Minutes of the Board of Directors

Monday February 16, 1999

8:00 pm

Ray Friel Centre


George Blake, Marc Cappelli, Ron Hamelin, Don Pottier, Zybina Richards, Dave Villeneuve

Regrets:Sean Crossan, Lynn Hamelin, Paul Pelletier

Opening Remarks:

Adoption of the Agenda: Amended to include, under (13) Volunteer Awards, (14) AGM. Don motioned for the adpotion of the Agenda, seconded by Dave and carried

Adoption of the Minutes: 3) Acceptance of January's Minutes was deferred to March's Meeting.

Business Arising from February’s Minutes: 4) Business Arising out of January's Minutes was deferred to March's Meeting

Regional Report: 5) Councillor Kreling will get copies of OC Transpo and Bridge Reports to Ron soon. Executive summary to be on Regional's Website soon. Needs to get Executives from 6 Associations to be present to discuss on common areas./P>

Councillor Dugal: Councillor Frank Dugal New School and Park to be built South of Innes. Completion by September 1999. Nothing laid out yet. Received minor calls regarding Ray Friel Site. Bottriel resident objecting. Concerned that it will become a parking lot. Alternative to block exit in front of resident's home. Bridge did not generate any telephone calls.

Treasurer's Report: Don presented the Financial Report No changes since last report Don motioned to have the Financial Report received as presented, seconded by Dave and carried.

Newsletter: October's Newsletter delivered to residents in Ad Bag. It included Ad for Winterfest. Don and Jocelyn were congratulated on a job well done. Next edition is due in last weekend in April.

FCA Web Site: Existing Web Site being updated by a student from Cite Collegealle. Few pages are available now. Should be completed in a few weeks. Dave recommended paying for hosting service Ř Content Ř Name - fallingbrook.ca Ř Host - sampled a few hosting companies and magma is recommended highly over others surveyed. Dave motioned that FCA make arrangements with Web hosting service, possibly magma, and register as fallingbrook.com or fallingbrook.ca. Motion was seconded by George and carried.

Signage: Marc explained about the signs which were in production and will be ready for delivery Friday, Februay 19th. It will be a green/black generic banner which will be good for all events - Canada Day, Winterfest, Garage Sale. An offer has been put out to the Presidents of other Associations for an Advertising Board to be placed in the new Fallingbrook Library. Only Navan responded with an interest to consider for next year. Library meeting February 17th. They will send out letter stating wall and space with cost share to Library. George motioned for FCA to purchase 2 signs for the Garage Sale, seconded by Dave and carried.

Recreation Reports Summary:

Reciprocal use of School - no response from Jacque Lortie.

Canada Day - Next meeting will be Wednesday Feb. 17th at 8:00p.m. Ron and Dave made an executive decision to purchase 1 pair of CB radios (4watts, 7mhz) to try them out at Winterfest and the possibility of keeping them to use at Canada Day.

Outdoor Rinks: Nothing to be reported. One attendant did not do duties and has since been terminated

c) Winterfest'99: Information package including invitation for children to enter Decorated Sleigh Contest was sent to schools. Place d'Orleans is a major sponsor. Received prizes and they will be sending out their mascot who will be handing out balloons to the children. Also received prizes from Sympatico and Bell Canada Quick Change Cards. Purchased Plaque to be placed at Township and Trophy for winner of Sleigh Contest. Made buttons for staff and ribbons for kids. Advertisment - Interview with Rogers 23 on Wednesday Feb. 17th. George suggesting getting 2 curling rocks as another event

d) Youth Dances: Recommendation in Zybina's was to cancel March's Dance due to lack of adult volunteers and the upcoming March Break. Ron reported that since receiving this report, he has gotten commitment from Councillor Dave Lewis and Mrs. Lewis along with Lynn Hamelin and himself. From discussions following, it was agreed that the March 19th Youth Dance will continue as planned.

e) Community Centre: Letter was sent out stating that the FCA was not interested in Management only in the Programs.

Queenswood Heights Community Association: no report received.

Other Business: Items deffered to next meeting

Next Meeting:Monday, March 15, 1999

The meeting was adjourned at 11:15 p.m.