Association Communautaire


Community Association


Minutes of Annual General Meeting held on May 15, 2002 (7:30p.m.)


Attendees: Phil McNeely, Herb Kreling, Marc Cappelli, Don Pottier, Ted Macias, David Villeneuve, Brenda Spearman, Zybina Richards, George Blake, Lynne Beriault (Brian Coburnís Office)





The Agenda was accepted on a motion by David Villeneuve, and seconded by George Blake.



The minutes were approved on a motion by George Blake and seconded by Marc Cappelli.



The financial report was provided, and the bottom line is we are in good shape.

The financial report was accepted on a motion by Don and seconded by George. The budget for 2002-2003 was provided.The budget was accepted on a motion from Marc Cappelli and seconded by Ted Macias.††††††††††††† .


Councilor Kreling

Councilor Kreling congratulated the Fallingbrook Community Association on doing so well on the balance sheet.

The following are on-going issues for the City:

        Bylaw Control


        Animal control

Recreation is continuing to be a key component in discussions between the City and the Municipalities. The number of arenas is still the biggest area of concern.The City will be holding the line in taxation for the budget in 2002. Property taxes will stay the same. We will complete a study on an Orleans/East-end Theatre Centre.

Re-paving will be done in a number of areas including St. Joseph Blvd., Jeanne DíArc and a few other areas. Ten tulips were painted from this ward and Herb bid and won the Sir Wilfred Laurier Tulip. The tulip will be placed in the satellite office.

There was some support indicated for the budget through the local newspapers.

Will be a new School constructed on the Millennium Park site. May 16 is the grand opening of the new Police station. A question was posed regarding the Bridge project. Response: There is still no criteria or process in place. The City of Gatineau is willing to discuss the process.


Councilor McNeely

A vote has been passed by the City Councilors to look at the Ring Road.Of special note is 35% of Orleans residents travel by City Bus.

A bridge may pose complications to the split at the Queensway. The Hog farm may be going ahead near Sarsfield, which is in fact within 1 km. Of Sarsfield. Councilor McNeely indicated that there is a no win for anyone except for the hog farm owner.

Recreation Committee

The big issues have been handled by the City Councilors. The group has encouraged people to deal directly with the sports groups and the City Councilors. Councilor Kreling will be inviting George, Zybina and one other from the FCA to join with the Gloucester recreation group. The meeting will be set up in the next few weeks. Presently they are looking at a structure that will work with the City.†††††††


Canada Day

Unfortunately David Villeneuve will be away in Moscow on Canada Day.The fireworks are already paid except for a top up to $10,000.00 this year. George has booked a second large tent.Monday May 27 is the next Canada Day meeting.There is a City grant for Canada Day activities.


Rink Report

No report provided.


The newsletter was distributed in advance of the AGM and the Garage Sale. The next newsletter will be out a week before Canada Day. The back page for Canada Day will be also featured in the Communique.


Petrie Island

Petrie Island has received $11,700.00 grant from the Trillium Foundation for an Interpretive program. Another study in on-going and there are presently Beach plans. There is a commitment by the City for the Beach project.



David Villeneuve is up-dating the web site on a regular basis. Ted is the back-up volunteer for the website.David will be changing the password.


Volunteer Awards

There was a good turn out. This year the person who nominated the recipient presented the award.


Garage Sale

The garage sale will be held this coming Saturday. The signs are up. The ads are in the East Ender, Penny Saver and The Citizen.


4th Orleans Scout Group

Dawn Kerr expressed her regrets at not being able to attend the meeting and thanked the FCA for their support.



The elections for the FCA Class A Directors:

The nominations, which closed last week, equaled the number of vacant positions, therefore each nomination was acclaimed. Zybina Richards will continue on a President. Ted Macias will continue on a Vice President. Don Pottier will continue on as Treasurer, and Brenda Spearman will continue on as Secretary.

David Villeneuve thanked the group with special thanks to Zybina.

Other Business

Zybina Richards thanked Councilors Kreling and McNeely and Brian Coburn for the support they have given to the Association.

Don suggested we come up with an alternative for the storage shed, which is costing $1850.00 per year. Herb and David said they would look into an alternative.

David asked if we should continue to carry such a large balance. His suggestion was to look at Community projects to support.



Meeting adjourned at8:45p.m.


Minutes prepared by Brenda Spearman