Association Communautaire


Community Association




Minutes of meeting held April 19, 2004 (8:00 p.m.)


Attendees: Ted Macias, Brenda Spearman, George Blake, Louise Lapensee, Suzanne Sandford, Zybina Richards, Herb Kreling, Don Pottier


Regrets: David Villeneuve, Marc Cappelli, Eric Tousignant





The agenda was on a motion by Ted and seconded by Don and carried.



The minutes were accepted on a motion from Ted and seconded by Brenda and passed.


Treasurers Report

·        Financial Report as provided

This year is showing a $5,690.00 deficit. The motion was made by Don to accept this fiscal year 03, 2004 as presented, was seconded by Ted and carried.


Counselor Krelings Report

·        Municipal budget process is completed.

·        Rink grants and community programming events are in the budget.

·        If the FCA Canada Day were to continue, the municipality should be able to participate.

·        Rink negotiations with Serco will be complete in the near future.

·        The ice surface would be ready for 2005.

·        A new interim manager has replaced Penny Greenwood at Serco.

·        Phase I of Petrie island will be this year.


Counselor Jellett’s Report as provided by Louise Lapensee

·        The annual Cumberland car rally is Sat. May 29th.

Open Discussions

·        Volunteer Awards and Garage Sale are on May 15, 2004.

·        No further updates on mailbox explosives/criminal activity.

·        Plexiglas panels in bus shelters are reducing breakage from vandalism.

·        There has been a request made to the City for a park development off of Princess Louise.

·        Work is planned for the skate park at Youville.

·        There are possible plans for a small skate board park south of Innes.



Meeting adjourned at 8:55pm

Next meeting will be the AGM May 17th, 2004 at Ray Friel


Minutes prepared by Brenda Spearman