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Minutes of 20 November 2006

Fallingbrook Community Association

Minutes of the Executive Meeting

20 November 2006

Ray Friel Centre

Those Present:

Zybina Richards, David Villeneuve, Marc Cappelli, Don Pottier, George Blake, Eric Tousignant, Nick O'Connell, Ken Marentette (Serco), Diane Fox (Parks and Rec), Brendon Johnston (for Phil McNeely), Marc Thibault, Mike Pyndus, Louise Lapensee (for Rob Jellett), Councillor Bob Monette, Royal Galipeau MP


Mike Pyndus Presentation

Mike Pyndus, an Orleans resident, gave a presentation about the operation of the Ray Friel Centre (RFC).

The text of Mike's presentation is available online here.

  • Serco was originally given the contract to operate RFC by the City of Cumberland, then in 2002 it signed a P3 partnership with the City of Ottawa to expand and operate RFC.
  • Other Class A recreational facilities in Ottawa charge $374 for adult users (up to $460 depending on packages), RFC charges $505.  For seniors, ORC charges $374, RFC charges $344.  At RFC, seniors start at 55, not 65.
  • The RFC membership is not transferable to other city facilities.
  • RFC makes a profit for the city, unlike other similar facilities that lose money.
  • Ken Marentette says that Serco has delivered on all contract requirements, perhaps the contract should be amended.
  • Bob Monette said he also found many problems with the facility in 2005.
  • George asked Bob if membership could be transferable.
  • Mike says all contracts can be amended, it is common in construction projects.

Correction added by Ken Marentette, Serco's director of the Ray Friel Centre: This presentation had nothing to do about Serco and/or problems with the RFRC. It was an attempt by Mike Pyndus to get the City to change the contract if possible for items that are beyond Serco’s control. His intention was to solicit the FCA’s support against the City, not Serco.  It would be appreciated if the minutes would accurately show that. 

Motion (George, Eric) -- The FCA supports Mike Pyndus to have the City and Serco revisit the RFC contract, to bring it in line with services at other Class A facilities.  Carried.


Previous Minutes (David Villeneuve)

  • Minutes of Oct 2006 were approved (Don, Nick) after David said he would remove comments made by Royal Galipeau that were not intended for the minutes

Treasurer's Report (Don Pottier)

  • Don sent the financial statement earlier by e-mail.
  • Shows an overall loss for the year.
  • Report was passed (Don, George)

MP's Report (Royal Galipeau)

  • Mr Galipeau stressed that he comes to these meetings to listen
  • He will not be seeking third term on Ottawa Library Board
  • He suggested that we put names forward for new city advisory committees

MPP Report (Brendon Johnston)

  • 30 members of east end multicultural committee
  • Annual Christmas party of Phil McNeely will be in Center Ice Restaurant

Councillor Rob Jellett (Louise Lapensee)

  • Everything is very quiet after the election, nothing much happening

Councillor Bob Monette

  • Thanked everyone who voted in the municipal election
  • Met with new Mayor O'Brian, looks forward to working with him
  • Crystal Beaulieu is Bob's chief of staff
  • Philippe is constituent representative
  • Laura is admin assistant
  • Presidents Council may be expanded to include business reps
  • Royal asked that Bob send him a list of advisory committees to put in the minutes.

City Parks and Rec (Diane Fox)

  • Diane is replacing Suzanne Sanford until spring

Parade of Lights

  • FCA will enter a float, a 50 foot flatbed  trailer.

Outdoor Rinks

  • Paul Pelletier is retiring as overall rink manager after almost 20 years
  • Last year's 3 rink managers will probably return
  • Nick O'Connell says that he is willing to be the overall rink manager

Town Centre Development Application

  • Zybina had mailed out copies of the development plans

Family Fun Fair

  • David Fraser enquired if we are interested in doing it again in 2007
  • Perhaps mix with a multicultural food fair
  • August long weekend

Hydro Lines (David Villeneuve)

  • David asked about the proposed electrical connection between Quebec and Ontario
  • It will cross at Cumberland Village
  • Will this have an impact on Fallingbrook residents?
  • David attended the public information meeting that week
  • Currently there are two sets of towers that go through the south end of Fallingbrook one at 115 kV and the other at 230 kV.
  • All environmental approvals were given several years ago
  • Between Cardinal Creek and Tenth Line Road, the metal lattice pylons will be replaced with modern looking tubular towers.
  • The spacing between towers will be about half of what it is now.
  • The lowest lines will be somewhat higher than at present, but the overall height will be greater.
  • The north line will be 230 kV, the south line will be double 230 kV.

Earlier Meeting Time (Eric Tousignant)

  • Eric asked if we could start the meetings at 7:30 pm rather than 8 pm.
  • Everyone was in favour.

Meeting adjourned at 9:40 pm.

Minutes recorded by David Villeneuve.

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