Association Communautaire


Community Association


Minutes of meeting held November 20, 2000


Attendees: George Blake, Don Pottier, Zybina Richards, David Villeneuve, Giles Warren, Brenda Spearman, Paul Pelletier, Ron Hamelin, Marc Cappelli, George Blake.






The Agenda was accepted on a motion by Don Pottier, seconded by Dave Villeneuve


The Minutes of the October 30th meeting were adopted by Don Pottier on a motion from David Villeneuve with the following changes:


Appointment of Class B Directors

The October 30th meeting was called to order by Don Pottier. He advised everyone present that a Special meeting was held before the start of October 30th meeting and the FCA Class B Directors were voted and agreed upon by Class A Directors Don Pottier and Zybina Richards. The FCA Board of Directors are George Blake, Marc Cappelli, Lynne Hamelin, Jocelyn Holmes, Debbie Parent, Paul Pelletier, Don Pottier, Zybina Richards, Brenda Spearman, David villeneuve and Ron Hamelin (ex-officio)


Canada Day

Despite the one factor we cannot control the weather it was another successful year. There were concerns from the Concession stands that because of the location they were not making money. They would like to be closer to Homeniuk in the future.


Treasurers report provided with the following notes of explanation:

Income shown of $15,608.38 At this time there are still outstanding items including the Regional Police bill, FCA newsletter and the Serco toilet paper bill.

David inquired as to bank charges, which was clarified that we do not pay nor do we receive interest as we do not have a business number.

The motion was made,to accept the Treasurer's report,by Don Pottier and seconded by David Villeneuve.


This report was focused on Canada Day 2000. Due to reduced expenses, we closed with a $5000 operating revenue. Don motioned for this report to be accepted as presented, seconded by Dave and carried.

Canada Day

A contentious debate arose regarding the $432.00 toilet paper bill from Serco (Randy). Don recalled sending Serco a cheque in 1999 for toilet paper for an undetermined amount

(around $100). The cheque was never cashed, according to Don. Recommendations included looking at the contract from the city with regards to public usage. Two motions were made and passed: the first by Dave to re-issue last years cheque, and was seconded by Don. The second motion made by Dave to issue a cheque for $150.00 for Canada Day 2000, for services and goodwill not for payment of toilet paper. Motion was seconded by Brenda.

A letter by David, will be included with the cheques to clarify what is being paid for.


Giles indicated an invitation to the opening of the Sports park had been sent out for the opening which occurred Nov. 5. $200,000 was set aside to put sod down in the spring.


Petrie Island

There was some discussion on the additional 200 feet of beach space, which had been vetoed by Council.

Next meeting of the "Friends of Petrie Island" on Nov. 21 at 7:30 Queenswood Heights Community Centre.

Rec. Committee

Issues discussed:

Dave indicated a concern regarding the apparent lack of continuity in the area of recreation within the new City, the closer we get to 2001.

Phil McNeely indicated that the new City should be moving ahead to plan the park at Ray Friel. Phil also mentioned that $190,000 has been allocated and more funds are being recommended. George indicated a desire to see the plans for the park, since no one present at the meeting have seen them.

Fallingbrook is behind in the development of soccer fields, tennis courts, arenas and other recreation needs for community access pointed out Dave.

Paul reminded the association that the soccer fields, should not be used until May 1 to prevent damage to the field. Some groups have been using the fields in mid April because of the shortage of fields.

George made the following recommendations:

The recreation committees could look at providing a grassroots voice to Council to address a number of issues such as harmonization of costs and user fees for parks and rinks. The possibility of a grassroots voice could also address the unresolved issues still outstanding in the community such as fields and rinks.


Discussion on where the new arena could potentially be built,evolved around the new sports park. Ray Friel,was also mentioned but Dave reminded the Association of the decision over a year ago by council,that a second arena would not go into the Ray Friel site even though the site had originally planned for two arenas.


Outdoor Rinks

The contracts have been signed. Groups requiring booking must be in contact with Lynn Hamelin. Andre Briere has performed the tune-ups on the snowblowers to the cost of $228.75.

Web Site

Dave has updated the web-site with the new FCA executive. Ron inquired as to using Front Page 2000 software to upgrade the web site. Dave recommended against this as only 1 person would then have access to changing the information on the site, leading to the possibility of the web-site falling behind.

Marc made the recommendation that access to the Councilors' web-sites be accessible with a direct link from the FCA web-site.

Ron has agreed to continue to update the web-site for the coming year.

Open Discussions

There will be no tree lighting ceremony at City Hall.

David will provide photos of the Councilors from Canada Day and Marc will provide the certificates of appreciation to the out-going Council.

Paul Volunteered his home for the Christmas Party Potluck. More information to follow.


Meeting adjourned at 10:20PM. Next meeting: Monday, January 15 2001.


Minutes respectfully submitted by Brenda Spearman.