Fallingbrook Community Association

Minutes of the Executive Meeting

26 September 2005

Ray Friel Centre

Those Present:

Zybina Richards, Don Pottier, Tosha Rhodenizer (Serco), Doug Feltmate (Design Food Systems), Suzanne Sanford (City of Ottawa), Louise Lapensée, Rick Snell, Marc Cappelli, Sonia Brereton, Down Stroz, David Villeneuve, George Blake, Brenda Spearman, Dan Brisebois (City of Ottawa)

Regrets: Paul Pelletier


New Executive Officers

The Class A directors that were acclaimed at the May annual general meeting were introduced, and their officer positions were defined:

Ray Friel Centre (Tosha Rhodenizer, Serco)

Tenth Line Piazza Restaurant (Doug Feltmate, Design Food Systems)

Petrie Island Outdoors Club (Rick Snell, PIOC)

Petrie Island Update (Dan Brisebois, City of Ottawa Parks and Rec)

Minutes from April 2005 Meeting

Marc Godbout's Office (Sonia Brereton)

Treasurer's Report (Don Pottier)

Phil McNeeley's Office (Dawn Stroz)

Rob Jellett's Office (Louise Lapensée)

City of Ottawa Recreation (Suzanne Sanford)

Zybina Richards

Community Signs (David Villeneuve)

Christmas Party