Association Communautaire
Community Association

February 1999 Agenda
Meeting of Board of Directors
Monday, February 15, 1999 at 8:00 p.m.
Ray Friel Center

1. Opening Remarks (Hamelin) 8:00pm
2. Adoption of the Agenda (motion required) (Hamelin) 8:05pm
3. Adoption of the Minutes (Deffered to March) (Hamelin)
4. Business Arising from the Minutes (Deffered to March) (Hamelin)
5. Councilor's Reports 6. Present the Treasurer's Report (motion required) (Pottier) 8:25pm
7. Newsletter Report (motion required) (Pottier) 8:30pm
8. FCA Web Site (Update) (Villeneuve) 8:35pm
9. Signage Update (see report) (Cappelli) 8:40pm
10. Recreation Reports Summary (see report) (Hamelin) 8:50pm
11. Queenswood Heights Association (Warren) 9:50pm
12. Adjournment 10pm

Next Meeting March 15 at 8:00pm.

Please report your absence to Zybina Richards 837-7623