Fallingbrook Community Association

Minutes of meeting held March 20, 2000 (8:10 p.m.)
Attendees:, George Blake, David Villeneuve, , Ron Hamelin, , Don Pottier, Zybina Richards, Gilles Warren, Brenda Spearman
Regrets:, Lynn Hamelin, Paul Pelletier

Opening Remarks:
Ron welcomed Brenda Spearman, new FCA Member followed by an introduction by all present.

Subject Discussions/Decisions
Agenda The Agenda (with added items noted) was accepted on a motion by Don Pottier, seconded by David Villeneuve.
Minutes Minutes of February 21, 2000 meeting (with corrections to City Awards to read "Dave put forward the suggestion that the FCA discuss the possibility of nominating Al & Helen Tweedle for the City Award" was adopted on a motion by Zybina Richards, seconded by Dave Villeneuve.
Councillor Kreling The following emailed Report was submitted. Any questions pertaining to this report are to be forwarded to Councillor Kreling.


Councillor Kreling received a signed petition by the residents of 24 properties on Bottriell Way (between Merkley and the north Charlemagne) objecting to the proposal to place the route #136 bus on the street. Presently, the south end of Bottriell has local and express bus service but no buses run on the north end of the street. The residents are suggesting that the bus run along 10th Line rather than Bottriell. A few years ago, when 10th Line was improved and constructed as a divided four lane road, the bus routes were removed because there was little opportunity for pedestrians to cross the road safely. Today, with the traffic control lights at Tompkins/Charlemagne, Amiens/Sir Wilfrid Laurier Parking Lot, Fallingbrook LOEB entrance, and Des Epinettes/Charlemagne, there are more possibilities for bus stops at intersections where pedestrians can safely cross 10th Line. This issue was reviewed with three of the property owners and is presently being reviewed with OC Transpo. A final decision respecting the bus routes is not expected until May, 2000.

Councillor KreIing is interested in the FCAs comments or observations on this issue and asked that suggestions be forwarded to him.


It was reported that Le Droit has had articles about the location of a bridge at Upper Duck Island connecting into Blair Road. The RMOC does not know where this information originated. As was indicated at recent meetings, all possible locations remain in consideration, there has been no agreement at any level with respect to a specific location, and remains (literally) at "square one" with respect to the process that would ultimately lead to the selection of a preferred location. It was advised that the Chairs of RMOC and Outaouais have had discussion in the past few weeks about the various options, as noted in the consultants report of February 1999. This report (which was the subject of a meeting with the community associations last spring) lists the Kettle Island, McLaurin Bay and, Orléans Masson-Angers corridors.

To date, the RMOC has NOT embarked on a preferred site or selection process at this time.

Councillor Dugal Councillor Dugal Reported:

PARKS, RECREATION & CULTURE (Agreements with Municipal Groups)

The Department is currently revising/updating the existing agreements with community groups and agencies. Verbal and previously documented agreements are being put in writing to help protect services to community groups and agencies as we move towards the new city of Ottawa.

City of Cumberland Parks, Recreation & Culture Committee and Orleans
Recreation Board Meeting (joint meeting) took place on March 2, 2000. An overview of
Cumberland and Gloucester structures and committees was highlighted. The presentation also covered the presentations given to the Transition Team. The group discussed how best to serve the Parks, Recreation and Culture requirements of the Orleans area. The group supported inviting the Chair of the Blackburn Recreation Board to the next meeting. The committee will meet again on April 13 - their focus is to bring community groups and chat.


The Trillium Foundation is coming to Cumberland Townhall on May 18. It is important for all community groups to attend and become aware of potential funding that may be available. Ottawa Carleton has approx. $4.8 million dollars to provide to the community. The meeting will review the funding provided in 1999 and then address how a group applies for funding.
Announcements will be sent out in the local media.


Trinity Shopping Centre
The construction of a new Tim Horton is expected to start shortly. The detail plans for the grocery store is expected to be completed during March allowing for a Spring construction start. 

Miscellaneous Community information
The Redeemer Alliance Church (North side of Innes) plans to proceed with construction this summer.

Minto is pre-selling homes in their Avalon community out of their Chapel Hill sales office.
Claridge is currently finalizing plans for their next phase - East of Provence Ave. 
Urbandale is finalizing the agreements for their next phase East of Portobello. 
Valecraft is aiming to have their lands East of Portobello available for construction this summer.
Coscan will be pulling out of Ottawa and concentrating on Toronto


Graffiti policy has been approved and By laws amended accordingly

Councillor Lewis Councillor Dave Lewis Reported:

GOVERNANCE: As you are all aware, the move to one city is well underway. The transition board has issued several initial policy statements to guide our city through the next seven months. Information on transition can be easily found at their web site: www.ottawatransition.on.ca

Our staff have been spending considerable time preparing documents for the Transition Board. This has kept them away from their city responsibilities, however your Council is monitoring our priorities to ensure that there is no slippage of the tasks assigned in this years budget. So far in excess of 500 staff time has gone to transition activities. All departments are involved. 

