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Minutes of the Rink Meeting June 4, 2002 (8:40 p.m.)


Attendees: Paul Pelltier, Ron Hamelin, Lynn Hamelin, Don Pottier, Ted Macias, Brenda Spearman, Zybina Richards.


Paul distributed copies of various rink conditions from Queenswood Heights, Cumberland, and anecdotal comments made by Al Tweddle.


Paul mentioned our poor ice conditions, and Ron indicated conditions were poor due to poor quality of hires. Ron and Lynn said the pleasure rink had been dumped on by the plow and he said he had sent a report to Zybina on this issue.

Lynn indicated that Zybina was always kept abreast of the rink situation.

Queenswood Heights does not have schools attached to them, which makes a big difference.

Portables are in the way of the snow blowing.  Ron indicated we needed more cooperation from the schools. We need kids off them during the day. We could pay higher for adults to flood. Mother Nature played a key role.

Don stated that we get grants from the City and we have to be accountable.

Paul indicated we need spot checks next year. We will have 3 rink managers. Paul will help provide a structure to operate the rinks. We need to hire early, in order to send the rink operators to the City rink training sessions. We also need a foot of snow on the rinks packed down to 2 inches as a base.

Lynn indicated the schools couldn’t keep the kids off the rink area during the day. Lynn stated they only have 1 teacher to supervise on the yard.  Paul indicated we need levels of cooperation from the City, Schools and others to make it work. Perhaps we could have the City provide the snow base. Paul indicated the boards all need to be painted this year.

Ron indicated that some of the sites  do not have locks on the boards and Jeanne Sauve has no way to lock it. Ron indicated we need a special edger for the ice to separate the boards from the ice. Ron indicated that the students who were hired had curfews.

Paul indicated that we would be going with 3 rink managers. And Ron and Lynn are free to apply as one of the rink managers.  Ron said he would definitely not apply as he had had enough, but that Lynn may apply.

Paul indicated we need proper durable signage perhaps provided by the City. We need a proper inventory of equipment. Ron asked who gets the keys? Paul said to drop them off to Zybina.


Paul reviewed the following for Zybina:

·        He will help provide a structure for operations.

·        he will approach various leagues to develop interest

·        Start a planning meeting in December, (which Don suggested start in Sept.-Oct.)


Lynn indicated the City has never honored the contract to clear if we have 10 cm or more. Part of the contract could include extra to cover our own private contractor to plow large snowfalls.

Paul indicated volunteers could be used for day shift and the money could be used for flooding and up keep, with volunteer rink inspectors.


Minutes prepared by Brenda Spearman