6641 vote@jarrodgoldsmith.ca(link sends e-mail) www.JarrodGoldsmith.ca(link is external)
Miranda Gray 2018/05/15 Yes miranda4w1@gmail.com(link sends e-mail) www.mirandagray.ca(link is external)
Geoffrey Nicholas Griplas 2018/07/24 No 613-700-6262 fortfier@gmail.com(link sends e-mail)
Catherine Kitts 2018/07/27 Yes 613-889-4058 catherinekitts@gmail.com(link sends e-mail) www.catherinekitts.com(link is external)
Shannon Kramer 2018/07/25 Yes 613-897-7973 skramer4orleans@gmail.com(link sends e-mail) www.skramer4orleans.com(link is external)
Matthew Luloff 2018/07/03 Yes 613-620-6233 matthewluloff4orleans@gmail.com(link sends e-mail) www.matthewluloff.ca(link is external)
Qamar Masood 2018/06/29 Yes 613-859-6250 qm1orleans@hotmail.com(link sends e-mail) www.qamarmasood.ca(link is external)
Louise Soyez 2018/07/27 Yes cully1275@bell.net(link sends e-mail)
Kevin Tetreault 2018/07/05 Yes kevintetreault2018@gmail.com(link sends e-mail) www.kevintetreault.ca(link is external)
Don Yetman 2018/07/24 Yes 613-864-9173 donyetman2018@outlook.com(link sends e-mail) www.donyetman2018.com(link is external)


The community of Fallingbrook is situated in the City of Ottawa, Canada, in the east end of Orleans. It has a population of over 25,000 people, 8 elementary schools, 2 high schools, a public library and Ray Friel Centre recreation complex. Fallingbrook was farmland until 1985 when development started.  Fallingbrook is bordered by St Joseph Blvd, Tenth Line Road, Innes Road and Trim Road.

The Fallingbrook Community Association tries to represent the  residents and also tries to boost community spirit by hosting events such as Canada Day, Summerfest, an annual community garage sale, a Neighbourhood Watch program and other events that benefit the community.