Rumour is that the Board will be seconding about 60 staff - from across the region. They will pay the salaries and give the city money to hire temps. But it will not replace the expertise lost Council will need to reassess the situation once the initial round of secondments are finished. 

There are two meetings set up for Council to meet with the Transition Board. Mar 30 and June 12. If you have any concerns that you wish council to bring forward please let me know. 

VOLUNTEERS: I am glad to see FCA involved in volunteer appreciation. Tom Crowley is the coordination for nominations. If you have any questions call him. See the communique for more information - The form is available at the Library.

The city does not give an award twice for the same category. Names of those previously receiving awards are available from Tom or any Councillor

TRAFFIC CALMING: We have been advised by the RMOC that they have approved a left turn signal for vehicles turning off Tenth Line, East towards the Fire Hall on Charlemagne Blvd.

Unfortunately our request for a left turn signal from Des Epinettes onto Tenth Line does not meet the warrants and will not be installed.

Improvements to the intersection at Tompkins on Tenth (East Side to Princess Louise) will be made this year. Innes Road will also see some widening around the new Trinity shopping site East towards Portobello.

WINTER PARKING: Cumberland winter parking regulations remain in effect until 15 APRIL Council will not enforce the by-law as long as there is no snow. so go ahead and park on the street. However, if there is snow, or there is snow in the forecast park elsewhere or you will be ticketed. 

FIRE LANE PARKING: Council has enforced its decision to strictly enforce No Parking in Fire lanes. If you leave your vehicle for any reason, you will be ticketed. If you are stopped and remain in the car, (legally you are parked) you will be asked to move, but will not be ticketed.

For future City developments - or redevelopment - Council will be considering the provision of pick up and drop areas.

MILLENNIUM SPORTS PARK: Design and build consultants have been contracted by the city to begin the development of the park. Council hopes that a minimum of three fields will be in operation for next year. The first priority is a Showcase field with lights and bleachers. The development of the sports park remains as Council's Number 1 priority. Staff are heavy into getting the land rezoned and getting the school on board to buy the 10 acres in the SW corner. That will help with funding and with development as they should build sports facilities as part of the overall master plan.

There is a lot of co-ordination involved in this project. Water, sewage and power must be brought to the site. This must be co-ordinated with developers and the master storm water drainage plan. it is however all coming together nicely

HOTEL: The hotel on Centrum Blvd is coming. The developer has requested a site plan amendment to allow for an additional floor and a total of 163 rooms. Once approved, construction will start later in the spring. Opening will be in the spring of 2001.

BUILDERS SIGN POLICY: Council will be adopting the by-law at next council. Essentially it restricts developers to common signage and directs both home buyer and construction traffic along specified routes. The main advantage is that it reduces traffic on those streets already developed

Treasurer: No change in Report. Approximate $5-$6K deficit. Still to receive outstanding rink grants. Motion for the acceptance of the Treasurer's Report as presented was seconded by Dave Villeneuve and carried.
Rec. Committee
George Blake
Township will absorb cost for lights at SFCC. QHCA will manage the Tennis Club. FCA will help with advertisment. George to send email re next Newsletter edition.

Joint meeting with Gloucester Rec Committee was very interesting. They have no strong feelings on user fees.

New Rec. Committee - East of 10th Line is a go ahead. Next meeting is April 13th.

George, through Cyber Rec. Committee, to get information on Planning re Ray Freil.

Petrie Island Al Tweddle, founder and chairman of the Friends of Petrie Island, will receive an award from the NCR Wildlife Festival at the Canadian Museum of Nature on McLeod St. April 5th.

Conservation Award, non-member - Friends of Petrie Island - the Individual Award is given to Al Tweddle of Cumberland for his sustained efforts in establishing parks, trails and the Friends of Petrie Island. This award is the Club's way of recognizing outstanding conservation activities by people or organizations in our local community that are not part of the OFNC.

In June of 1997 a proposal was put to the City of Cumberland for developing passive and active (a marina) recreation areas on Petrie Island at the site of the present sand quarry operation. Recognizing the area as a valuable natural resource, some members of the Cumberland Nature Trail Committee decided that something had to be done to protect the natural portions of the island while developing the adjacent passive recreation area. Thus, in
November 1997, the Friends of Petrie Island (FOPI) was formed. This small but very active group has brought an incredible energy and enthusiasm to its chosen task and, in a remarkably short time, has accomplished a huge amount. Two years ago Petrie Island was an unknown swampy area along the Ottawa River frequented mostly by fishermen and the occasional naturalist. Now, thanks to the efforts of FOPI, the area is becoming widely known for its natural values, not only to the general public, but to municipal, regional and provincial governments alike.

