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Community Association


Minutes of the Annual General Meeting May 15, 2001 (7:45 p.m.)


Attendees: Herb Kreling, Phil McNeely, Don Pottier, Ted Macias, David Villeneuve, Brenda Spearman, John Cloutier, Paul Pelletier, Zybina Richards





The Agenda was accepted on a motion by Don Pottier, and seconded by Paul Pelletier.


The minutes were approved on a motion by Paul Pelletier and seconded by Don Pottier.


Don Pottier provided the Treasurer’s report. The synopsis of the report indicated the FCA is in good shape as we are in a surplus position. The financial report was carried on a motion by Don Pottier and seconded by Paul Pelltier.

The Proposed Budget was outlined with no large increases, and for the most part status quo. The budget was accepted on a motion made by Don Pottier and seconded by David Villeneuve.


Councilor Kreling

Councilor Kreling indicated an interesting first quarter with the new City. He had attended numerous Community meetings with local residents.

·        Tenders are out for the new Police Station.

·         There are no real changes for OC transpo for 2001.  The fleet reliability and capacity issues still need to be addressed.

·        Corporate services have proposed a tax rate cut. 

·        Tax bills will be out late. 

·        The FCA was handed a cheque for $750.00 by Councilor Kreling for Canada Day.

·        Starting in August the light rail project will be under way using the existing CN track.

·        The Bilingualism Policy was passes in the last City meeting. The policy passed is based on the previous City policy. The policy allows for sensitivity of the needs of the areas. Residents are given a guarantee to have services provided in either French or English.

·        Money has been set aside to continue to provide for further needs of both the Millennium Sports Park as well as the park surrounding Ray Friel.

·        Money for arena development has yet to be looked at.



Councilor McNeely thanked the FCA for the assistance during his first six months.

·        There is a shortfall of Provincial funding for infrastructure expenditure.

·        The study is going to go ahead for Petrie Island beach and Marina.

·        Sidewalks are to be put in at Jeanne Sauvé.

·        Five parks are proceeding in the area south of Innes. 

·        There is a car rally at the Cumberland Heritage Museum on May 26.

Councilor McNeely indicated he would be matching Councilor Kreling’s donation to the FCA for Canada Day.


Recognition of Volunteer awards, AGM, and garage sale were advertised in the newsletter. The Canada Day edition will be out the weekend prior to Canada Day. Zybina thanked Don and Jocelyn for their work on the newsletter.


Rink Report

No report provided.

The issue of not providing rink reports will have to be dealt with in September.

Canada Day

Rain has been a problem for the last two years. The high point last year was the Councillors reunion. We received major funding from the City of Ottawa. Other major sponsors were Canadian Tire, Urbandale, and others. Herb and Phil will MC the pet show this year. Permits among other things have become more challenging to acquire with the new City.



·        The water quality is equivalent to Britannia, which is swimming quality.

·        Donations have been received from various sources such as FCA for the picnic area.

Zybina thanked David for all his work on Canada Day, Petrie Island and the web site.


As provided by George’s electronic communication.

4th Orleans

Scout Report

(John Cloutier)

·        4 of the evenings had to be rescheduled.

·        3 Beaver packs, and 3 Cub packs.

·        A total of approximately 170 children.

·        Some activities include trail clean up, and tree planting.

·        David Villeneuve provided the scouts a tour of the last of the Fallingbrook forest.

·        The Scouts participated in the Remembrance Day ceremonies.

·        Every year the Cubs and Beavers visit the Seniors Homes

·        The recently planted flowers at the local churches.

·        The funding provided by the FCA will go to 5 new tents.

·        This is the last year for John Cloutier as Chair. Next year Dawn Kerr will be the new chair.

The scouts may be reached at

Elections of

FCA Class A Directors

Four people had been nominated one for each of the positions. Zybina Richards for President, Ted Macias for Vice President, Don Pottier for Treasurer, and Brenda Spearman for Secretary. Paul Pelletier made the motion that each of the previous names fill those nominated positions. David Villeneuve seconded the motion and all were in favor. Carried

Zybina thanked all the people for accepting the nominations.



Meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m.


Minutes prepared by Brenda Spearman