Minutes of meeting held February 21, 2000 (8:10 p.m.)

Attendees:, George Blake, David Villeneuve, , Ron Hamelin, , Don Pottier, Zybina Richards, Gilles Warren

Regrets:, Lynn Hamelin, Paul Pelletier

Opening Remarks:

Ron welcomed all in attendance.
Subject Discussions/Decisions
Agenda The Agenda (with added items noted) was accepted on a motion by Zybina Richards, seconded by David Villeneuve.
Minutes Minutes of January 17, 2000 meeting was adopted on a motion by Zybina Richards, seconded by Don Pottier.
Councillor Kreling OC TRANSPO

The Transplan 2000 public consultation has commenced. The proposed alterations affect bus routes in our community. Routes 30, 35, 135 and 136 have proposed alterations and a new 130 would be introduced. I have had continual discussion with OC Transpo staff respecting the current overcrowding on our buses, specifically the #30 and #35. The proposed alterations will not alleviate that situation and I have therefore requested that the staff calculate the number of buses that will be dedicated to these routes and to be prepared to have those discussions at the public meetings with the community. In our vicinity, the public meeting will be Wednesday, February 23rd at the Orléans Recreation Complex and Thursday, February 24th at the Cumberland Library.

There have been advertisements in the local papers as well as hand-outs on the buses on Transplan 2000.

In general, the 1999 ridership statistics have been an improvement over previous years. With ridership up 6.1%, there were 74.7 million trips in 1999 compared to 70.4 million in 1998 and 70.0 million in 1997.


There has been an increase in Break and Enter occurrences in Orléans in 1999 compared to 1998. In some locations, the rise is twice the level of the previous year. The District Staff Sergeant has created a committee to review the statistics, locations, types of Break and Enters, etc., and intends to implement a Problem Oriented Policing (P.O.P.) initiative on this situation. While there is concern about this increase and it is being treated very seriously, it should be noted that the 1999 Break and Enters numbers are about the same as the seven to ten year average. It appears that there was a drop in 1998 and then it jumped back up again in 1999. The community police officers, the Staff Sergeant and Inspector and
the crime analyst are reviewing this material in order to recommend appropriate courses of action.


The southbound left turn priority signal is to be installed this spring. A review of the eastbound left turn movements was undertaken. It was done during peak times (a.m. and p.m.) during week days and Saturdays. It revealed that all vehicles made the turn during the cycle at which the vehicles arrived. In addition, the collision statistics for this intersection are lower than the average for similar intersections.

Therefore, the Transportation staff are not recommending the installation of an advance left turn for eastbound traffic at this time. However, the site will be revisited after the southbound left turn is installed and also, the Engineering Division has been asked to review the construction of the intersection.


The Official Plan Amendment Public Meeting for the re-alignment of Trim Road (reported last month) will be held on February 22, 2000 at the Regional Building at 3:00 p.m.
Last year, there was discussion on the installation of Traffic Lights at Watters Rd. and Trim Rd. It is anticipated that these will be installed this Spring (the tender has gone out). When Trim Road is realigned, the traffic lights will be re-used in the future configuration.

Treasurer: No change in Report. Our 'income' will be increased by the rink grants that will be paid this year. Motion for the acceptance of the Treasurer's Report as presented was seconded by Dave Villeneuve and carried.
Rec. Committee

George Blake

Re-naming of the "South Fallingbrook Community Centre". It was agreed that Ron will respond to the City stating that there are questions regarding the renaming of the Centre. However, the FCA's recommendations would be to have the Centre named after one of the three individuals: Mr. Peter Clark, Mr. Bryan Coburn and Mr. Ned Lathrope with our preference being Mr. Peter Clarke.
Youth Dance It was embarassing and yet sad to report that only 3 youths attended the FCA Dance on February 4th. Every effort was made to try and make the dances successful to no avail. Since it is an obvious expense to the FCA, Zybina motioned for the cancellation of the FCA dances, seconded by Don and carried. Supplies will be used at the Winterfest.
Petrie Island The Friends of Petrie Island met on 15 Feb. They are to be given a Conservation Award by the Ottawa Field Naturalists for the work in making Petrie Island more open to visitors while maintaining its natural environmental qualities.

