Association Communautaire Fallingbrook Community Association

Minutes of meeting held Nov. 15, 2004 (8:00 p.m.)


Attendees: Eric Tousignant, Don Pottier, David Villeneuve, Brenda Spearman, George Blake,  Marc Cappelli, Zybina Richards, Bob Monette,

Suzanne Sanford, Louise Lapensee

Regrets: Herb Kreling, Fred Sherwin





The Agenda was accepted and passed with the removal of the Canada Day item.


The April minutes were approved on a motion by Eric and seconded by Don.

The September minutes were approved on a motion by Zybina and seconded by Eric


There is no significant change in the FCA financial position. The surplus of $3,400.00 will take us into next year. The financial statement was accepted on a motion by Don and seconded by George and carried.

The second motion was to amend the Youth achievement award from $125.00 to $150.00. The motion was made by Don, seconded by Dave and carried.

MPP Phil McNeely’s Report as provided by Bob Monette

The grant application for Trillium funding is going ahead as supported by the Sonshine Families. The FCA was thanked for the previous consideration to support the Trillium grant application. The FCA was asked to support the grant application with a letter of support.

Councilor Jellet’s Report as provided by Louise Lapensee

The Santa’s Parade of Lights will start at 6:00PM starting at Youville and ending at Place d’Orleans.

City Recreation Report as provided by Suzanne Sanford

 Rink information:

  • A reminder from Jeanne Sauve that the snow blower has to be empty of gasoline prior to storing.
  • Gas cans also have to be stored empty.
  • Jeanne Sauve and Fallingbrook schools have both had issues regarding damaged ceiling tiles (Mark from the City will call Paul to advise him).

Rink Report

Paul sent in the application for the rink grants in October.


Don apologized for not getting the newsletter out. To date there is no submission deadline. The newsletter would include information on the Petrie grant application and illustration of the completed rink plan.

Petrie Island

Marc has done a write-up to share with the larger community including those that attended the last meeting, regarding the Trillium grant application for the youth water program. Zybina thanked all those people who worked on the issue.

Open Discussion

  • Dec. 17th is the FCA Christmas party being kindly hosted by Marc Cappelli.
  • David now has keys for the Petrie Island gate and the FCA storage cottage.
  • Don suggested that we investigate the possibility of having the Homenuk rides during the week of Canada Day. Don will contact Dan Brisebois to inquire about that possibility.

There was a question as to the availability of the new rinks in the summer months. Suzanne indicated that the City might be interested in transforming one rink into a skate board park.

Meeting adjourned at 8:51 p.m.

Next Meeting on January 17, 2005


Minutes prepared by Brenda Spearman