Association Communautaire


Community Association


Minutes of meeting held November 18, 2002 (8:15p.m.)


Attendees: Don Pottier, David Villeneuve, Brenda Spearman, Phil McNeely, George Blake, Paul Pelletier,





Only changes to our financial position are the donations to the 4th Orleans Scout group and to the Cumberland Resource Centre.

Treasurer's report was accepted on a motion by Don and seconded by David.



The City is checking the soil quality and environmental assessment on the new proposed Snow Dump. The site is south of Innes near Mer Blue (44 acre site). The Assessment should be completed by Sept. 2003. There is a potential of 200 trucks a day. The snow dump will be for Blackburn and Orleans.

         Call for interest and qualifications for two ice surfaces for the East, to be ready for Set. 2004.

         The Petrie Island Beach money is in for 1.5 million dollars. (Work should be completed by 2004)

         Re-paving will be done on 10th Line.

         $250,000 has been assigned for Navan Arena renovations.

         Millenium Park is presently well used.

         Pesticides issue is coming up. There could be a potential ban on spraying as opposed to dry spreading.

         The Communique is gone for next year.

         Bus rates are going up.

Rink Report

         Paul has a Rink Maintenance Manual prepared.

         Two people have expressed interest in the Rink Managers positions.

         Four students have put in their CVs for rink attendants.

         Jeanne Sauve has 4 scrapers and no nozzles.

         Fallingbrook has one scraper.

         Paul will compile a list of needs for each rink.

         Don will send Ron Hamelin an email to ask him about the old snow blower.

         Paul will send an email to the hockey Convenors to solicit interest in the Rink Managers position.

         Paul will be contacting Principals and the Care Staff Chiefs at each school.

         Each rink will need rink signs as well as laminated signs.

         Dave suggested Paul contact Marc Cappelli to take care of the signage.

         Some rink attendants could be on their 40 hours of community service.


Don distributed the newsletter. Extra copies were made available at the large businesses. The next newsletter will be around February.

Open Discussion

There are two new Scout groups in Fallingbrook for French speaking children. The scout groups are looking for one time seed money for set up. George put a motion on the table to support both groups for $250.00 each for a total of $500.00. Paul seconded the motion as was passed.


         FCA will look as the potential use of funds for area beautification or leverage to help fund play structures will be discussed at a future date.

         Dec. 14th there is a Queenwood Heights Community Association meeting to discuss a playground proposal sponsored by Kiwanis

         Christmas social on Dec. 20.

Meeting adjourned at 9:57p.m. Next meeting Monday, January 27, 2002 at 8:00p.m. at the Ray Friel Centre Meeting Room.


Minutes prepared by Brenda Spearman