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Minutes of 24 September 2007

Fallingbrook Community Association

Minutes of the Executive Meeting

24 September 2007

Ray Friel Centre

Those Present:

Zybina Richards, David Villeneuve, Don Pottier, Eric Tousignant, Marc Cappelli, Nick O'Connell, Louis Nguyen, Jean-Marc Prinairil, Graham Fox, Sandra Graham, Grant Nichol, Ken Marentette, Francois Robillard, Royal Galipeau, Phil McNeely, Robert Paiement, Henri Gravelle, Malcolm Wilkie, Dawn Stoz


George Blake, Brenda Spearman 


·          Zybina Richards opened the meeting by introducing the new executive members for the FCA.  Those present at the meeting also introduced themselves.

Acceptance of Agenda

·          Dave Villeneuve requested that the community entrance sign item be added to the agenda.

·          Motion to accept the agenda by Eric, seconded by Dave, approved by all.

Previous Minutes

·          Minutes of Feb 2007 were approved (Motion by Don, seconded by Dave.

Matters Arising

·          The Petrie Island advisory committee item will be addressed in November of this year. 

Presentation by Linda Lalonde

·          Linda Lalonde of the referendum office presented information regarding the upcoming referendum.  The following is a summary of the presentation highlights.

o         Photo ID will be required in addition to the voting card each voter received in the mail.

o         The question in the referendum will ask voters to choose between the old system (first past the post) vs. the proposed system (mixed member proportional).

o         60% of all votes must be yes for the new system to be adopted.

o         50% + 1 of votes in 60% of the ridings must also be a yes for the new system to be adopted.

o         Residents can call 1-888-ont-vote for more information or go to

Taylor Creek Presentation by Grant Nichol

·          Grant Nichol of the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority presented information on the City Stream Watch program.  The following are highlights from the presentation.

o         The program involves getting the community involved in environmental work.

o         It is a collaborative effort between many associations.

o         It consists of monitoring streams and organizing creek clean up efforts.

o         Taylor Creek is the next creek to be cleaned (Cardinal creek will then follow).

o         Green Creek and tributaries was completed.

o         Time spend counts towards high school volunteer hours.

o         October would be a good time for an FCA led effort to clean Taylor Creek.

o         All garbage picked up will be hauled away and disposed of by Grant.

August Summer Fest

·          Zybina explained how the summer fest has replaced the Canada Day and the official FCA fundraiser.

·          The money raised goes to support various activities and groups in Fallingbrook.

·          It will be held every year on the August  long weekend.

·          Zybina Richards thanks the following people for their support.

o         Councilor Jellet (for the Chez mobile)

o         Royal Galipeau (MP) Phil McNeely (MPP) and councilor Bob Monette.

o         Louis Nguyen and Jean-Marc Prinairil for their involvement with the dancing entertainment.

o         Entertainers Alex & Kira (with their fathers Malcolm and Gerry) for the singing entertainment.

o         Classic Amusements for their generous contribution to the FCA.

o         Ken Marentette for his valuable assistance.  Mr Marentette was presented a special thank you letter from the FCA for his extraordinary efforts over the past years in helping the FCA and the community as manager of the Ray Friel Center.

o         Marc Cappelli and Family for heading up the organizing committee. 

Treasurer's Report (Don Pottier)

·          Summer fest raised approximately $4330.

·          So far the report is showing $2768 in net revenue.

·          Rink Grants will be used this winter to operate the skating rinks.

·          The purchase of a new snow blower is included in the budget.  It was suggested that Wall Mart be approached since they are looking to help out in the community.

·          Motion to accept the report by Don, seconded by Dave, accepted by all.

New Business

·          Robert Paiement, the new director of Team Ottawa Orleans (TOOE), presented some of the organization’s achievements:

o         Trillium grants have been obtained for Petrie Island

o         East end development program

o         Octoberfest celebration

o         Involvement on the Parade of lights.

o         Involvement in “Lights Across Canada” (Christmas tree on Centrum BLVD)

o         Workshops on sustainable communities.

o         Various panel discussions in Orleans

o         Orleans trails strategy.

o         Upcoming events include: Octoberfest, parade of lights, lights across Canada

o         Upcoming workshops include: How to do business with the government of Canada, how to do business with the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

o         Issues to be addressed include the bridge across the river, the 174/417 split.

·          Robert thanked the FCA and all its members for the support and help.


MP Report

·          Francois Robillard noted that a “passport day” in Mr. Galipeau’s Orleans office was held September 8th and that a second will be help on November 24th.  This process allows a 10-day turn around for passports that are submitted through the MP office.

MPP Report

·          Dawn Stroz of the MPP office had nothing new to present.

·          Dawn noted that a Trillium Grants are still available and recommended that the FCA look into applying for their annual summer fest.

Municipal Reports

·          Henri Gravelle from Councilor Monette’s office noted that Councilor Monette has a new web page. New information from the councilor’s office includes:

o         By law for dogs in city parks.

o         Councilor Monette supported a motion giving Mayor O’Brien more power to oversee the hiring of new staff and the acceptance of contracts.

o         No information on the Status of the Ray Friel /Serco  development.

o         No update on the Bridge and snowdump issues.

o         The Orleans Arts Center is going ahead as planned.


Serco Presentation (Ken Marentette)

·          Ken explained that the City and Serco are still in negotiations.

·          There is no date set on when the facility would be transferred. It could potentially be 3 to 4 months in the future.

·          Serco is still planning for the future assuming the status quo.


Marc Cappelli presented Ken with a letter thanking him on behalf of the FCA for his great work as manager of the CRFC.

Special Presentation by Graham Fox (Conservative Candidate)

·          Mr. Fox introduced himself as the conservative candidate for the upcoming provincial elections.

·          He outlined his past experience and noted that he would be present at the Wednesday nigh debate.

·          Zybina Richard asked both Mr. Fox and Mr. McNeely if they found that having additional debates were more effective than knocking on doors.  Mr. McNeely answered that one debate is sufficient and that knocking on doors is more beneficial to him. Mr. Fox answered that he considers debates very beneficial and that he would be present at a second debate if Fallingbrook chooses to have one.



·          Don noted that the deadline for submission to the newsletter was 9:00 PM on Friday.

Entrance Signs

·          Dave Villeneuve discussed the status of the entrance sign that would be erected near the intersection of old Tenth line road and St. Joseph Blvd.  The project is still ongoing and a sign may not be installed this fall.

·          Bob Monette’s office noted that money might be available from the old Cumberland Heritage Fund to assist the FCA with the sign.


Meeting adjourned at 9:30 pm.

Minutes recorded by Eric Tousignant.

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