The accomplishments of the 12-member board in the past two years have been staggering. Partnerships and cooperation seem to be a hallmark of this organization. Not only have they formed productive liaisons with the OFNC and the Ottawa Duck Club, but many other organizations have provided assistance. Local youth groups have helped clear garbage and flotsam from the islands and surrounding water. The sand quarry operator assisted with
improvement of roadways, parking areas and trails. The City of Cumberland has been convinced to help improve certain features and services around the picnic area and to provide FOPI with regular and special garbage collections and grass cutting. The FOPI have also sought and received operating grants from the City of Cumberland to further their activities.

Politicians and bureaucrats are keenly aware of the FOPI and are constantly being called to task. Every planning meeting and public presentation related to Petrie Island is well attended by FOPI members. They have made their concerns known at City Council, at the regional government planning level and with the Ministry of Natural Resources.

To publicize the plight of the islands, FOPI have been successful in obtaining media coverage for the area. An extensive and professional-looking web site has been established to provide
information on the island, including planning issues and nature interpretation. The FOPI have organized regular open houses, hikes and other interpretation activities. They have erected a
bulletin board near the parking lot to provide general and interpretive information.

By developing and maintaining a public beach and picnic area away from sensitive natural habitats, and a short interpretive trail nearby, they have established the value of the island for passive recreation. They have produced pamphlets and other interpretive information along with a map which is sold to help raise money for projects.

The FOPI have organized a monitoring scheme with members on-site to answer questions, monitor usage, and to conduct user surveys. From 1 May to 30 September 1999, 36 volunteers provided 810 hours of monitoring time with the most intensive occurring in July and August. Their estimate of visitors to the island for the period of May to September is 23,000. The FOPI have become, through their activities, the effective stewards of the island. They have accomplished much in 2 years, including publicizing the area to local residents, interpretation of the area to visitors, and actively promoting the value and preservation of the island's special natural features. A truly remarkable performance when one considers that their budget expenses for 1999 were only $1650.

Winterfest Broomball was once again a huge success. Gabrielle Pizza won the trophy. Cumberland Community Association Members were happy to be part of the games and look forward to participating again next year. Zybina recommended that if the FCA agrees, provide refreshments for participating members and families. George also suggested adding a few activities and attractions for the families with younger kids. There were also suggestions from the table that we advertise the event to the residents South of Inness (since they do not yet have their own Community Associations). The FCA to be friendly neighbours. All suggestions received positive nods.
Volunteer Awards Recognition The date has been changed to April 8th at 7:30p.m. Nominations have been received for each category. Past recipients are to be contacted and invited. Teen volunteers at Canada Day will be invited and presented with certificates.
Canada Day Nothing new to report. Proposed date for the next meeting is March 30, subject to availability of venue (Debbie's)
Girl Guides The FCA received a letter from the Girl Guides requesting financial assistance of $50.00 to purchase compasses for their Orientation Program. George Blake motioned for the FCA's support, seconded by Dave Villeneuve and carried.
City Awards Dave Villeneuve proposed the motion that the FCA submit the following for the City Award, seconded by Don Pottier and carried.
1) Allan Ellis, President Cumberland United Soccer, for Recreation & Sports Category
2) Al & Helen Tweedle for Citizens of the Year
3) Canada Day Committee for "Special Team" - New Category - to be named by Council.
Farewell to Cumberland There has been no firm discussion on farewell plans by the City. A staff recognition is planned by the City for Fall 2000. 
QHCA Elevator at SFCC - There has been admission that the elevator installed at the SFCC is the wrong type - a matter which was overlooked. However, the installation company has stated that the elevator was installed according to specs. There is no cheap solution to this and the QHCA won't pursue.

It was suggested that the FCA write a letter to the City with recommendations that they come up with some method (bell/pager/telephone) to alert custodian when elevator is needed to be used.

Cumberland 2000 Councillor Dugal's objective is to have 2000 photographs of the City of Cumberland ready for the Cumberland 2000 celebrations. He will be setting up an email account and request residents to forward photographs to this address. He will forward details to Don Pottier by April 10th to be included in the FCA's next Newsletter.
Newsletter Deadline for submission is April 10th. Production is April 15th with April 22nd distribution in AdBag.
Other Business Councillor Dave Lewis to send out list of City Awards past recipients for consideration
Cumberland Heritage meeting is on March 21st at 7:00 p.m.
Charity Auction - CRC - 
With AGM taking the place of FCA's monthly meeting on April 26th, Ron will invite Mark Hall to attend the May 15th meeting.

Ron to circulate 1 email contact list to be used by everyone.

Meeting adjourned at 9:35 p.m. Next meeting Wednesday, April 26th, 2000 at 7:30p.m.