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Minutes of meeting held 20 September 2004 (8:00 p.m.)


Attendees:  Zybina Richards, David Villeneuve, Marc Cappelli, Eric Tousignant, Paul Pelletier, Al Tweddle, Bob Monette


Regrets: Herb Kreling, Don Pottier,Ted Macias, Brenda Spearman, George Blake, Louise Lapensée





The agenda was approved.



The minutes from the April 2004 meeting were only received by Zybina and David.  They will be approved at the next meeting.


Treasurers Report

Don Pottier's e-mail report from Disneyland:


It's not likely I'll have my normal financial report ready since a lot of my files are still in boxes.  Without Canada Day there really hasn't been a major shift in our financial status since the AGM.  We received about $6000 from Homeniuk for the amusement rides.  Our CDay expenditures were about $1600 and  these costs were offset by the city grant of $1500.


In terms of supporting the groups we have in the past, we can afford it but that is by taking money out of our "reserves".  What I mean by that is if we maintain the same level of sponsorships as we did last year, we will end the year with a deficit.  But since Homeniuk was reasonably successful this year we shouldn't have to dip too far into our bank account.  I would vote in favour of maintaining the same level of sponsorships for all groups as we did last year.



Moved by David, seconded by Eric, to donate as follows:

  • Cumberland Community Resource Centre - $500
  • 4th Orleans Scouts - $500
  • Fred Sherwin's Youth Achievement Award - $125 to purchase trophy

Don Pottier will be asked to write the cheques.


Bob Monette for Phil McNeely

MP Marc Godboud, MPP Phil McNeely, and the 4 east end councillors have formed an Orleans Interest Group to lobby for the east end.

Phil is against a bridge at Petrie Island, prefers the Kettle Island site.  He will ensure that the terms of reference for the upcoming environmental assessment are open and unbiased.


Canada Day

Zybina spoke with Fred Sherwin, who has been organizing to hold Canada Day 2005 at Petrie Island.  Fred says he is working with the City on this.

Our biggest concern continues to be safe access for 10,000 people.  It would take about 200 bus trips to carry this many people off the island after the fireworks, to Place d'Orleans, the Park-n-Rides, etc.  With 20 buses, it would take several hours to complete.  Imagine the causeway with buses coming and going, and people streaming across on foot.  On the other hand, the site is ideal for the fireworks, games, etc.

Eric prefers Millenium Park, says that the event could be held there safely, although parking and transportation are still an issue.

The FCA's position on the City's and Fred's proposals to hold Canada Day on Petrie Island — we will be happy to be consulted, but we will await formal approval by emergency services and a detailed transportation plan.


Petrie Island Aquatic Clubs

Marc and Zybina have received many messages from people who are interested in helping create Petrie Island clubs for canoes, kayaks, sailboats, rowboats.  Many of these people have strong backgrounds in these areas.

Phil McNeely continues to push for a Trillium Grant application for multiyear funding to start these clubs.  Marc and Eric have done some work on the application, but require more details from experienced people.

Bob Monette will e-mail all the parties who have expressed an interest in being involved.  He will ask them who they represent, and what their experience is.

Marc will sift through the replies, trying to classify people.  He will also approach the Ottawa New Edinburgh Canoe Club for their interest.

Marc will organize and advertise a meeting for October 18 at the Ray Friel Centre, small meeting room.  This is booked for the regular FCA October meeting, which will not be held.



Meeting adjourned at 9:30 pm

Next meeting will be the 20 October 2004 at Ray Friel for the Petrie Island discussion.


Minutes prepared by David Villeneuve in the absence of Brenda.