Association Communautaire


Community Association


Minutes of meeting held March 17, 2003 (8:10p.m.)


Attendees: Herb Kreling, Don Pottier, Ted Macias, David Villeneuve, Brenda Spearman, Zybina Richards, Eric Tousignant, George Blake, Gilles Warren, Marc Cappelli.




The Agenda was accepted on a motion by Don Pottier, and seconded by Eric Tousignant.                       


The minutes were approved on a motion by Ted Macias and seconded by Don Pottier.                     


The treasurer’s report was submitted. We will have n extra $1,500.00 in rink expenses this year because the rinks were open longer.

Treasurer's report was accepted on a motion by Don Pottier and seconded by Brenda Spearman.              

Councilor Kreling

·         The Arts fundraiser dinner may be in conflict with the FCA awards night.

·         SERCO has a new manager for Ray Friel. Her name is Penny Greenwood.

·         Councilor Kreling is interested in feedback from the Community regarding ice operations.

·         The City is looking at naming the Petrie Island northeast park, “Steumer Park”. The City must have consultation with the community to name the park. A motion was made by David Villeneuve to support the naming of the park, which was seconded by Zybina Richards and was unanimously carried.

·         There will be a meeting regarding the St. Joseph zoning study. There will be a business community proposal addressing the report and recommendations. Gilles Warren suggested this study does not address the 85 businesses that are not wheel chair accessible.


The first draft of the Queenswood Heights book is now ready. A $100.00 donation would allow the donor’s name in the book.

Canada Day

David will be picking a date via email for the next meeting.


Don will put out the next newsletter after the awards night to capture the preamble for the AGM and also advertise the garage sale. The garage sale will be on Saturday May 10th.

Volunteer Recognition Awards

Zybina will be asking for Fred Sherwin to advertise the awards date. The awards date of April 26th may be changed in light of the conflict of time with the Arts fundraiser. There are a number of potential awards recipients. Zybina will get the plaques two weeks in advance.

Open Discussion

·         A motion was made by Don to put a FCA logo-advertising link onto the Eastender up to a maximum cost of $200.00. The motion was seconded by David and was passed.

·         An all candidates debate was considered and discussed. The Quality East group was also thinking about hosting an all candidates debate as well.

·         George Blake provided a cheque for $25.00 to the FCA from the badminton Club as revenue from the club.




Meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m.  Next meeting Monday, April 14, 2003 at 8:00p.m.  at the Ray Friel Centre Meeting Room.


Minutes prepared by Brenda Spearman