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Minutes of AGM 31 May 2007

Fallingbrook Community Association

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

31 May 2007

Ray Friel Centre

Those Present:

Zybina Richards, David Villeneuve, Don Pottier, Eric Tousignant, Nick O'Connell, George Blake, Patrick Wall (4th Orleans Scouts), Suzanne Sanford (City of Ottawa), Henri Gravelle (Councillor Bob Monette), Chris Rowland (Councillor Rob Jellett), Phil McNeely MPP, David Snelson, Lise Snelson.


Previous Minutes (David Villeneuve)

  • Minutes of April 2007 were approved (Eric, Nick).

Treasurer's Report (Don Pottier)

  • Don submitted the year-end report for FY 2006-07, ending 31 March 2007.
  • It showed a deficit of $3792.86.
  • Don moved and David seconded that the treasurers report for FY2006-07 be accepted.  Passed.
  • Don presented his FY 2007-08 budget, which showed reduced expenditures and a projected deficit of $6290.
  • Don moved and George seconded that the budget be accepted.  Passed.

Henri Gravelle (Councillor Bob Monette's office)

  • Crime prevention meeting for June 14 especially related to paint ball incident
  • May meeting re flooding in QH.  City will spend $2M to fix problem.  Eric says Fallingbrook was built to new standards, there should be less of a flooding problem than in QH.

4th Orleans Scouts (Patrick Wall)

  • Patrick is group chair of the 4th Orleans Scouts, of which FCA is the sponsoring organization
  • 3 colonies, 2 packs, 1 troup, 1 venturer.
  • 152 youth and 40 adults
  • Serves all of Fallingbrook plus Avalon
  • Planted Scout Trees, Kub Kars at Science Museum, Apple Day, Canada Day, Scouts-Guides day
  • Use Petrie Island regularly

Chris Rowland (Councillor Rob Jellett's office)

  • Interprovincial bridge study to start with June 14 open house at Sir Wilfrid Laurier Secondary School
  • Mayor's tree program offers 100,000 trees for residents across the city.  Call 311.
  • Community Partnership Capital Program for fixed assets, eg. playground equipments. Perhaps entrance sign.

Garage Sale

  • We finally had good weather on May 28, although the usual Mothers Day Saturday would also have been good
  • There were lots of people selling things
  • New date conflicts with Glebe garage sale, although it was felt that there was not much interference
  • Eric said the new small signs meet the sign bylaw requirements
  • David Snelson said that in his previous neighbourhood, they used to charge $2 per household holding a garage sale, collected by young people.  This defrayed the cost of advertising.

Phil McNeely MPP

  • Phil brought a bunch of charts showing Ottawa's east end transportation network
  • The City will add an extra lane on 174 eastbound from the Split to Blair (funded)
  • The Province will add extra lanes at the split in both directions, west from the Split to Metcalfe, and will modify the St Laurent interchange.  This is not yet funded.
  • There were plans to extend Hunt Club Road east to 417, then north to Blackburn Hamlet Bypass.  This was halted by the NCC.
  • East end councillors' priorities: fix Split, add extra lanes from Split to Metcalfe.
  • Petrie Island Outdoors Club (PIOC) received $18,000 grant to start a small sailboat program

Canada Day (Nick O'Connell)

  • Fred Sherwin still trying to get more sponsors
  • FCA will do Kids Tent, Kids Fair, Kids Olympics as before
  • Fred has ordered $1500 in prizes, although he had previously said he would leave this to Zybina
  • Eric says that we need new short wooden stakes (David will buy)
  • David will e-mail 2006 work breakdown structure to FCA
  • Meet at NDC storage locker June 10 pm to do inventory --  Eric to organize

FCA Family Fun Day (Eric)

  • Turnkey operation as most of FCA will be away August long weekend
  • ChezMobile, police motorcycles, bike decoration, BBQ, Kira and Alex

Community Signs (David)

  • Stone wall for sign at Charlemagne and Gardenway near fire station has been damaged by a car.  David V will look into fixing it.
  • David Snelson will look at similar sign on Charlemagne at Princess Louise (west) to see if it can be remounted.

PIAC Website (Zybina)

  • Vote for one-time donation of $100 to Petrie Island Advisory Committee to start a web site carried

Ray Friel Transition Plan (Zybina)

  • Mike Pyndus will take the lead on monitoring the study to transition Ray Friel to city-run.  He will keep FCA informed.

Newsletter (Don Pottier)

  • Next newsletter will be in late September, before the provincial election.
  • Don says it costs $800 to deliver by Canada Post
  • Suzanne said that youth groups deliver a flyer in Blackburn Hamlet for less cost
  • Patrick Wall says that 4th Orleans Scouts would be interested in doing this as a fund raiser

Rinks (Nick O'Connell)

  • Nick is authorized to purchase a snow blower for Fallingbrook South
  • Suzanne says that the Cumberland Community Association has a new snow blower that is too wide to fit in their storage room, and might be willing to swap.  Nick will investigate.

Suzanne Sanford (City of Ottawa)

  • CCA farmers market will now run on 8 weekends during the summer, selling local produce.
  • Community groups can receive a $350 credit for city services that they use while putting on events, e.g. picnic tables

Clean Up Day (David Snelson)

  • David Snelson asked if we hold a cleanup day.
  • He suggested that we hold one next spring.

Election of Class A Directors for 2007-08 (George Blake)

  • George received 4 nominations for the 4 Class A director positions required under FCA Bylaw 1
  • Acclaimed: Zybina Richards, Don Pottier, Eric Tousignant and Marc Cappelli.
  • David will remain as ex officio past president
  • Election of directors was accepted by the AGM after a motion by George and seconded by Nick.  Carried.

Next Meeting

  • Next meeting will be the third Monday of September 2007


Meeting adjourned at 9:47 pm.

Minutes recorded by David Villeneuve.

Special Meeting of New Class A Directors

  • The newly elected Class A directors of the FCA met to appoint FCA officers:
  • Zybina Richards (president)
  • Marc Cappelli (vice president)
  • Don Pottier (treasurer)
  • Eric Tousignant (secretary)
  • David Villeneuve (past president)

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