The Cumberland Planning Committee received a report by Chris Brouwer of the planning department on the future of Petrie Island. The report by Dan Brunton is ready to be accepted. Chris proposes to proceed with developing a trail loop along the north side of the island, although there is a disagreement among environmentalists over whether the loop through the
as-now quiet forest area will be a problem. This will involve building a foot bridge over some open water. The Rideau Valley Conservation Authority must give permission for any work near or on the water. Chris also proposes a trail parallel to the North Service Road, between Tenth Line and Trim Roads. His estimated costs are $76,000 for this trail, and $60,000 for the
island trail. The Friends suggest that we wait until the trunk sewer line is built along the North Service Road before making a trail. We also suggest that volunteers can be used to make the island trail for almost nothing. Cumberland will pay for the summer operation of the picnic area on the beach, including toilet rentals. The Friends hope to build a picnic
shelter with the funds contributed by FCA, QHCA, Villages CA, etc. Four more picnic tables will be built, to bring the number to 20.

Outdoor Rinks The mild weather has commenced and with any luck the overnight temperatures will be low enough to keep us operational for the next two weeks giving us our maximum twelve weeks of operation. at this time, we have a full ten weeks as of Saturday February 19, 2000. 

Attendance has been on average 30 to 50 people a night depending on the location. You will all be pleased to know that attendance at SFCC has been the highest. With the ongoing set backs that appear to be the norm from FCC things are good. However I find that because of the location of the pleasure and hockey rink at Jeanne Sauve this would explain the lower

The recent dumping of snow created several problems at Jeanne Sauve and Fallingbrook with the snow removal. The snow was dumped on the pleasure rinks. This situation was quickly corrected by Ron and City staff.

There was discussion with the custodial staff at Jeanne Sauve with regards to moving the pleasure rink next year. Visibility is poor with its present location.

A few minor incidents with the staff, one was fired (did not show up for his shift) and a few were spoken to about the quality of work that was being performed. Things appear to be improving at a snails pace. (ha ha ha)

As mentioned above with the onset of the mild weather Winterfest may very well bring closure to the rinks.

Winterfest Ron still putting together broomball teams. Gym to be set up for Basketball and Volleyball. Set-up at 11:30am. Event starts at noon. Debbie Parent agreed to be the event's photographer. Don Reported that the Hot Dog cooker came from QHCC. Giles will find out the contact's name and number for us to call and make arrangements to borrow it. 
Volunteer Awards Recognition Still a go ahead for March 4th. Paul still collecting nominations. Ray Friel Centre Halls A&B reserved. Liquor Permit applied for.
Canada Day Canada Day Committee met on 17 Feb. The minutes have been e-mailed to the committee members. Briefly, we feel that we should not dwell on last year's financial losses. We should consider an extra-large effort for the year 2000. The committee is investigating additional funding through the Millenium Fund.
New Members Ron mentioned the names of residents who have indicated their interests in being a member of the FCA. No new members were present.
Committees On going committees
AGM The FCA's AGM will be held on Wednesday April 26th. Ron to reserve the venue with Francine Gauthier, Parks & Rec.
City Awards The FCA will be submitting the names of Al and Helen Tweddle for an award from the City of Cumberland.
Garage Sale The date for the Fallingbrook Community Garage Sale has been set for Saturday May 13th. George motioned that the FCA purchase 2 more signs, seconded by Dave and carried. Zybina to contact Marc Cappelli and solicit his help in getting the signs made.
Farewell Discussions re Final Farewell to Cumberland was deferred to March 20th meeting.
QHCA The QHCA's Volunteer Appreciation Ceremony will be held on April 19th. Giles enquired about the situation of the non-working elevator at the South Fallingbrook Community Centre.

Meeting adjourned at 9:40 p.m. Next meeting Monday, March 20, 2000 at 8:00p.m.