Minutes of the Board of Directors

Monday April 19, 1999

8:00 pm

Ray Friel Centre


George Blake Marc Cappelli Wes DeRocher Ron Hamelin

Zybina Richards, Dave Villeneuve Andre Rahal Paul Pelletier

Regrets: Lynn Hamelin

Opening Remarks:

As a result of a letter received from the YMCA, Ron is to invite them to attend the next Association’s meeting to give an overview on what they feel the FCA can do for YMCA.

Adoption of the Agenda: Amended to include, under (15) Ray Friel Site. George motioned for the adpotion of the Agenda, seconded by Dave and carried

Adoption of the Minutes: George motioned for the acceptance of January’s Minutes seconded by Zybina and carried. Acceptance of February’s Minutes was deferred to May.

Business Arising from February’s Minutes: Deferred to May’s Meeting.

Regional Report: Discussions on report submitted.

Councillor Dugal: Will be hosting an open forum on May 25th. Topic – Vandalism. Richard Martineau is the Co-ordinator. The Fca, Police and students from area High Schools have been invited to attend.

Trinity Development still scheduled for Fall 1999.

Treasurer's Report: Acceptance motioned by Ron, seconded by Dave and carried.

Newsletter: Deadline for submitting articles is Friday April 23rd.

FCA Web Site: New site address to be operational by May 1st. Dave recommended leaving information on the old site.

Signage: 2 types of signage – portable signs with frames to be used for GarageSales and all other Association Events. Awaiting letter from Library Board through Ron Hamelin in order to proceed with pricing, production and installation.

Recreation Reports Summary:

Cyber Rec. Committee – 14 individuals interested. Publicised in Newsletter.

Canada Day - Next meeting will be Wednesday April 28th at 8:00p.m.

Sgt. Savage wants to get involved re security.

Don proposed purchasing a digital camera – discussions to follow via email.

Outdoor Rinks: Deferred to May’s meeting.

Community Centre: George recapped information from earlier meeting with Jacque Lortie. More information will follow in an email from Jacque.

Queenswood Heights Community Association: Received a very small number of nomination for Volunteer Appreciation. They have cancelled this event.

Garage Sale: Community Garage Sale is on Saturday May 8th with a rain date May 9th. Marc has obtained signs. George to advertise in Pennysaver, Ottawa Citizen and local news papers.

Volunteer Recognition: Saturday, May 8th at the Ray Friel Centre, 7:00pm to 11:00pm. Ron to apply for Liquor Licence. Zybina to contact Jocelyn and Debbie to do Social part. Received a few nominations.

Annual General Meeting: Wednesday, May 5th at 7:30pm at the Ray Friel Centre Main Floor (Salons A&B). To be advertised in the next Newsletter.

Ray Friel Centre: The Cities options and recommendation are to go to council and Ron will speak on the FCA’s behalf on our our views and concerns regarding the building of an arena at Ray Friel. Ron or George will have a report for the next meeting on the outcome.

Petrie Island: Dave distributed a map of Petrie Island.

Storage: Dave has looked into renting self storage facility at Innes and 10th Line. 10’x10’ area which is accessible from the outside. Will eventually be fenced and alarmed. Electronic key fence = 24x7. $100/month, 1 year lease. Marc to look into advertising in exchange for rent.

Next Meeting: Monday, May 17, 1999

The meeting was adjourned at 9:40 p.m.