Association Communautaire


Community Association


Minutes of meeting held March 19, 2001 (8:05 p.m.)


Attendees: Marc Cappelli, Herb Kreling, Don Pottier, Zybina Richards, Gilles Warren, Ted Masters, David Villeneuve, Paul Pelletier, Brenda Spearman


Regrets: George Blake, Phil McNeely


Opening Remarks:

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The Agenda was accepted on a motion by Marc Cappelli, and seconded by Don Pottier.


Acceptance of the Minutes from February 21, 2001 Meeting was accepted on a  motion from Don and seconded by Marc.



As provided by Don.

Don will provide the final statement next meeting along with the budget.

Treasurer's report was accepted.


Councillor Kreling

Since the FCA newsletter, a number of residents have contacted the office with concerns against and in favor of the closure of the Mercley extension.

Residents are being advised that there will be a public consultation.

The predominant issues for the New City continue to be the large demand for ice surface, and athletic fields.

The plans for the Millenium park are in limbo at this time in part because of the question of the new school location, and the associated soil problems.

The recent meeting on recreation issues was well represented and provided good discussion.

The operating budget will be presented at the Orleans Recreation Center on March 20/01.  The budget process will be completed by either the end of April or May.  The complete details are not going to appear on this year's budget.  Herb will be Chairing the Police Services Board as well as other projects within the New City infrastructure.

Staffing issues are still to be worked on.


Councillor McNeely

unavailable at this time ( Secretarial error)



The recommended  release date for the newsletter was in advance of the Annual General Meeting.  The AGM will be at 8:00 on May 15 at Ray Friel.  Don suggested a one page flier to advise residents of the AGM. 

Paul suggested that the full concept plans for the Millenium Park might be something to put in the newsletter.  Paul and Herb will attempt to track these plans down.


FCA Website

No report

Paul suggested that those involved in updating and monitoring the web site might benefit from guidelines in order not to duplicate services.  The suggestion was 1 main person provide the update and the back-up person would be provide the secondary function.


Petrie Island

Home depot has expressed interest in becoming involved with the Friends of Petrie Island.

Canada Day

Next meeting at Debbie Parent's March 29.


Recreation Committee

Covered by Herb's report. 


The last meeting was attended by a few residents from South of Fallingbrook, who are trying to get their own Community association running.

Issues of transportation for new road structures are being discussed.

A Trillium grant application is being looked at.

Marc suggested that a Queenswood Heights newsletter should go to the FCA.  He also suggested that a member of the FCA attend the meetings.


Open Discussion

Garage Sale date is Saturday May 12.

Awards Appreciation Night is April 21. 

The recommendation was made to possibly digitize our archives for future reference.  Dave and George have the old newsletters, which could be scanned and saved on hard disc.

Marc will look into the Cumberland Museum Antique Car Show and Rally to see if a connection could be made with our Canada Day celebrations.

Paul reminded the group that the Cumberland Community Resource Center offers use of computer resources.


Meeting adjourned at 9:57 p.m.  Next meeting Monday, April 30, 2001 at 8:00p.m.  at the Ray Friel Centre Meeting Room.


Prepared by Brenda Spearman