Association Communautaire
Community Association

Jan 19,1998 Present at the meeting were:

Sean Crossan, member at large

Lynn Hamelin, Outdoor Rinks

Ron Hamelin, President

Roger Lapointe, Neighbourhood Watch

Paul Pelletier , Chairperson for Canada Day

Don Pottier, Treasurer

Zybina Richards, Secretary

Rob Tanner, Tanner Insurance (guest)

David Villeneuve, Past-President

Giles Warren, Vice-President of the Queenswood Heights Association

Anne Moralejo, reporter for The Star/ Weekly Journal
Regrets Jim Shaw, Jocelyne Holmes, Marc Cappelli, Vice-President

Ron called the meeting to order at 7:45pm and welcomed everyone back with best wishes for a great year ahead. Ron also thanked everyone for their participation and help during Ice Storm 98 crisis. Ron then introduced Rob Tanner, Insurance Broker from Tanner Insurance for the FCA.

Mr. Tanner presented us with an overview of the insurance coverage on our existing policy.

- we have no coverage for molestation and wrongful dismissal.

- for activities (Canada Day, Winterfest, etc) qualified or licensed people should be hired to run events. Owners of activities must provide a Certificate of Insurance. They are not covered under our policy.

- Tenants liability coverage

- Alcohol liability coverage - we must have Smart Servers at our events.

- all FCA Board of Directors, FCA Members, Volunteers for FCA activities (acting within the scope of duty) are covered under this policy.

- Non-owned automobolie coverage.

- Community Centre Assets - Rider coverage could be added to the current policy.

- Rob Tanner will look into coverage for snowblowers at each location.

- Damaged or stolen equipment during an event - Owner of property is responsible.

- FCA has no property insurance. No coverage for the Association's equipment. Something to look at for the future.

- CHEZ Mobile used at Canada Day celebration is covered for all perils.

- Rob Tanner to advise what the new premium will be if Replacement Value is removed from the policy.

- Insurance on the Newsletter - we have liability coverage for libel and slander.

Mr. Tanner concluded by asking if his Insurance Company could take out an advertisement in our newsletter. Ron thanked Mr. Tanner for his time and presentation.

2) Dave Villeneuve moved for acceptance of the minutes of Jan 19th Meeting, seconded by Roger and carried.

3) Amendment to Agenda - add Canada Day. Roger moved the motion for acceptance of the Jan 19th agenda, seconded by Dave and carried.

4) Councillor's Corner:

Councillor Frank Dugal- Mayor Brian Coburn has lifted the State of Emergency for Cumberland. Power in this region has been restored. A get-together is being planned for spring or summer to thank Ice Strom volunteers. Cumberland Museum seems to be the preferred location. Frank suggested that FCA promote a thank you to its residents. Councillor Dugal then thanked evryone involved in the Emergency activities. It was noted that the FCA was there and greatly appreciated. It was the Mayor's and State's decision to have all Cumberland Schools closed for one extra day primarily to ensure emergency capacity in rural areas. Why doesn't Neighbourhood Watch fall within planning committee for state of emergencies. A de-briefing meeting is planned for next week. Council's Meeting of Jan 20th has been rescheduled to Jan 27th. Councillor Dugal's Open Forum with the Citizens Panel as his invited guest will be February 24th at 7:30pm. The President of FCA was asked to attend.

Regional Councillor Herb Kreling: The Emergency Relief Committee has appointed 18 individuals for primarily 2 functions- to raise and distribute funds to individuals and business who have been affected by the Ice Storm and noy covered by insurance. First assistance relief in the amount of $75M. $3M given to Region this past weekend. For every $1 raised for emergency relief, the province will match it with $3. Emergency Relief Committee is reaching out to Ottawa-Carleton as a whole and urge individuals to use their talents to raise funds for the relief operation. Gerry Dust and Miles will represent Cumberland.

OC Transportation Plan for 1998 - Route 30 Charlemagne/Watters/Montcrest will be changed to Charlemagne/Valin/Varennes/Montcrest. This is scheduled to take effect in September 1998. Route 136 temporary use on Orchardsview is being contemplated. Esat bound express route delayed due to weather. Completion expected late Spring 1998. OPP transition went smoothly. Constable Koreen Kimakovich is our Ottawa-Carleton Police contact.

Treasurer's Report: report by Don filed. No change to the Financial Statement. Highlighted activities will continue to March 1998. YMCA cheque for $100 has not been cashed. It is now stale dated. Sean motioned for the acceptance and to add the Treasurer's Report to the minutes, seconded by Paul and carried.

Newsletter: Don and Jocelyne will put together the newsletter the weekend of Jan 24th. Must be completed to send to production on Sunday Jan 25th at 5:00pm. There is space allocated for Councillors notes.

Community Centre: Ron asked for Dave to report on CBE. Dave advised that Jacques lortie had nothing to report. There has been no further feedback from CBE. He should know something by Thursday Jan 22th. Dave is to meet with CBE and Architects to discuss the Community Centre.

Neighbourhood Watch: Report filed. No changes to Street Captains and no Statistics in for the month of December. To date 34 Street Captains recruited and 1 Sector Leader.

FCA By-Law: Roger asked that everyone read the By-Law and bring all changes for approval at our next meeting. By-Law to be added to the next Agenda as item for discussion.

Web Site: FCA Web Site in process with freenet. Dave motioned for the payment of $100.00 one time fee to Freenet, seconded by Sean and carried. A maximum of 5 individuals will have access to the Web Page. A suggestion was to use the same password. Ron will find out which tool be used. (FTP/Word).

Petrie Island: Nothing to Report

Recreation: Outdoor Rink- Ron advised that Lynn hamelin has been managing the Outdoor Rink operation in his absence since the Ice Storm and asked for a motion to have Lynn appointed as Outdoor Rink Manager. Paul motioned that Lynn assumes the above duties, seconded by Don and carried.

Fallingbrook Winterfest'98: Ron updated everyone on the broomballtournaments to be played at the FCA's Winterfest celebration on Sunday, February 8th, 1998. Competitive Broomball Tournaments to be played among local business from 9am-noon. Entry for this event is $50. First and second prizes will be 2/3 of the amount received from entry fees. Friendly Broomball games among groups will be played from noon-3pm.

Social Committee: Zabyna elaborated on other activities to take place at Winterfest'98. We begin the event with a Youth Dance on Friday, Feb 6th, 1998. In addition to the Broomball games on Sunday, there will be skating, toboganing, ice slides and possibly sleigh rides for families. Canteen services will also be available. Sean motioned that a maximum of $300 be allocated for the Winterfest celebration, seconded by Paul and carried.

Other Business

State of Emergency: Marc thanked everyone for volunteering during the Ice Storm Emergency Operation. Dave motioned that FCA donate $500 to the Ottawa-Carleton Disaster Relief Fund instead of having a sleigh ride at Winterfest'98, seconded by Don and carried.

Next Meeting Monday, February 16th, 1998 at 7:30pm

The Meeting adjourned at 10:30pm