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Minutes of 16 October 2006

Fallingbrook Community Association

Minutes of the Executive Meeting

16 October 2006

Ray Friel Centre

Those Present:

Zybina Richards, David Villeneuve, Marc Cappelli, Don Pottier, George Blake, Eric Tousignant, Ken Marentette (Serco), Brenda Spearman, Dawn Stroz (for Phil McNeely MPP), Nick O'Connell, Royal Galipeau MP

Regrets: Paul Pelletier

Previous Minutes (David Villeneuve)

  • Minutes of April 2006 were approved (Marc, George)
  • Minutes of Sep 2006 were approved (Marc, George)

Treasurer's Report (Don Pottier)

  • Don sent the financial statement earlier by e-mail.
  • Changes were due to contributions to community groups (Scouts, CRC, Youth Awards)
  • David said that he informed the Greater Orleans Canada Day committee that the FCA has spent $1623.82 in direct expenses towards operating the Kids Tent on July 1.
  • Report was passed (Don, Eric)

Dawn Stroz (representing Phil McNeely MPP)


Fallingbrook Community Association Meeting

Monday, October 16, 2006


Whats new in the Legislature?


The Legislative Assembly of Ontario resumed for the Fall, 2006 session on September 25th, 2006.  Over the past few weeks, we have debated several Private Members Bills as well as a couple of Government Bills over a short period of time.  Here are a few highlights:


1) Bill 138 Climate Change Awareness Day Act, 2006

      On September 25th, I introduced my Private Members Bill in the Legislature

      The Bill went to second reading and was carried with unanimous consent it was referred to the Standing Committee on General Government and I hope that it will return to the Legislature to be carried on to third reading and become law

      The bill will make April 21st, the day after Earth Day, Climate Change Awareness Day

      Please see copies of Bill 139


2)   Bill 124 Fair Access to Regulated Professions Act, 2006

      On June 8th, Hon. Mike Colle, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, introduced this legislation

      The Bill was debated in the Legislature on October 3rd and 10th 

      If passed, this bill would break down barriers so that more internationally trained professionals can work in their field

      The proposed legislation, the first of its kind in Canada, would require Ontarios 34 regulated professions to ensure their licensing process is fair, clear and open

      They would also be required to assess credentials more quickly

      The proposed legislation also includes:

      A Fair Registration Practices Commissioner who would assess the registration practices of regulated professions and monitor the regulatory bodies compliance with the legislation 

      A new Access Centre for Internationally Trained Individuals, to help those trained outside Ontario get the information and referrals they need to work in their profession. It would also serve as a center for excellence on internships and mentorships for educational institutions, employers, and community agencies


3)  An Act to Amend the Highway Traffic Act with Respect to Seatbelts

      Today in the Legislature, Hon. Donna Cansfield, Minister of Transportation, introduced legislation that will require that the number of people in a vehicle is limited to the number of seatbelts that vehicle provides

      In 1976, Ontario was the first jurisdiction in North America to make wearing seatbelts mandatory.  Since then the number of people killed in road collisions has steadily declined. This legislation will save even more lives  

      For every one per cent increase in seatbelt usage, five lives are saved 

      Minister Cansfield urges all members of the legislature to join the government in passing this life-saving legislation and encouraging everyone in Ontario to wear a seatbelt


Whats new in Orlans?


Grant Applications Made Easy!

      The Ontario Trillium Foundation is offering Community Organizations a simplified application process for Small Capital Grants.

      Applicants seeking up to a maximum of $15,000 in capital funding can use a shorter application form with fewer required attachments.

      For more information, visit the OTF website at


Champlain Local Health Integration Network Community Forum

      There will be a Community Forum on Thursday, October 19th from 7-9pm at lcole secondaire catholique Garneau, 6588 Rue Carrire to discuss the Integrated Health Service Plan

      The meeting is for interested consumers, citizens and health care providers

      Should you wish to participate, or to receive a copy of the plan, please call 613-747-6784 x 2017.


Transportation Projects in Eastern Ontario

      There will be an open house held on Wednesday, October 18th at 5pm at the Jim Durrell Arena on Walkley Road to discuss the Innes-Walkley-Hunt Club Environmental Assessment

      All are welcome to attend


Newsletter (Don Pottier)

  • Newsletter should be delivered 17 October, in time for municipal debate
  • Had to be hand-folded by volunteers

Councillors Debate (Zybina)

  • Debate at 7 pm on 19 Oct 2006 at Sir Wilfrid Laurier cafeteria
  • Marc and George will be moderators
  • Both wards 1 and 19 will be there and will be interleaved

Oktoberfest (Zybina)

  • Was very successful and will be repeated next year.

Ray Friel Center (Ken Marentette, Serco)

  • A long document was previously distributed by Mike Pyndus with a list of concerns about the P3 process under which the Ray Friel Center operates
  • It said that, unlike city run facilities, the RFC pays the city.
  • Ken says that some things cannot be done by Serco, e.g. purchase stationary equipment, only the city can.  Cleaning standards are dictated by his contract with the city. 
  • Eric said Mike should complete his research to fill in some gaps
  • Ken said the report had some valid concerns and useful parts.
  • Ken said it had been seen by Councillors and Mayor
  • George said that the portability of city recreational passes did not apply to RFC
  • Zybina will invite Mike Pyndus to a future meeting

Royal Galipeau MP


Santa's Parade of Lights

  • Nov 25, $50 fee
  • Zybina will register us
  • Marc will enquire about a big flatbed trailer
  • Nick will enquire about a Loeb flatbed

Web Site (David)

  • David showed the new consistent look and feel of the FCA website
  • Showed Marc's photos from Oktoberfest

Meeting adjourned at 9:40 pm.

Minutes recorded by David Villeneuve.

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