Minutes of meeting held January 17, 2000 (8:05 p.m.)

Attended: David Villeneuve, , Ron Hamelin, Paul Pelletier, Don Pottier, Zybina Richards.

Regrets: George Blake, Lynn Hamelin,

Opening Remarks:

Ron welcomed all in attendance and extended best wishes for a new millennium to everyone. With the resignation of Marc Cappelli, Ron expressed that he hoped one of the long standing members of the FCA would act as Vice President in the interim. He also indicated that he has taken on most of Marc's duties including Marketing.
Subject Discussions/Decisions
Agenda The Agenda was accepted on a motion by Zybina Richards, seconded by Don Pottier 
Minutes Minutes of November 15, 1999 meeting was adopted on a motion by Zybina Richards, seconded by Paul Pelletier
Councillor Kreling 1) POLICE SERVICE
The East Divisional Office for the Police is on schedule to commence construction of the 18,000 square foot facility this year with completion by 2001 at the 10th Line/St. Joseph location. During the past few months, Councillor Kreling and representatives of the Police Service have visited with a few of the School Councils in our Ward to discuss children and street safety issues. These discussions have been very beneficial to address parents' concerns and to provide a better understanding of policing programs tailored to our community and school needs. The group will continue to meet with all organizations that want to discuss policing and safety issues in our community.

The Police Service is also continuing our participation in a roadside safety program with various private sector and police service partners accross the Province. The program promotes the use of "distress triangle signs" that motorists can carry with them and if they encounter a problem, place the sign on the drivers window. Passing motorists notice the
distress sign on the parked vehicle and call 911 for emergency assistance or the regular 236-1222 line for non-emergency situations. This program is beneficial and popular, especially with female motorists. The distress signs are available at Canadian Tire Stores and some will be part of upcoming police service promotions.

Regional Council has confirmed funds in the 2000 Budget to undertake the Environmental Assessment to widen to four lanes and improve Innes Road from Trim Road to Pagé Road (i.e., the location that is 2 lanes now) and also the possible widening on Innes in the Cyrville area (i.e., the location where the "bottleneck" occurs).
The Council has also commenced the process to amend the Region's Official Plan to relocate the Trim Road corridor between St. Joseph Blvd. and Innes Road.
The Council has also confirmed the budget for the asphalt resurfacing of St. Joseph Blvd. from Jeanne D'arc to Place d'Orléans. This work is to be done in conjunction with the Gloucester St. Joseph Blvd. revitalization work to be done in 2000.

3) BUDGET 2000
The Regional Budget was finalized in late December 1999. Generally, the Region's portion of the property tax bill will be reduced in 2000. In Cumberland, the average regional taxes on an average $150,000 assessed home will increase by $2. This modest increase is due to the last year of phasing-in policing costs in Cumberland. The Region tax rates are now the same accross all suburban/urban communities.

The announcement of the Transition Board will be made shortly. 

Copies of the Legislation were provided to the Community Associations in Cumberland In December 1999. Updates, such as the regulations, will be provided to the FCA when they become available. 

Councillor Kreling and Mr. Brendan Reid of the Region's Planning and Approvals Division attended the January meeting of the Queenswood Heights Community Association to respond to the Association's questions on the Interprovincial Bridge concept and Ring Road concept. Councillor Kreling indicated that Mr. Reid would be happy to attend the February Fallingbrook meeting to respond to our inquiries on this matter if we would like. 

In a recent Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) decision, the Board has ordered that the Region re-instate the "transportation corridor" at Kettle Island as a possible location for a bridge accross the Ottawa River. They are in preliminary stage of this concept and as yet need to have the complete public discussion within our community.

Councillor Dugal *Parks and Recreation Committee meeting with Gloucester - getting the 2 groups to collect ideas on working together.
* First meeting for Staff and Councillors is scheduled for end of January 2000-01-31

* Board and Recreation Meeting is scheduled for early February

* Councillor indicated that he recently appointed to the Trillium Foundation Board. This Foundation has been set up to make money available to fund community projects. It won't support building something will support renovating it. Small grants take 4-8 weeks to process.
* From Recommendations (from the COPPS Committee), the Graffiti situation is in the hands of Physical Environment with a Spring start date.

Councillor Lewis In the Communique
Mayor Gerry Lalonde The Mayor thanked the FCA for inviting him to their Meeting. He indicate that he was there to help all Associations and with the forming of the New City, he hopes to continue to maintain good communication and relationship and keep working together.

Millennium Project and Association Wish List (ron's email)

Treasurer: No change in Report. Started to pay for Rink Attendants. We are in the red this fiscal year.

