Association Communautaire


Community Association

Minutes of on April 18, 2005 (8:00PM)


Attendees: Marc Cappelli, Don Pottier, David Villeneuve, Brenda Spearman, Zybina Richards, Suzanne Sanford, Herb Kreling, Louise Lapensee.


Regrets: Ted Macias, George Blake, Eric Tousignant, Dawn Stroz (Phil McNeelyís Office).





The Agenda was accepted on a motion by Marc Cappelli and seconded by David Villeneuve.


The minutes were approved on a motion by Don Pottier and seconded by David Villeneuve.††††††††††††††

Treasurerís Report

        The last cheque for the rink grant has not yet been received. Suzanne will follow-up on the rink grant.

        The insurance cost is higher because the dates differ from last year.

        The 04-05 Fiscal Year Report was accepted on a motion by Don Pottier and seconded by David Villeneuve, and was approved.

        Parking lot availability for Homeniuk rides on Canada Day has not yet been ascertained from Serco.

        Homeniuk revenue is estimated at $5,000.00. Without this revenue the FCA Budget 05-06 will show a deficit. Budget approval/motion for 05-06 is delayed to determine if the Homeniuk revenue will be included.

Councilor Jelletís report as provided by Louise Lapensee

        Innes completion to 10th line is planned for Dec. 2005.

        Walmart and Loblaws on Trim are planned to open by Aug. 2005.

        New parks are to be built in Avalon.

Councilor Herb Krelings report

        Some road work to be done at the intersections on Charlemagne.

        A traffic light will be installed at the first Princess Louise.

        Other intersections will have stop signs including center medians.

        Re-paving will be starting on St. Joseph this summer.

        A group is looking into St. Joseph beautification.

        Serco ice rinks are on schedule and on budget.

The Special Projects Unit with the City is near completion on a report to Corporate Services to move to the development of the 22 acres of land at Centrum. This development would include an Arts and Cultural center. Mixed use is also being looked at, such as a 3 star Hotel, office and apartments.

Developers are presently looking at building Condos. Four possible Condos North East of Trim and 174. They will be 12 to 14 floors high. Move in date Dec. 2006 for the first building. Possibly a seniors home will be built later on. The previous Seniors development did not happen and the money was refunded.


The newsletter will focus on the garage sale and the Annual General meeting. There will also be a special focus on the Ray Friel expansion, as well as the Petrie Island water program. The deadline to submit is April 27th.


Volunteer Awards

Marc and Zybina will be submitting names. Sylvie Garandís certificate still needs to be presented with the correct spelling. Zybina will follow up on the liquor permit. The awards presentation will be on May 14th at Ray Friel.


Canada Day

  • Don will provide Zybina with the information to purchase light sticks.
  • Zybina is heading up the activities committee at Petrie.
  • Opening ceremonies will be at noon.
  • The beer tent will be larger than the one used in the past at the Ray Friel site.

FCA 20th Anniversary

The suggestion was made by Don that we piggy back onto the Ray Friel rink opening. Zybina discussed the possibility of an early Fall event that could turn into a yearly Community event. David suggested building a float to commemorate the 20th Anniversary for the Santa Claus Parade of Lights.



The annual General meeting will be on May 16th. There was some discussion of the executive positions to be filled at the AGM.



Meeting adjourned at 10:13 PM


Minutes prepared by Brenda Spearman