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Minutes of meeting held January 17, 2005(8:00 p.m.)


Attendees: Zybina Richards, Brenda Spearman, Eric Tousignant, David Villeneuve, Suzanne Sanford, Bob Monette, Len Godard, Rob Jellett, Don Pottier, Marc Capelli

Regrets: Herb Kreling, Marc Godbout, George Blake, Paul Peltier





The agenda was accepted with one addition regarding the Trillium Grant application from Sonshine Families, on a motion by Marc and seconded by Eric and carried.


The minutes were amended to indicate a surplus of $3,400.00, which will cover expenses to the end of the year.

The minutes were accepted with the one change, on a motion from Eric and seconded by Marc and passed.

Sonshine Presentation on the Trillium Grant Proposal

        Sonshine Families is involved with Group Homes for special needs in Cumberland.

        The current status of the proposal as indicted by Len Goddard, is it is recommended for approval at the Ministers office for the full amount.

        Len asked for a representative from the FCA to sit on the Steering Committee.

        One member from the Steering Committee will sit on the Board of Directors.

        Len indicated he would be open to up to 2 members on the Steering Committee.

        Interested parties for the Steering Committee may email Len at:

        Zybina will email her contacts to let them know Len is looking for people for the Steering Committee.

Treasurerís Report

        The financial situation is good.

        The first rink cheque has been deposited


MPP Report as given by Bob Monette

        Phil McNeeley has been touring cities on budget discussions.

        There will be a 3 Million dollar assessment done on the Bridge issue in conjunction with the 3 levels of Government.

Counselor Rob Jellett

        The Budget consultation meetings have begun.

        Tax increase is proposed at 3 percent plus 1.4 % for Police Service and .1% for Conservation Authority.

        All residential streets will be sanded and salted.

Rink Report

        The ice is in good shape and various groups have been booking the ice.

Neighborhood Watch

No update at the present time.

Canada Day

        The City has set aside $3,000.00 in the budget, however we need to apply for it. David had not heard from Fred on the Petrie Island Plan, however David will apply for the Grant.

        The rinks may be finished by Canada Day, which may allow for the rides in the parking lot.

Open Discussions

        Suzanne indicated that the City budget may allow for money for minor capital grants.

        Suzanne will be conducting workshops for Community Associations on various topics.

        Zybina expressed an interest on who is planning the Cityís 150th Anniversary. Suzanne will follow-up.


Meeting adjourned at 9:42PM

Next meeting will on Monday February 21, at room 342 at the Orleans Client Service Centre.


Minutes prepared by Brenda Spearman