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Minutes of meeting held January 15, 2001

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Councillor Kreling

Plans were approved by the former council,  with a recommendation to go ahead and propose the changes to the newly formed City. Option A was the plan recommended at the last council meeting in December 2000.  Option A included the closure of Merkley extension. The closure of Merkley extension was to address the traffic cut-through problem at Merkley and Bottriell.

Marc Cappelli suggested the FCA newsletter could provide a forum to show the different potential site plans, which could also be shared in the form of flyers to the other Community Associations.

Frank Dugal suggested that the FCA might think about amalgamating Community Associations with Queenswood Heights and South of Fallingbrook to have a larger voice in the new City.


Councillor McNeely

There is an opportunity to put forward ideas for Beach development and possibly explore the idea of a new Marina with the new City.

Councillor McNeely would like the opportunity to negotiate with Grand Maitre(?) a one year deal for a 100 meters of beach at Petrie Island.



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FCA Website

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Petrie Island

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Canada Day

David will arrange a date to meet on the third Thursday of the month through Debbie Parent.


Recreation Committee

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Recreation topics are surfacing from all areas of the City. An identified lack of ice surface in many Communities is an issue.



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Open Discussion

Marc made the suggestion that once or twice ayear we could have all the local Commmunity Associations have community discussions on major issues at the Cumberland Town Hall.


Zybina put forward the recommendation to meet with all the Community Associations along with Councilors Kreling and McNeely to discuss Community issues. Herb will provide a date in February.  The meeting will include the former Township of Cumberland. He will invite Councilor Bloess to the meeting.


Frank thanked the FCA for the certificate given to him in December. He also thanked the FCA for all the support over the last few years.  Herb also reiterated his thanks and thanked Frank for all his help.

 Frank Dugal's   appointment to the Trillium Foundation has been approved for the next three years. Approximatly 5 million dollars a year will be granted to the new City.  The two criteria for a grant are:  grants must be given to a non-profit organisation and the organisation must be incorporated.

Frank is still working on the Cumberland CD, which will take about 5 more months to complete.




Meeting adjourned.  Next meeting Monday, March 19, 2001 at 8:00p.m.  at the Ray Friel Centre Meeting Room.