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Minutes of 15 January 2007

Fallingbrook Community Association

Minutes of the Executive Meeting

15 January 2007

Ray Friel Centre

Those Present:

Zybina Richards, David Villeneuve, Marc Cappelli, Don Pottier, Eric Tousignant, Nick O'Connell, Paul Pelletier, Carolle Seguin, Phil McNeely MPP, Chris Rolland (for Rob Jellett), Councillor Rob Jellett, Philippe Berthiaume (for Bob Monette), Francois Robichaud (for Royal Galipeau), Royal Galipeau MP

Regrets: David Gibbons (Mayor's office), Ken Marentette (Serco), Diane Fox (City Rec)


Carolle Seguin Presentation for CRC

Carolle Seguin gave a presentation on the role of the Orleans-Cumberland Community Resource Centre.  It is one of 14 CRC's in Ottawa.  It is not a community health centre, but has a shared family health team.  It has been in operation 17 years, serves 5000 mouths per year from the food bank, 500 at Christmas.  They have 2 intake workers to help clients.  They are working on the community garden at Tenth Line and St Joseph.

Previous Minutes (David Villeneuve)

  • Minutes of Nov 2006 were approved (Don, Eric).

Treasurer's Report (Don Pottier)

  • Don sent the financial statement earlier by e-mail.
  • Present deficit is $5268.  This will improve once the rink grants are in.
  • Don projects a year-end deficit of 1-2k.
  • Report was passed (Don, Paul)

MP's Report (Royal Galipeau)

  • Mr Galipeau introduced Francois Robichaud, who will do outreach from the constituency office
  • He thanked Zybina for the Christmas social
  • He meets with constituents two days per week
  • Major issues are visa problems, veterans affairs, employees and contractors to PWGSC.

MPP Report (Phil McNeely)

  • Ontario is trying to get better access to professional accreditation for foreign trained professionals.
  • Clean Water Act to implement Walkerton recommendations
  • 18 year olds will be kept in high school longer, offered more technical training
  • New law requiring one person per seatbelt
  • Phil is deputy chair of the Financial Affairs Committee
  • Possibly a referendum on electoral reform on October ballot
  • Deposit on wine bottles
  • Energuide 80 building code
  • David asked about the Orleans Urgent Care Clinic.  Phil says hours have been reduced, will be reduced even more.  Province is pushing Family Health Team concept, but few doctors signing on.

Councillor Rob Jellett (Chris Roland)

  • Chris just joined Rob's office
  • He handed out graphs on taxes
  • Rob supports zero tax increase
  • David asked if there is any federal of provincial funding to cities.  Phil said downloading, especially social program, hurt cities.

Councillor Bob Monette (Philippe Berthiaume)

  • Bob also supports zero tax increase
  • Lots of pressure on budget, eg. ParaTranspo, Bylaw
  • Fallingbrook is quietest part of ward for bylaw
  • Town centre will have 10 storey building instead of 14, against wishes of Turner residents.
  • Mike Pyndus made presentation to council regarding Ray Friel Centre contract.  Council sees RFC as a model for other recreation facilities.
  • Heart of Orleans business improvement group starting under Peter Stewart

Nick O'Connell (Rinks)

  • Nick reports that Maple Ridge rink was open on January 1, but then closed due to warm weather.
  • All 3 rinks are being flooded tonight
  • Need new fire hoses at Fallingbrook rink.  The city refused to replace them, even though they are leaking and causing complaints from the school about ice. [Nick reports that he received a new 100 foot hose the next day from the city.]

Meeting adjourned at 9:29 pm.

Minutes recorded by David Villeneuve.

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