Association Communautaire


Community Association


Minutes of meeting held April 15, 2002 (8:00 p.m.)


Attendees: Herb Kreling, Don Pottier, Ted Macias, David Villeneuve, Brenda Spearman, George Blake, Paul Pelletier, Marc Cappelli, Gilles Warren





The Agenda was accepted on a motion by Ted Macias and seconded by David Villeneuve.


The minutes were approved on a motion by Don Pottier and seconded by Ted Macias.


An up to date operating report was presented by Don Pottier. There is an operating surplus of approximately $4,000.00 for year-end. Don explained the budget report.

The year-end Treasurer's report was accepted on a motion by Don and seconded by Ted Macias.

The proposed budget was passed on a motion from Don and seconded by Ted.

Councilor Kreling

The Legacy Budget meeting took place on April 9 at the Cumberland satellite office. Approximately 60 people were in attendance. There is 2.2 million dollars available in the fund and the requests were far in excess of the funds available. Once the report on the Legacy Funds is available, representatives of the Community Associations will have an opportunity to respond. Requests for money are for the Arts, Recreation and Culture. Councilor Kreling suggested the 2.2 Million could be used as leverage through the private sector to support funding another rink. Either way a rink will be built in 2004. Other areas in the City will have arenas built and paid by the City. There is a question as to whether we want to use the Legacy Fund to build a new arena when we will get that arena from tax dollars anyway. Private sector funding in addition to the Legacy Funds might result in an earlier build date. In mid May there will be a public/private criteria and process to determine the feasibility and how it would be measured. There will be a meeting to look at the following traffic control issues: A 3 way stop at Charlemagne and East Princess Louise. Traffic control light at Charlemagne and West Princess Louise. A 3 way stop at both Princess Louise and Montcrest and again at Watters and Montcrest. The grand opening of the new Police station is slated for May 16.


There has been some discussion on the use of Legacy Funds on bike trails and a Cultural Theatre/Centre.  The Association has decided not to put the newsletter on line with the Eastender as the Association charges for the newsletter through fees. Some discussion ensued on the usage of the existing Cumberland Theatre in response to Gilles mention that the Q.H.C.A. had been discussing use of Legacy funds for a theatre. Paul felt our theatre is presently underutilized.

Canada Day

 The next Canada Day meeting will be on Monday April 22, which is to be confirmed by email.

Rink Report

No FCA rink report provided.

There was a critical rink report provided to the Association by Mark McGee from the City, which was tabled and will be followed up at a separate rink meeting.  The Association will be returning the duplicate cheque for March given to us by the City.


The following will be placed in the Newsletter and will be distributed May 11th. The Annual General Meeting is on May 15; the Garage sale is on May 18th. (Article deadline is May 1st.)

Open Discussion

David inquired as to whether the executive would stand for next year. The response was positive.


Meeting adjourned at 10:12 p.m.


Minutes prepared by Brenda Spearman