Association Communautaire


Community Association

Minutes of meeting held October 15, 2001 (8:00 p.m.)

Attendees: Paul Pelltier, Herb Kreling, Phil McNeely, Don Pottier, Zybina Richards, David Villeneuve,

Brenda Spearman, George Blake, Gilles Warren, Ted Macias, Dawn Kerr





The Agenda was accepted on a motion by Paul Pelltier and seconded by Don Pottier. Motion was carried.


Acceptance of the Minutes from September 17, 2001 was carried on a motion made by David Villeneuve and seconded by Don Pottier.


Don Pottier provided the treasurers Report for Canada Day. An invoice for the cake from AutoPro has yet to be submitted. The Panthers have also not billed yet. Robertson Rental expenses were billed at cost. Presently there is a slight operating revenue estimated at $3,000.00. The budget was provided less the cost of insurance for rink operation as this is covered by the City. The budget and the treasurerís report for Canada Day was accepted on a motion made by Don Pottier, seconded by Ted Macias and carried.

Councilor Kreling

Herb outlined the following:

  • Projected completion of the Police Station is March 2002.
  • A new site plan is out for 135,000 square feet for commercial use at Trim and St. Joseph.
  • On east side of Trim, south of Waters, a 350 unit housing development is planned by Richcraft.
  • Cardinal Creek is to be preserved.
  • David Villeneuve inquired as to the status of the creek and caves on the south side of Waters. Herb Kreling indicated that there is an intention to purchase that site by the City.
  • At Trim and Regional road 174 the region owns some land which will be for car-pooling and later a Park and ride.
  • An assessment study for recreation will be out soon.
  • The Ray Friel site needs a final decision as to whether it will get a second arena, as it is economical.
  • A soil report for the Millenium sports park suggests a problem, as the soil may not be able to support the weight of a school or an arena.
  • There is a heightened anxiety regarding the shortage of ice surfaces.
  • A sneak preview of the Petrie Island feasibility study includes how a marina could be added in. It also shows how the beach could be expanded as well as how to safe-guard the sensitive areas. The study will be refined and then sent to the Recreation committee. The time scale for the report is between 4 to 6 weeks.
  • The Go train has started up and rider cost is the same as a bus pass.
  • There is no political appetite for a solution on the bridge issue between the City and the Outawais. Neither side has the money for a bridge, and a Ring road is also needed.

4th Orleans Scout Troop

Dawn Kerr

  • FCA has been a sponsor for 16 years.
  • There are presently 174 members, which includes 34 adult members and the numbers are still growing.
  • Most of the meetings are at Fallingbrook P.S.
  • Dawn Kerr asked what the F.C.A., as the sponsor would like? The general answer around the table was remain vital, continue with awareness, cleanups and plantings.
  • Dawn would like to see a Scouts sign up when entering Cumberland.
  • Zybina made a motion that the FCA continue support and it was carried.

Queenswood Heights

Gilles Warren noted the Chair of the 1st Orleans scouts has resigned. If a chair is not found by the AGM, the scout group will fold.

Gilles also mentioned the super city seniors program will continue in Gloucester. Some programs were free in the past were others were of nominal cost.

Petrie Island

David indicated the AGM for Petrie Island will be Oct. 25, 2001 at Queenwood Heights Community Centre at 7:30. A slide show will also be shown.


Don Pottier indicated the deadline for the newsletter will be Oct. 25. The production of the newsletter will be the weekend of Oct. 27. Paul will provide some photos of the Steumerís home coming. David would be inviting Diane Steumer to provide a few paragraphs for the newsletter.


George Blake inquired as to whether Herb had seen a site plan for a new high school on the Millenium park site plan. Herb did not recall.

Open Discussion

Meetings for the Qeenswood Heights Community Association are on the 1st Wednesday of each month at the Queenswood Heights Community Centre at 7:30.


Meeting adjourned at 9:57 PM

Next meeting is Nov. 19, 8:00 PM at Ray Friel

Prepared by Brenda Spearman