Association Communautaire


Community Association


Minutes of meeting held February 16, 2004 (8:12 p.m.)


Attendees: Don Pottier, Brenda Spearman, Zybina Richards, Eric Tousignant, Paul Pelletier, David Villeneuve, Phil McNeely, Louise Lapensee, George Blake.

Regrets:Herb Kreling, Marc Cappelli and Penny Greenwood




The agenda was accepted with one addition: Citizen Advocacy, on a motion by Don, seconded by Eric.


The amended minutes were accepted on a motion from David and seconded by Don.

Treasurers Report

As provided by Don. It includes the latest rink costs. The rink grant is not in yet. Overall the balance shows a slight deficit as a result of the rink grant not received yet. The budget was approved on a motion by Don, seconded by Eric and carried.

MPP McNeely’s Report

·         The utilization of the beach at Petrie may be low this summer.

·         Phil suggested the FCA might want to look at pursuing a Trillium grant to kick-start the Beach project.



Report as provided by Louise Lapensee

·         The proposed City budget would cut rinks and Canada Day grants.

·         Paul proposed to write a letter to the City indicating the Fallingbrook Community Association does not support outdoor rink cuts from the budget. The motion was made by Paul and seconded by George and was carried.


Don took the two - day course on Quark express. The newsletter is on 11X17 paper. The electronic format will require a new layout for a standard page size to view on the website. Don will try to do a newsletter for mid March at this point. If Don has enough to fill 4 pages he will go ahead.

Canada Day

·         David gave a CD of the Canada Day pictures to George.

·         The net cost of the City not providing funding for Canada Day is about $6,000.

·         David provided an aerial map of the Avalon site as well as the Trinity lot as a possible location for fireworks and rides.

·         The partial owners of Trinity seem to be open to the idea of having the rides.

·         The fireworks could be launched over the pond. The pond is 400 meters across.


The weather is cooperating and things are running smoothly. Every rink has at least 4 rink attendants. Paul provided the rink grants check to Don for $7,716, which includes $750 for special events. The only pleasure rink is at Fallingbrook.

Open Discussion

·         Eric offered to help put a Trillium grant proposal together, if the FCA is interested.

·         David will get in touch with the Maple Ridge City Custodian to see if the FCA papers are stored there.

·         The Citizen Advocacy group sent an email looking for volunteers. We will include the request in the Newsletter.

Volunteer Awards:

Zybina will check with Ray Friel regarding dates in May. David and Paul volunteered to be on the nomination committee. Zybina will confirm dates by email.

Meeting adjourned at 10:10pm

Minutes prepared by Brenda Spearman