Association Communautaire


Community Association


Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held April 26, 2000 (8:00 p.m.)

Ray Friel Centre, Cumberland


Attendees: David Villeneuve, Don Pottier, Frank Dugal, Gerry Lalonde, Herb Kreling, Marc Cappelli, Paul Pelletier, Ron Hamelin, Samantha Pottier, Willie Pieterse, Zybina Richards


Regrets: David Lewis, George Blake, Giles Warren, Lynne Hamelin


Opening Remarks:

President Ron Hamelin welcomed the Mayor, Councillors and members to the AGM.  He then introduced the FCA Class A Directors.




Mayor Gerry Lalonde

Mayor Lalonde gave an overview on the development of the Fallingbrook/Urbandale area.  This included the Trinity Development at Innes Road and Tenth Road which will house businesses such as Moores, Staples, Play It Again Sports, Buck or Two.  The Urbandale development scheduled to open May 1st, will include Monfort Clinic, Quickie Store, Portobello Dentil Clinic.  They are looking for a Hair Styling business.  A Shell Gas Station will open in the Fall at Innes Road and Tenth Line Road (North).  The Holiday Inn construction will not happen.  Instead, a 90 Unit Condo Building will be built on Centrum Blvd.  Construction will start Summer 2000.  The widening of Bottriel, Charlemagne and Princess Louise to be done by end of 2000.  $300.00 is spent on sewerage maintenance.  Work completed on the pond to facilitate the building of a new Elementary Catholic School and Sports Park.  Final approval in writing for the Sports Park to be received on May 10, 2000.  The Mayor congratulated the FCA and thanked Mr. Hamelin for his work as President.


Councillor Frank Dugal

Councillor Dugal briefed everyone on the Trillium Foundation and provided information on how to apply for grants.  He advised that there will be a 2.6% Tax reduction this year.  $300,000 received back from the Province will go back to the Tax Payers.  Councillor Dugal proudly described the future “Cumberland Lake” and the area location.    He touched on the future amalgamation of cities and the “Bridge”.  He thanked Mr. Hamelin and family for the efforts and teamwork on the FCA over the last 3 years.

Councillor Herb Kreling

Councillor reported that the Region is working with the Ottawa Transition Board.  There has also been a hold on facilities planning.  OC Transpo transit commission has accepted the amended proposal to include Bottriel and Tenth Line.  Trans Plan 2000 will see route 130 which will connect all communities in Orleans with a 2 way loop every ½ hour.  For Express Route 35 – the good news is, rider-ship is up.  The bad news is overcrowding.  There is the same number of buses in the Spring as the Winter.  Express Route 20 will be added to service the new Urban and South Fallingbrook routes and will interline with Express Route 35.  Across the Region, rider-ship was up in 1999 by 6.1%.  YTD 2000 rider-ship is up 5%.  The Region has sponsored a child car seat installation clinic which will be held on May 30th at 2:00 p.m. at the Cumberland Fire Hall.  Traffic lights will be installed at Trim & Watters Roads Spring 2000.  Councillor Kreling echoed Councillor Dugal’s complements to Mr. Hamelin for his commitment to the FCA for the last 3 years.


Minutes of the May 1999 AGM were accepted on a motion by Don Pottier, seconded by Marc Cappelli.


With the regrets from George Blake and Gilles Warren, items # 7 and 13 on the Agenda were amended.  The Agenda was accepted on a motion by Marc Cappelli, seconded by Paul Pelletier.

Treasurer’s Report by Don Pottier

Don distributed financial statements and balance sheets to all present.  He consolidated the following – The operation deficit is less than $12,000.  This is due to 1999 Canada Day weather which affected the 2 major contributing factors – Light Stick sales and revenue from the Homeniuk Rides.  The City Grants for operating the outdoor rinks for last winder was not yet received.  Don expressed that overall the FCA is financially healthy.  Don Pottier motioned that we accept the 1999-2000 Financial Report, seconded by Paul Pelletier, carried.  Don presented the proposed Budget for Fiscal Year 2000-2001.  Don Pottier motioned that we accept his Budget as proposed for Fiscal Year 2000-2001, seconded by David Villeneuve, carried.


Newsletter Report by Don Pottier

Don thanked Jocelyne Holmes for co-editing the newsletter.  The next edition is late June with the focus on Canada Day.  He will try to include Sports Park information, depending on available space.  Ron Hamelin congratulated Don on a job well done as Editor of the FCA Newsletter.

Canada Day Report by David Villeneuve

David reported that the 12 man Canada Day Committee is working hard with only 2 months away.  Canadian Tire is a Gold Sponsor.

Petrie Island Report by David Villeneuve

Dave explained that the Region leased Petrie Island to the City, the City gave it to the Friends and it is funded by the Fallingbrook, Queenswood Heights and Villages Community Associations.  The Region has allowed the Friends to continue with the operation.  The sand area to be operated as a beach area.  The water has tested positive for swimming.

Winterfest Report by Zybina Richards

Zybina reported that the Winterfest is an FCA run Winter activity open all residents of the Fallingbrook Community.  Activities include organized Broomball Tournaments, pleasure skating and tobogganing.  Mayor Lalonde reminisced the Winter activities which were held at Petrie Island in the past and suggested moving the event there.


Website Report by Ron Hamelin

Ron reported that information on all links were up to date.  We have had 1500 hits within the year.  He has received emails from Grade 4 students of a local Elementary school.  Ron stated that he would like to continue to maintain the Website as Past President with the suggestion of youth help be entertained.

Annual General Meeting by Ron Hamelin

The 2001 AGM was tentatively booked for Wednesday, May 5, 2001 at 7:30 p.m. (location to be confirmed).

Fallingbrook Volunteer Recognition Awards by Ron Hamelin

This event is tentatively booked for Saturday, April 7th, 2001 at 7:30 p.m.

Other Business

Ron thanked everyone and especially the Executives for all the support they gave to him over the last 3 years.  He expressed that it has been a pleasure and honour to be part of the FCA.


On a motion by Don Pottier, seconded by Paul Pelletier, the 2000 AGM of the Fallingbrook Community Association was adjourned at 9:35 p.m.

Elections of the FCA Class A Directors by Ron Hamelin

Marc Cappelli declined Zybina’s nomination of him as President.  With no other interest from those attending, Don suggested that the FCA advertise the vacancy for President and Secretary in the Local Newspaper.  At this time, David Villeneuve nominated Don Pottier and Zybina Richards as Class A Directors, seconded by Marc Cappelli and carried.  Ron advised that he will remain as interim President (in name only) for a period not to exceed June 30, 2001.


Prepared by Zybina Richards