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Minutes of 15 October 2007

Fallingbrook Community Association

Minutes of the Executive Meeting

15 October 2007

Ray Friel Centre

Those Present:

Zybina Richards, David Villeneuve, Don Pottier, Eric Tousignant, Marc Cappelli, Nick O'Connell,  Francois Robichaud, Phil McNeely, Bob Monette,  Henri Gravelle, Chris Rowland, George Blake


Brenda Spearman, Paul Pelletier


·          Zybina Richards opened the meeting by congratulating Phil McNeely on being re-elected as our MPP.

Acceptance of Agenda

·          Motion to accept the agenda by George, seconded by Don, approved by all.

Previous Minutes

·          François Robichaud requested that his name be corrected on the Jan Minutes.

·          Minutes of September 2007 were approved (Motion by Nick, seconded by Marc).

Matters Arising

·          None  

Treasurer's Report (Don Pottier)

·          The cost of the Newsletter was the only expense since September.  The Balance sheet still shows a positive figure.

·          Motion to accept the report by Don, seconded by George, accepted by all.

New Business

MP Report

·          Francois Robichaud noted that there was nothing new to report since the last meeting in September. The “passport day” in Mr. Galipeau’s Orleans office (255 Centrum, 3rd floor) is being held on November 24th.  This process allows a 10-day turn around for passports that are submitted through the MP office.

MPP Report

·          Phil McNeely presented his report:

·          He intends to work with City councilors to continue initiatives for a Petrie Island rowing club.

·          He is working at bringing back the Enterprise Center to help small businesses. $25K is required from the City.

·          Ten to twelve new workstations for post secondary education in Orleans will be housed in the Youth Services Bureau on St. Joseph Blvd.

·          414/174 split project is going ahead.  The Engineering firm for the structural component will be hired shortly.  There are still 10 outstanding Environmental Assessment issues (bump up requests) that need to be addressed.  The Province is close to addressing all of the concerns.

·          The Province is still considering the Hunt Club Road Extension. Money from the City is required to proceed.

·          Bridge Study is still ongoing.

·          Zybina asked about the future of the Orleans urgent care clinic. Phil responded that these kinds of facilities are part of the province’s long-term plan.  George Blake re-iterated the fact that the facility is very popular and that it also serves residence outside of Orleans. 


Municipal Reports

·          Councilor Jellet: Chris Rowland presented the report for Councilor Jellet

o         Chris noted that budget consultations will take place November 20th from 7 to 9 PM at 255 Centrum Blvd.

o         The Mayor has introduced a property tax deferral program for low-income earners on seniors.  It provides a 40% deferral on property taxes.

·          Councilor Monette: Councilor Monet’s report consisted of the following:

o         1500 to 2000 names are currently on the petition opposing the bridge at Petrie Island. The preferred location for Orleans residents as well as Gatineau Residents is Kettle Island

o         The City’s tree planting program is now in effect to encourage the public to plant trees on their properties.

o         An effort is being made to revive community associations in Orleans, such as the Chatelaine Village Community Association.

o         “Students in Motion” is starting again. Last year the program was responsible for winterfest at Sir Wilfred Laurier High School.  Four high schools in the ward are to meet once a month to discuss how to help youth.

o         The Mural on Highway 174 was repainted but was hit again by gravity vandals. An attempt to clean it will be undertaken this fall.

o         The Community Garden at the corner of St. Joseph and Tenth Line was a success this year. 35 people took advantage of the available plots.  Trees have been planted in front of the garden.  The garden has now been ploughed over for next year.

o         The new Orleans Town Centre will have a seniors park when it is completed.  It will be the first park in Ottawa dedicated to seniors. The park will include a water retention pond, fountains, park benches, a petancle area and tables for games.  It is expected to open in the fall of 2009.

o         The Multicultural Committee is attempting to get a Trillium Grant.  Councilor Monette has offered his office one day a week to help the organization get the required grant.

o         The Councilor’s office is willing to pay for advertising in the FCA newsletter to help defray the cost of publishing.

o         The Enterprise Centre is lacking $25K from the City.  The City has offered office space in the past, but the Orleans service center is not a city owned building, therefore it is difficult to offer space.


