Association Communautaire
Community Association

Minutes of the Board of Directors of Monday February 16th, 1998

In attendance were:

George Blake

Roger Lapointe

Don Pottier

Ron Hamelin

Zybina Richards

Giles Warren

Marc Cappelli

Regrets were:

Jim Shaw

Jocelyne Holmes

Sean Crossan

Lynn Hamelin

Ron Hamelin called the Meeting to order at 7:30pm and welcomed everyone.

Roger Lapointe moved for acceptance of the Minutes of January 19th meeting, seconded by Marc Cappelli and carried

Amnendment to the Agenda add Citizen's Panel, Signage and Heart Institute. Roger Lapointe moved the motion for acceptance of January 19th Agenda, seconded by George Blake and carried.

Councillor's Corner

Councillor Dugal advised us that Ottawa-Carleton won the bid to host the International Agriculture event to be held in Cumberland in the year 2001 with Regional and Municipal support. Councillor Dugal informed us of his appointment as Parks and Recreation Chair and that Councillor Lewis was assigned the Library Chair.

Councillor Dugal's open forum is changed to March 31, 1998 at 7:30pm with his guest Camille Bédard from the Citizen's Panel.

Council Meeting will be held on Tuesday February 17th, 1998. One of the items to be discussed is Interim Budget activities. The goal is to have 0% tax increase.

George Blake moved a vote of support on Councillor Dugal's appointment on the Parks and Recreation Committee.

Councillor Herb Kreling reported on PMOC Annual Budget Public Meeting for R1 Orleans and R6 Innes will be held on Thursday, February 26th.

On February 13th, the Region cancelled the garbage collection Contract with Excel reason being Breach of Contract. Region is looking for 11-12 people to work on the Social Housing Working Group Committee. The Committee will need to identify issues and make recommendations. There will be 2 workshops on Local Governance needs. The first will be held on March 4th at 7pm at Ray Friel centre. Public Meetings will be held on April 15th from 2pm to 9pm at the Cumberland Town Hall. The Final Report will be tabled in August.

Treasurer's report

filed by Don Pottier. Standard Budget comparison and the Newsletter is completed for this fiscal year. Don motioned for the acceptance of the Budget as presented, seconded by George Blake and carried.


It was noted that delivery was not done on certain streets. Ad Bag Company to be notified. Marc Cappelli suggested that a round table discussion to gauge/improve on Newsletter and at the same time promote higher awareness. George suggested using the Communiqué to do a page for in-between Newsletters. Next Newsletter is due out the last week of April

Community Centre

Committee met and the final plan is being drafted.

Neighbourhood Watch

Report filed. Only change is December 1997 statistics. mailbox posters are being removed. Roger to look into other ways of recruiting Street Captains. Roger Lapointe motioned to have the Neighbourhood Watch report added to the Minutes, seconded by Marc Cappelli and carried.

FCA By-Law

Postponed to March 16th Meeting.

Web Site

Ron Hamelin is still waiting for answers from National Capital Freenet. Councillor Kreling will look into using the Region's Server and report back to Ron.

Petrie Island

Al Tweddle, Queenswood Heights Community Association sent a letter to FCA informing us of the new committee - Friends of Petrie Island giving us background, actions and proposals.


George Blake reported that plans to build the Community Centre is going ahead qyuite nicely.

Outdoor Rinks

Ron Hamelin reported on Lynn Hamelin's behalf of incidents happening at Fallingbrook School due to one individual Kyle Quinn. The Police and Parks and Recreation have been notified and support has been received by Township on the actions taken to ban Mr. Quinn for this season. A letter will be sent to Mr. Quinn informing him of this decision with the Association's support. We have completed 9 weeks and entering our 10th week and the attendance is equivalent to last year and both rinks have been reserved to its full capacity. A ball hockey challenge by Lynn Hamelin against the Cumberland Grads is set for March 7th at 2pm and proceeds are to go to the Heart Institute.

Social Committee

Our Winterfest'98 started off with a Youth Dance on Friday, February 6th. Attendance was approximately 65 with lots of new faces. Overall attendance for Sunday's activities was good. A count of approx. 150-200 people was done at around 2:30pm and there were quite a few that had left. The broomball tournament was a hit with everyone who played and those who watched. Many will stay tuned for next years festivities.

Canada Day

Ron Hamelin advised on Paul Pelletier's behalf of the scheduled meeting on Thursday February 19th, for anyone interested in attending.

George Blake recommended that Marc Cappelli be considered for the role of Marketing and Advertizing for the Association, seconded by Roger Lapointe and carried.
Marc Cappelli proposed that a 8x8 sign be put at Ray Friel Centre. Its purpose would be to promote awareness of activities by the Community Association and Sponsors could have a preset lenght of exposure. Serco and Township have already shown their support for this venture. At this time, everyone would like to see different options available before agreeing to this.

May 9th is the Volunteer Award Gala. A Committee is to be set up and categories are to be determined.

Next meeting March 16th, 1998 at 7:30pm

Meeting adjourned at 9:45pm