Motion for the acceptance of the Treasurer's Report as presented was seconded by Paul Pelletier and carried.

Rec. Committee

George Blake

City Recreation Advisory Committee:
a) The committee has not met since our last Association meeting (its next meeting is in February).
b) Still on the table is the question of user fees. George was delighted to learn from Dave's report that some fees have already been adjusted. A great start but in his opinion some other fees should also be reviewed.
c) The designation of the sports park as a millennium project (with 1.2 million in funding) is great news. This combined with the potential new high school should get this long awaited project really going.
d) Ray Friel site. More information needed. George is still not clear on exactly what modifications have been approved for the site. Everyone seems to have a different perspective.

Cyber Recreation Committee: No news.

Tennis at Fallingbrook South: No new news. However, George will speak to Claude Drouin
(Queenswood Heights/Fallingbrook Tennis Club) again.

Badminton: The Association has managed to get through last year's waiting list. There are still about ten people on this year's list. Still looking for more space however. George's concern is, why is the City is getting into it when an established volunteer group is willing to do it.

Outdoor Rinks: As there was no mention of the issue of remuneration on the agenda, George hoped that his e-mail inquiries last month gave people some info to base their decision on.
He feels that in future such decisions should be made long in advance so that whoever
is doing it knows what to expect.

Youth Dance - Our first youth dance for the new millennium will be held on Friday, January 21st.
from 7:30pm to 10:30pm
- Hall and DJ already reserved
- Set up is at 6:30pm
- No purchases necessary. I will be using supplies left over from the last dance
- Ron has already sent out notices to the schools in our community
- Adult volunteers needed to supervise/canteen/door
- I have some door prizes which were acquired by Marc Cappelli.

- There were discussions on how to promote visibility of the Dance and a proposal to have a sign made was talked about but no decision made.

Petrie Island The Friends of Petrie Island warmly thanks the Fallingbrook Community Association for its donation towards the 2000 season. The contribution may be used to help build a picnic structure, or perhaps signs for nature information. Dave will keep the FCA posted.

The report by Dan Brunton, commissioned by the City to make development plans, was reviewed at an open house in November. No details on if the final report has been accepted. This report basically agreed with the direction taken by Friends of Petrie Island. It recommended a foot bridge be constructed so that a trail loop can be completed. It made no
recommendations on thorny issues such as the beaver problem, motor boats, the bridge, the marina, etc.

The Friends of Petrie Island have submitted a request to the City for operating the picnic area again this summer. Most of the cost goes towards renting a toilet. There is a lot of interest from many groups, particularly high schools, in helping develop the island. Water quality test taken last summer showed that the water is good enough to permit swimming. Perhaps one
day there will be a beach there. There is hope that the sand operation will be re-arranged so that the public will have access to the north-west corner of the sandy area.

Outdoor Rinks In Lynn's absence, Ron presented the report. Paul Pelletier motioned to remove the Salary Cap for Rink Managers and leave the Honorarium at $300.00 per location, seconded by Dave Villeneuve, and carried. 
Winterfest Ron to do the Broomball- Ron received some interested phone calls from Thrillium and Maple Ridge Schools and has to date 3 teams for the community tournament. Zybina will take care of the Canteen. Don Pottier will check with the Girl Guides on availability of Hot Dog Cooker.
Volunteer Awards Recognition Ron will MC the event but asked for a selection committee. The venue will be changed to the Ray Friel Centre on March 4th, 2000 at 7:30pm. Paul volunteered to review nominations. Zybina will do the social.
Canada Day As Don noted in November, we lost about $8000 on Canada Day 1999, although we have several thousand dollars in light sticks in Don's basement that we hope to be able to use.

Dave will pick a meeting time in February to get things started for 2000. We will need to approach our major sponsors soon. Thank you letters have gone out to all sponsors. We will need to go over our list of expenditures to determine where we can make reductions. Other than trimming the budget a bit, I don't forsee any major changes to the format. This will be the last one under the auspices of the City of Cumberland.

Dave thanked the committee members once again, and hoped that everyone will be back this year. He still has certificates and photos to give to Rick and to Phil. Maybe this would be a good suggestion for a volunteer award, either the FCA's or the City's: the Canada Day Committee? Sort of like Doctors without Borders, just fewer of us.

Press Release Contact List Ron mentioned that it would be practical to have one stop media list of contacts this way everyone gets the information.
QHCA Giles was unable to attend but has the attached report for the record.

Meeting adjourned at 10:05 p.m. Next meeting Monday, February 21, 2000 at 8:00p.m.

Prepared by Zybina Richards