Association Communautaire


Community Association


Minutes of meeting held January 21, 2002 (8:00p.m.)


Attendees: Marc Cappelli, Herb Kreling, Phil McNeely, Don Pottier, Zybina Richards, Lynne and Dave Hamelin, Ted Macias, David Villeneuve, Frank Dugal, Paul Pelltier, Gilles Warren, Brenda Spearman





The Agenda was accepted on a motion by David Villeneuve and seconded by Ted Macias.


Acceptance of the Minutes of December 2001 on a motion by Dave Villeneuve and seconded by Paul Pelltier.

Treasure’s Report

As provided. Deficit is showing but the rink grants are not in yet. The grant amount for the stage risers should show as a liability of $1300.00 in the fiscal year report. Motion for the acceptance of the Treasurer’s Report as presented was made by Don and seconded by Dave V. and was carried.

Councilor McNeely’s


Councilor McNeely provided a package for fund raising through Tulip Mania.


Re: Pig Farm – There is a group (PORK) working on By Laws for Pork Producers. The new By Law would freeze an envelope around the Towns and Municipalities of 5 km. The Sarsfield location is within 1.6 km. The PORK group is working with Dr. Cushman to deny the existing zoning through health and quality of life concerns. There are a group of Councilors who support the property rights of both the inhabitants and the owner of the land in question. There are really 2 issues here. The first issue is a buffer around the urban areas in the future. The second issue is the health/ quality of life issue.


There will be a meeting at Maple Ridge to show the film “Bacon” which is a fair representation of the Hog industry. The date will be confirmed via email.


Marc Suggested that Queenswood Heights should mirror any motion by the FCA regarding Hog farms.

Dave made a motion that the FCA support the efforts of City Council and PORK to disallow the creation of Hog farms within the City of Ottawa. Marc seconded the motion and the motion was carried.

Zybina will email the other local Community Associations as well as the Press of our motion that passed.


Councilor Kreling’s


Zoning- The city is proceeding with residential zoning for the east side of Trim Road. The east sub trunk sewer line is being created to help service the new site. The Minto application for commercial building (north of the Park and Ride Place D’Orleans) is between meetings for the site plan application.

 The Park and Ride at Place is as large as permitted. There have been some extra spots provided by Place.

Council has passed the first stage for environmental Testing for Petrie Island.


Arena-  Councilor Kreling is attempting to get a group to look at whether Ray Friel is a feasible site for the second arena.  Herb, Phil and Rainer Bloess are looking for a decision on yes or no for the Ray Friel site in 2002. If it is a ‘yes’ then it will go to public consultation.


Task Force on Ward Boundaries- There is a group of  three people who are reviewing the Ward Boundaries. There is a public meeting on February 12 at the Cumberland Satellite Office. Our Ward is within the top five in size. The group is looking at moving the boundary lines.  Herb’s zone(#2) is currently over 50,000 residents whereas Phil’s zone (#19) is around 25,000 residents.

Rink Operations

·        Lynn Hamelin mentioned the slow start in rink operation due to mild weather.

·        There is an issue with hiring young people.

·        The ice is thin but present at Fallingbrook, Maple Ridge and Jeanne Sauve.

·        Pleasure rinks are in place at the areas mentioned above.


Lynne commented that she felt there is a problem between the rink operators and the custodians at Fallingbrook Public School. The alarms have been set off recently due closing of the school without the rink operators being aware.  The access codes have also changed. All six hoses are leaking as a result of City use over the summer.

Zybina asked if we could accommodate a winter carnival for Mr. McRae and the Cumberland Minor Hockey Association.  The cost would be $10.00/hour to pay staff beyond the regular hours.  Flooding will be done the night before if the weather is cold enough. Lynn is to respond to Mr. McRae’s request time and cc Zybina.

Zybina asked Lynn for a copy of the monthly reports going to the City. 


Lynn made a request for 10 shovels to be purchased for the rinks.

A motion was put forward by David Villeneuve to purchase 10 shovels at a cost of $29.95 plus tax each. Don Pottier seconded the motion and the motion was carried.  Five of the shovels are to go to Fallingbrook and five to Jeanne Sauve.



FCA Website

David V. has the website mail directly forwarding to Zybina.


Canada Day

 David Villeneuve announced that the next Canada Day Meeting will be Thursday Jan. 31 at Debbie Parent’s House.

Parks and Recreation

Frank Dugal advised that the next Parks and Recreation Committee meeting will be tomorrow. The group will be receiving comments from three sports groups.  The advisory body will then be forwarding the comments on. The mandate of the body is to look at policy as opposed to decision making.



Gilles Warren and the Queenwood Heights  Community  Association

has also looked at the issue of the pig farms. 


QHCA is still looking at what the Association should be doing such as joining with another association.

Frank Dugal suggested the FCA look at making a larger voice in the Community.

Marc Cappelli suggested that the FCA and other Community Associations join in an east end association web site and also have a couple of meetings a year on major issues.

Some discussion evolved around the land at 10th line Road and Des Epinettes where there is a commercial land sale sign. The two lots need to be purchased  and joined to become Commercial. It will become a dental office if the dentist can purchase both lots.

Gilles is the chair of the sub committee on accessibility for the City. If you know of a person or group who is concerned with accessibility please refer them to Gilles.

Other Business

Marc Cappelli gave the new grant application package ( for community grants). Health, Recreation and Social Services Committee put the package out. The package is culture and heritage based.



Meeting adjourned at 10:50 pm.

Next meeting Monday, Feb. 18 at the Ray Friel Centre Meeting Room.

Ted Macias will chair the March meeting as Zybina will be away.

Prepared by Brenda Spearman