Association Communautaire


Community Association


Minutes of meeting held September 17, 2001 (8:00 p.m.)


Attendees: Marc Cappelli, Herb Kreling, Phil McNeely, Don Pottier, Zybina Richards, David Villeneuve,

Brenda Spearman, Frank Dugal, George Blake, Gilles Warren, Lynn Hamelin






The Agenda was accepted on a motion by Don Pottier and seconded by Lynn Hamelin.Motion was carried.


Acceptance of the Minutes from April 30, 2001 was carried on a motion made by David Villeneuve and seconded by Don Pottier.


Don Pottier provided the Canada Day Income/ Expense summary (Attached). The Canada Day summary report was approved on a motion by Don Pottier and seconded by Brenda Spearman. Not all the bills are in to date, with a slight surplus showing.

Councilor Kreling

Herb outlined the following:

         A package for Community Project Grant program was provided to the Association.

         The Councilorís office has been receiving a large volume of calls related to traffic issues. The vast majority were, speeding and not stopping issues from the Merkley residents.

         The complaints included teenager speeding as well as teen Beach parties.

         This fall Councilors Kreling and McNeely will be providing a forum for 2002 budget debates.

         The City sewer surcharge will be phased in over 3 to 5 years totaling about $70.00 dollars per household.

         Tax bills should be out by now. Some households will see some level of tax relief.

         No action has occurred on the proposed bridge.

         Isabelle Skalsky is the Orleans Ward representative for the youth cabinet, and also co-chair of the cabinet.

Councilor McNeely

Phil outlined the following:

         Phil thanked all those who helped with the Steumers Homecoming.

         There is a move to get the same rates for hydro as in the City.

         Lisa Hall is the representative for Ward 19 in the Youth Cabinet.

         There is a movement to get buses into the rural areas.

         The 25th anniversary of the Cumberland Heritage Museum is coming up.

         The intersection at Orchardview and Innes requires traffic lights, however the hydro lines are too low. A four way stop may be put in for the winter.

         There is a petition circulating against the new bar at Portebello and Innes.

         There has been no money spent on the Millenium sports park from the funds set aside.

Parks and Recreation



Frank has been appointed to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee.The purpose of the committee is to provide feedback to the Province for capital project priorities and the issues. The objective is to accomplish priority lists.George Blake has already provided input

on Millenium park requirements, Ray Friel park, arenas and soccer fields.Frank will be speaking with the Councillors as well to get their input.Frank is still reviewing Trillium Foundation applications.Frank indicated he would like to see more applications for parks and recreation, and environmental projects.

Queenswood Heights

Gilles Warren noted that the Neighborhood Watch program may fold due to lack of involvement.

Gilles has been appointed to the Accessibility Advisory Committee to help determine priorities for the City.

Canada Day

David Villeneuve handed out the pictures he had taken at Canada Day, and the negatives were given to George.

Petrie Island

Issues to date as outlined by David:

         Not enough parking resulting in overcrowding.

         Some question as to whether the Marina would be linked with the beach project.

         There is a recognized need for a boat launch.

         There should be a report on the planning and engineering of the beach project out later this fall.

         The Petrie Island Web site was off line for a while.David placed the Petrie Island website onto the FCA web site to solve the problem created by the provider.David asked if he could leave it on the FCA web site as long as no one objected.Any expenses incurred, will be covered by the Friends of Petrie Island.


Don indicated the next newsletter would be sent out near the end of October. Don will be running a piece on the Steumer Family in the newsletter, as well as putting in an advertisement for the rink operations.


Rink Operation

Lynn indicated nothing to report.


George has provided information to Frank Dugalís Advisory group.There has been some concern regarding the state of the fields.Herb has asked us to email our concerns about specific fields directly to him.

Open Discussion

Zybina provided some information on the Community Safety Plan.Once the plan is complete Zybina will arrange for a presentation for the Safety Plan to the local Community associations.



Meeting adjourned at 9:48 PM

Next meeting is Oct. 15, 8:00 PM at Ray Friel


Prepared by Brenda Spearman