Association Communautaire


Community Association


Minutes of meeting held November 17, 2003 (8:05 p.m.)


Attendees: Don Pottier, Ted Macias, Brenda Spearman, Zybina Richards, Marc Cappelli, George Blake, Eric Tousignant, Penny Greenwood, Frank Dugal, Herb Kreling, Rob Jellett.

Regrets: Paul Pelletier




The agenda was accepted on a motion by Marc, seconded by Don and carried.


The minutes were accepted on a motion from Don and seconded by Marc.

Treasurers Report

Don provided the Treasurers report. The financial picture is much the same as the last report. We have 400 light sticks left over from Canada with an estimated value of $400. The girl guided would like some for the Santa Clause Parade. The light sticks will not last 2 years for the next Canada Day. Don made a motion that the Girl guides be given the light sticks, which was seconded by Ted and was passed.

Counselor Kreling’s


·         The new Council will be sworn in Dec. 1st.

·         First order of Business will be the Universal Business Review i.e.: definition of core services.

·         The work was started on Petrie Island.

·         Protestors were upset with the Contractor on Petrie Island with regards to disruption of the hibernation habitat. The Contractor agreed to move his work to other areas on the island.

·         Council has approved the contract on the rinks, while finalizing discussions over the next 3 weeks.

·         The final site plan has yet to be signed, but no changes have been made during the second public consultation phase.





·         There is money in the budget for a pool in the East end, which could cut into the budget review process.

·         Rob’s staff is presently in place.

·         Either Rob or Louise Lapense (from Rob’s office) will attend future FCA meetings.


The newsletter was out before the Municipal elections. The newsletter was distributed with the Journal.

Don indicated he requires Quark Express 5 software to move to the new electronic format as required by Runge printing. He can purchase the software for $500 to $600. Don made a motion to spend $600.00 to purchase the software, which was seconded by George and subsequently passed.

The next step would be to purchase a computer for FCA business, so Don would not have to use his own. A City grant could be pursued for this venture or we could look at a Trillium grant as Frank had proposed. The applications for Trillium grants must be in before March. The phone number for information is 239-0680 for Ontario Training Foundation Information. Frank also suggested that we invite someone from the Community who could train Don on Quark express.


No Report


Neighborhood Watch

Marc passed out the letter from Police, endorsing Denise Chadala as the Community Watch Leader. Marc was involved in having the OPSAD forms filled out on his street where he did 75 houses.

Open Discussion

Youth Achievement awards occurred the previous Sunday. Zybina presented the FCA award. Fred Sherwin passed on his thanks.


Suzanne Sanford sent an email of some recent activities that received grant money such as day camps and programs for disabled youth as well as programs for Seniors.


Next meeting will be the Christmas gathering on Friday Dec. 12th at Marc’s house.


Minutes prepared by Brenda Spearman