Association Communautaire


Community Association


Minutes of meeting held November 19, 2001 (8:00 p.m.)


Attendees: Don Pottier, Zybina Richards, David Villeneuve, Gilles Warren, Marc Cappelli, Ted Macias,

Frank Dugal, Rob Jellett






An amendment to the agenda was requested by Don Pottier. The amendment was for the City of Ottawa Group Liability Insurance Package. The Agenda was later accepted on a motion by Marc Cappelli and seconded by Don Pottier.  Motion was carried.



There was a request for a change to the minutes. Should read…”invoice for the cake and a payment from Autopro has yet to be submitted”. Motion by Dave Villeneuve and seconded by Ted Macias.



(Don Pottier)

Don Pottier noted that there were not too many changes from the previous report provided on October 15th, 2001. One change in the Gifts column (the grey area including plaques, Stuemer’s cake, FCA Improvements, Winterfest), projecting a slight deficit of about $1800.00. Some revenues yet to come in (ie. Autopro) may help to even out the books.


The budget and the treasurer’s report were accepted on a motion made by Don Pottier, seconded by Ted and carried.


City of Ottawa Group Liability Insurance Package

(Don Pottier)


A submission from the city of Ottawa re: insurance

  • Need to recognize that the city of Ottawa is a bit more risk obverse
  • Document includes: Do’s and Don’ts, risk claims, etc…

ü       Fireworks are covered but need to be identified to the city

ü       One item that is not covered: crime insurance.

ü       Covers the extra insurance required for the stage for Canada Day

  • The City’s insurance package requires the FCA to list all events/activities that we are a part of. A release form needs to be filled, if you use your automobile for volunteer use. Will need to mention we are linked with FOPI. Will need to itemize such things as work required around Canada Day (ie. Car, van) and the kids running the snowblowers to clean the rinks. Submission to the city is to be done for December 19th, 2001.


NOTE: To ask George Blake if Badminton Club registered under FCA


ACTION ITEM: Don Pottier to investigate to make certain stage is covered with the insurance package.


Councilor Kreling

(via e-mail)

·         Baird Report on Petrie Island has not yet been presented to Council. It is due in December. Once it is out we will be able to provide a good briefing to the Community Association.

·         Thanks for the traffic control proposals and arena in the last Fallingbrook newsletter. It has generated a few enquires. We will be doing additional community consultation on these issues in the near future.

·         Had a very good turn out at the recreation facilities meeting at Ray Friel Centre. Lots of good input. Phil McNeely and Herb Kreling will be coordinating additional information to the community on the arena issue (ie. location).




Councilor McNeely

(represented by Rob Jellett)

·         Long term need for a new facility

·         Millenium Park: soil testing showed 100+ feet piles would be needed if school or arena would be planned to be built on site.

·         Looking at a multi-functional facility (ie. offices, rink, etc…) but many years away.

·         Best option for an arena would be at Ray Friel as an extension of the present facility, however no money has been set aside by the transition board.

·         RE: para-transpo.  Will need to re-qualify for para-transpo needs. This Wednesday will see a vote regarding the city possibly covering all medical expenses for the re-qualification.


Queenswood Heights

(Gilles Warren)

·         The Queenswood Heights Community Centre (QHCC) has been chosen as the #1 site in Ottawa for a refitting regarding handicap accessibility.

·         The new Ontarians with Disabilities action has been passed. The QHCA sees it as better than the previous but not by much. However, a step in the right direction.

ü       Every city with 10,000+ population must have a Disabilities Committee to study and moderate all acts.

·         A new chair has been found for the 1st Orleans Scout Troop, he is Peter Levesque.

·         A new shopping mall around Mer Bleu and Innes is in the plans.

ü       An issue around increased traffic on Innes, yet it is not ready for the extra traffic, not enough lanes.

ü        A zoning change this past December 2000 changed the area from a light industrial to commercial. (Possible legal objection by the people with homes in the area)


Wondering if the FCA has noticed a decline in the interest in children activities. Noticed that the QH community is getting older in age. Will be looking at programs for the older folks.


NOTE: (Rob Jellett) The widening of Innes has been approved for $47 million over the next 5 years.


City of Ottawa Park and Rec

(Frank Dugal)

·         Many meetings around a master plan that will probably be communicated in the fall of 2002.

·         At first two meetings: Overbrook (15 people showed up) and Bridlewood (50 people, mostly hostile). Overall view; need to identify that this is being phased in stages. This being Phase 1 of the processes.

·         Sees city as going/leaning towards a larger multi-purpose facility and not towards the local community arena.

·         At the latest meeting in Fallingbrook, the three councilors seemed to be working together around getting better facilities. Food for thought: The three councilors are all focused, but need the community associations to either amalgamate or combine in support of the three councilors. Need to be together with a louder voice to lobby the municipal government. Maybe the three councilors need to create a Town Hall Meeting of the committees to discuss all the issues that are being encountered.

·         Allocation of ice time and sport fields are being looked at. How to handle? What processes?

·         Received notice today that city is going through all these studies (ie. indoor facility in Ottawa) as a facility for Olympic athletes at a cost of $20 million. But what does this mean in terms of money for the suburb’s arenas and facilities?

ü       Meeting at McNabb Community Centre

ü       7:30pm next Wednesday

ü       Contact: Josee Helie @ 580-2424 ext.24385

·         Senior Management staff met with all the committees, but Frank does not know what this will lead to. Need to figure out how and who has the influence.

·         Many topics covered (ie. parks and recreation) coming in New Year, therefore the association will need to be aligned as 1 voice.


Rink Operations

(Lynn Hamelin – not present)

·         Zybina to contact Lynn Hamelin

·         An honorarium of $900 ($300 per rink x 3 rinks) to be distributed over the winter season. The first, just prior to the winter season. The second installment of $300 for January 30th. The third installment of $300 for March 15th.

·         Regarding a note from Lynn requiring new shovels; we will need to know the cost of the shovels before we can give approval.

·         What is the condition of the hoses?

·         Will need a copy of the rink agreement

·         Will need a regular status regarding the rink operations


MOTION: to authorize Zybina to discuss with Lynn and ascertain the cost for the 20 shovels and to approve, if the cost is agreeable. Motion by Zybina Richards, seconded by Ted. Motion approved.



(Don Pottier)

·       Don indicated a disappointment in the quality of the pictures. He had a discussion with the printer to resolve the resolution of the photos. Will check to see if we can do some testing around getting a better, clearer photo.

·       Adbag is no longer in existence, as it has been sold to the Ottawa Citizen.

·       Transcontinental can still dispense the newsletter via the ‘Weekly Journal’.

·       Next newsletter: January/February timeframe to advertise Winterfest.


Canada Day

(David Villeneuve)

·       Received a grant for $1300. To build stage risers for another stage.


MOTION: to approach Nick O’Connoll regarding the building of the stage risers @ $1300.00. Seconded by marc Cappelli. Motion approved.


Petrie Island

(David Villeneuve)

·       The FOPI has filed for incorporation.

Open Discussion

·       Christmas Social was held last year at the Pelltier’s. Would like a potluck, inviting the councilors and the FCA members + spouses. Zybina will call Paul to set date and time.

·       Winterfest: Navan Association offering their help. Members agreed to remove the Winterfest festivities from our books.


MOTION: FCA to donate $200 to the Cumberland Community Resource Center to help feed the needy families. Motion by David Villeneuve, seconded by Don Pottier. Motion approved.



Meeting adjourned at 10:28 PM

Next meeting is January 21st, 8:00 PM at Ray Friel


Prepared by Ted Macias