Association Communautaire


Community Association

Minutes of October 17, 2005 (8:00PM)


Attendees: Don Pottier, Brenda Spearman, Zybina Richards, Suzanne Sanford, Sonia Brereton, George Blake, Bob Monette, Elena Harder, Court Curry, Patrick Wall

Regrets: Marc Cappelli, Paul Pelltier, David Villeneuve, Rob Jellett




4th Orleans Scouting Group

         Patrick Wall thanked the Association for our continued support.

         The group will focus more on community activities.

         There is a 50% increase in registration this year.

         Enrolment is more than 180 youth this year.

         Community activities include Fallingbrook cleanup, food bank assistance, Canada Day clean-up.

         Patrick would like to have the scouts involved in any FCA events.

         The scouts will provide a piece and picture for our newsletter and Anniversary edition.

A motion was made by George Blake to increase the support we presently provide to the 4th Orleans Scout Group to $1,000.00. The motion was seconded by Brenda and passed, with all in favor.


The agenda was changed to reflect an addition for support of the Cumberland Resource Centre and the Orleans Youth Achievement Award. The Agenda was accepted on a motion by George and seconded by Don.


The minutes were approved on a motion by Don Pottier and seconded by George Blake.              

Treasurerís Report

         There is no change from last month, as there has not been any financial activity.

MP Godboutís Report

         There is need for input for the working groups of Team Ottawa-Orleans.

         Orleans is being considered for a possible DND site.

         There will be three town Hall meetings at the Roy Hobbs Centre.


McNeelyís Report

         There has been a $200,000.00 Trillium grant given to Team Ottawa-Orleans, which will provide resources for advancement of Community based projects as well as a full time executive officer.

         Recent investments have reduced wait times for hip and knee replacements as well as MRIís and cataract surgeries.

         There are steps being made towards a new Family Health Team for Orleans.

Open Discussion

         Elena Harder will be running for the by-election.

         Suzanne indicated that some senior citizenís have requested additional park benches from the City.


There will be a 20th Anniversary edition put out in December. Sonia asked to be contacted if we will be including advertisements.

Parade of Llights

The parade is Nov. 26th. Zybina is in the process of getting a tractor and flatbed for the FCA float. Zybina will fill out the application for the parade entry float.

Christmas Party

The Christmas party will be on December 10th. The theme will be the 20th Anniversary. Many of the original founding members will be there.


Meeting adjourned at 9:02 PM

Minutes prepared by Brenda Spearman