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Minutes of 19 February 2007

Fallingbrook Community Association

Minutes of the Executive Meeting

19 February 2007

Ray Friel Centre

Those Present:

Zybina Richards, David Villeneuve, Don Pottier, Eric Tousignant, Nick O'Connell, Paul Pelletier, George Blake, Phil McNeely MPP, Chris Rowland (for Rob Jellett), Philippe Berthiaume (for Bob Monette), Francois Robichaud (for Royal Galipeau), Edward Gravel (for Bob Monette)


Previous Minutes (David Villeneuve)

  • Minutes of Feb 2007 were approved (Paul, Eric) with correction of spelling of Chris Rowland.

Treasurer's Report (Don Pottier)

  • Don sent the financial statement earlier by e-mail.
  • He received 2 rink gran cheques totalling $9600, expecting a final $3400
  • Don projects a year-end deficit of 1k.
  • Report was passed (Don, Nick)

Councillor Bob Monette Report (Philippe Berthiaume)

  • WInter in Motion -- politicians vs high school students at hockey
  • Budget - replace Fallingbrook Park play structure for $30k, slide at splash pad $22k
  • $2M to modify drainage in QH due to flooding
  • Trim Road Portobello to Watters will have a water main installed

MP's Report (Francois Robichaud)

  •  Biggest issue is delay in issuing passports

MPP Report (Phil McNeely)

  • Following up from last month about the Orleans Urgent Care Clinic -- Health Minisiter George Smitherman was in Ottawa, is still working on it
  • 20% increase in base funding for Ottawa Hospital
  • PIAC needs to define future requirements for Petrie Island
  • School contest to raise awareness for global warming
  • Climate change - new building code
  • Transportation demand management system

Councillor Rob Jellett Report (Chris Rowland)

  • Snow dump on Mer Bleue Road has funds allocated in budget, still under debate
  • Hydro line to be 230 kV, getting some concerned calls
  • $750k spent on grass cutting
  • Fatalities on Hwy 174 -- city hoping province will take bake the highway, since 20% of traffic is from out of province, 40% from out of city

Nick O'Connell (Rinks)

  • Nick reports the best ice in years
  • Judith at City has been helpful.
  • Maple Ridge has conflict with Sean Dore, city RPAM employee at community centre
  • Sean does not let Nick use the snow blower
  • City had to clear rink because school needed to use it
  • Sean built a workshop in storage room, has moved nets outside
  • Chris will find out who to ask about this conflict, maybe Frank Dutrissac or Dan Brisebois

Image Signs Presentation (Scott James)

  • Scott proposes 1 2x20 foot sign on 4 posts, alumalite material, for $3000 installed
  • Lifetime warantee
  • Letters would be raised individual shaped
  • Scott will send David more info
  • George and Nick moved that we proceed with purchasing the sign.  Carried.

Volunteer Awards (Zybina)

  • Volunteer Awards Evening set for Saturday April 28
  • Zybina will find a suitable location
  • Names suggested were Lionel Laurin (community supporter), and Kyra Isabella (youth)

Canada Day on Petrie Island

  • Not clear if there will be celebration this year, it depends on Fred Sherwin
  • Paul suggested a wall of photos showing Canadian troops in Afghanistan

Meeting adjourned at 9:29 pm.

Minutes recorded by David Villeneuve.

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