Association Communautaire


Community Association


Minutes of Annual General Meeting held on May 17, 2004 (8:10)


Attendees: Marc Cappelli, Don Pottier, Ted Macias, David Villeneuve, Brenda Spearman, Zybina Richards, Bob Monette, Suzanne Sanford, Marc Godbout.




The Agenda was accepted on a motion by Brenda Spearman and seconded by Marc Cappelli.


The minutes were approved on a motion by Marc Cappelli and seconded by Don Pottier.              

Treasurer’s Report

The financial report was provided, and the bottom line is we are in good shape.

The financial report for 2003-2004 was accepted on a motion by Don and seconded by Ted.

The budget for 2004-2005 was provided. 

With Canada Day being scaled down, then both revenue and expenses are reduced. The expenses provided are a conservative estimate. The deficit shown is realistic. The future expenses such as donations, plaques, etc., will have to be looked at. There are no revenue options for Canada Day now except Homniuk.

The budget was accepted on a motion from Don and seconded by David.             


McNeely’s Report as provided by Bob Monette

  • There have been budget discussions at Queens Park.
  • The light rail/transportation issue is being looked at.
  • Economic growth for the Eastern area such as job growth is being looked at.
  • Few groups from this area are applying for Trillium grants.

MPP McNeely’s office is located at 6-110 Bearbrook Road in Blackburn Hamlet.

Community Report as provided by Susan Sanford

There is a request for a new play structure at the corner of Princess Louise and Charlemagne. The play structure would be a small structure for younger children. The City is looking at rates for different types of halls. Halls are free to use by Community Associations.

Petrie Island/

Website/ Garage Sale

  • Many garage sales took place on Saturday May 15th, and there was no rain.
  • The website is updated with an article on the volunteer awards.
  • Friends of Petrie Island are looking at submitting a Trillium grant application for a possible sailing operation.

Canada Day

Amusement rides will be at Ray Friel. Though new rink construction is unlikely by July 1st, the fireworks are still planned for the Avalon site. The Minto representative seems to be OK with the location. A meeting needs to be arranged with the Fireworks people. David will call a meeting in June when all the Fireworks plans have been confirmed.

Rink Report

Three cheques have been received from the City



There are three groups identified and the coordinators will be organizing these three groups.

4th Orleans Scout Group

  • The Scout group had 111 youth participating with 32 adult leaders.
  • The group took on the major clean-up of the Fallingbrook Falls.
  • The scouts are concerned with the increase in gym rental costs for September.


The elections for the FCA Class A Directors:

There are 4 nominations and 4 vacancies. David made a motion that the 4 names be brought forward as Class A Directors. The four people are Don Pottier, Zybina Richards, Ted Macias and Brenda Spearman. The positions to be worked out at a later date.


Meeting adjourned at 9:40 PM

Minutes prepared by Brenda Spearman