Fallingbrook Community Association

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

16 May 2005, Cumberland Town Hall


Those present:

Patrick Wall, Sonia Brereton,  Marc Godbout (MP), Bob Monette (representing Phil McNeely), Herb Kreling (Councillor), Rob Jellett (Councillor), Zybina Richards (chair), Brenda Spearman, Don Pottier, David Villeneuve, Suzanne Sanford (City of Ottawa)


Marc Cappelli, Ted Macias, Eric Tousignant, George Blake
(N.B. Eric Tousignant has tendered his resignation as an executive member)


Previous minutes (Zybina) Suzanne stated that the proposal for a play structure at Charlemagne and Princess Louise has been dropped.  Minutes approved by Brenda and Don.
Treasurers Report
  • FY 2004-05 expenditures and FY 2005-06 proposed budget were approved by a motion of Don and Brenda.
  • Rob asked if the city has a problem with a surplus from the rink grants - Suzanne said no.
  • Tosha Rhodenizer of Serco suggests Homeniuk rides okay at Ray Friel
MP's report (Marc Godbout)
  • Federal election call expected soon
  • Team Ottawa-Orleans active, getting new volunteers
  • DND headquarters not going to Kanata, possible federal government interest in offices in Orleans
  • Summer career placement program for students for 10 weeks
  • Rural infrastructure program does not apply to city
MPP's report (Bob Monette)
  • Team Ottawa-Orleans one of few areas where 3 levels of government work together
  • Power Walls (cigarette displays in convenience stores) have been banned on an amendment by Phil McNeely.  24,000 students signed a petition for this.
  • Sonshine Families pilot project to have some boats at Petrie for pilot project
Councillor's report (Herb)
  • Repaving of St Joseph Blvd this summer, Jeanne d'arc  to Prestone
  • Petrie Island will name Stuemer Park and Grandmaitre Nature Preserve on July 1
  • Staff report expected on Centrum Blvd lands, 22 acres.  seeking P3 proposals for arts and culture facility.
  • Ray Friel rinks opening in August
  • Lots of grafitti in Orleans.  Police will target them.
  • Police bike patrols
  • No dogs will be permitted on Petrie Island
Councillor's report (Rob)
  • Sent out flyer to urban people, well received
  • Traffic control signal to be installed at Trim and Portobello
  • Trim realignment not until 2008
  • 311 telephone service in fall
  • Blackburn Bypass extension by 2010
Garage Sale (David) Date was May 14, rainy but well attended  
Volunteer Awards (Zybina) Very successful, 50 people attended.  David made a motion to thank Zybina for organizing at again.  
Canada Day (David) Zybina has a large team to run the entertainment.  Marc Cappelli may get $2000 from Loeb.  Angela Jellett in charge of fund raising, is concerned that there is insufficient advertising exposure for potential sponsors.  
Suzanne Sanford (City of Ottawa)
  • Kids in the Park program on again
  • Vanessa Robinson at Ray Friel open to joint FCA in rink opening
  • Parks and Rec web site redesigned
Newsletter (Don Pottier)
  • Will do special 20th anniversary edition, wants photos
  • Rob Jellett talked about the FCA in 1985 wanting to change name of Tenth Line Road to Fallingbrook Blvd, Bob Monette admitted it was he on council who turned down the idea, not Peter Clark.
Scouts (Patrick Wall)
  • 4th Orleans represents Fallingbrook, also south and east.
  • Doing annual cleanup of Princess Louise Falls
  • Costs $60 for fire permit.  Rob Jellett volunteered to pay the cost.
  • Cost of gym rental up 200% to $15 per hour
  • Increasing red tape taking the fun out of it
  • [See report appended to these minutes]
Election of Class A Directors for 2005-06 (David Villeneuve) Acclaimed class A directors: Zybina Richards, Brenda Spearman, Don Pottier, David Villeneuve  

Meeting adjourned at 9:25 pm

Minutes by David Villeneuve

Special Meeting of New Class A Directors

Present: Zybina Richards, Brenda Spearman, Don Pottier, David Villeneuve.

The directors appointed the new officers as follows:

4th Orleans Scout Group

Report for 2004-05

May 16, 2005




·        Linking activities with Beavers, Cubs and Scouts

·        Cub camp with White Tail Beavers

·        Scout camp with Senior Cubs

·        Many youth are moving up thru the program this year

·        Slide show was presented to all the parents at the ‘Advancement Ceremony’. This gave the parents a better perspective regarding the activities that the youth have participated in.

·        Kub Kars in April, which was held at the Science and Tech Museum.

·        Scout Trees

o       Scout Trees is a major activity from Scouts Canada that involves the youth planting trees. This year, our own Scout group facilitated the Odawa Area event with LaFarge.

·        Held our annual Apple Day at the Trinity Common Plaza on 10th Line Road on Saturday, October 3/04. Had an excellent turnout from the youth this year.

·        Held our annual Fall Group Campfire on October 13-04. Campfire permits were provided by Mr. Rob Jellett from the City of Ottawa.

·        Pre-registration BBQ at Petrie Island. Had approximately 100 people out. The invitation was to all our 2003-2004 members and their families. Event was successful, received a lot of positive feedback.

·        Remembrance Day

o       All sections held their own ‘Remembrance Day’ ceremony during their weekly meeting the week of November 11, 2004. Both cub packs went to the Cenotaph at the Orleans Legion. Our Troop (and one of our beaver colonies) visited the War Memorial downtown.

·        Winter Wonderland event held on February 15/05. A little mild for skating, but the kids had a great time tobogganing. This was a group event and approximately 80 youth attended.

·        Annual BP Dinner held on February 20/05. A record attendance. Many awards were handed out to both youth and adults.

·        Two First Aid Courses ran in January. One for senior Scouts as they are working on their Chief Scout Award, the other for leaders. In total, 6 youth and 6 leaders were awarded their First Aid Certificate from St. John’s Ambulance.

·        Once again this year, the Fallingbrook Falls cleanup was done. This was organized by our Scout Troop.

·        4th Orleans has updated the URL for their website. It is now:




Richard Goyette

Kevon Farrell

Annette Gaucher

John Pearson

Pamela Moss

Kristin Harold



Annette Gaucher

John Pearson

Gil Lepine



Patrick Wall


Fallingbrook Community Association Volunteer Award for Scouting: Francois Trudel


·        Difficult to find new leaders.

·        Youth registration is down 30% from last year.

·        Cost of Gym Facilities (up 200%). 4th Orleans will end this year with approximately $1000 due to the increased costs of the gyms. A letter to Phil McNeely was sent recently, however, it appears nothing can be done by the City of Ottawa. This has impacted our program this year, and will continue to impact us in the coming year.

Yours truly,

Patrick Wall

4th Orleans Group Commissioner