·          Henri Gravel, assistant to Councilor Monette, presented a report answering questions from the FCA.  The following is his report:

o         Tax Increase:  Council budget deliberations will begin in November 2007 for 2008. The leadman motion introduced to council September 26th, 2007 was passed calling for 0, 1.4, 3.4% increases.  Councilor Monette supported and spoke to this motion. He argued that the council should at least look at 0% increase and the consequences.  These options will be studied during budget deliberations.  Draft estimates will be presented on November 14th.

o         Public Transportation? Trim Road, Frank Kenny developments:  City long-range budget and forecast call for the widening of Trim Road (from Highway 174 to Watters) for approximately 2012-2013.  The sections of Trim south of Watters to Innes / Frank Kenny would occur several years later.  This will be subject to Council approval to either proceed or not and on availability of funding.

o         Negotiation development with Serco?  F.C.A. letter regarding Class A facilities:  Dan Brisebois with the city parks and recreation made note of the Cardinal Creek and Fallingbrook Community Associations’ concerns and suggestions in regards to any future undertaking.  However at this time he or the city cannot comment further, as this matter in under on-going “in camera” discussion through Council & Committee.

o         News on Bridge, Council voted 17 to 4 in favour of Kettle Island – what’s the latest? :   According to NCE/Roche consultant for the NCC, terms of reference will be released soon on their website regarding all corridors.  A final decision won’t be made until the summer of 2008.  Before then, a new round of public consultations will occur beginning this New Year.

o         East end snow dump development? Is it getting better:  (response provided by Donna Leith-Gudbranson of Councilor Rainer Bloess’ office).  An application for zoning and official plan (OP) amendment for the Innes Snow Disposal Facility (SDF) was submitted to the Department of Planning, Transit and the Environment (PTE) on September 13, 2007.  Part of the PTE’s report will include looking into the need for a community information session (possibly at the end of October/early November).  This item would then go to the Planning and Environment Committee (PEC) in January 2008 and Council thereafter.  This matter is directly related to the upcoming Draft Comprehensive Urban Zoning By-Laws being considered by PEC on October 23 and 23rd.  The aforementioned amendments would not be necessary in the Urban Zoning By-Laws are approved as the new zoning by-law calls for no residential within 100 m of a “mitigated” SDF site, which is well within the situation here. Bottom Line:  If all goes as planned, the City expects to begin tender for construction (either April 2008 without an OMB appeal or July 2008 with an OMB appeal).



Open Discussion

·          P.I.A.C. meeting:

o         Approximately 10 people showed up for the meeting.  The committee discussed their mandate, including their questionable future.

·          Newsletter:

o         The newsletter went out on schedule and was delivered to residents in Fallingbrook. There are no plans for another newsletter this year.

o         The Idea of an electronic Newsletter with an email mailing list was discussed.  One possibility would be to create a link on the FCA website directing readers to the newsletter and then advertising the website in local newspapers.

o         Boy-scouts have volunteered to deliver future printed editions. This would help keep costs down.

·          Rinks:  

o         Responses have been received with respect to the request for rink managers in the last newsletter.

o         Nick O’Connell is to look into the possibility of a snow blower swap with the City (for a larger snow blower).

o         Marc Cappelli is to contact Robert to obtain his contact at Wall Mart for the purchasing of a community snow blower for the rinks.

o         A hose for the Fallingbrook Rink is still needed.  Chris is to look into obtaining one from the City.

o         Nick noted that the Fallingbrook rink is very well used.

·          Orleans Youth Achievement Awards:

o         Will be held November 24th.  FCA is a sponsor and as such will be providing $125 as per the minutes of our April 2007 meeting.

o         A link for nominations can be found on Orleans on-line website.

·          Parade of Lights:

o         Last year the FCA spent $1,400 on the event.  This year our budget is $500.

o         The FCA had agreed at the April meeting to donate the Money towards the event, however Zybina Richards is willing to head up an effort with the Multicultural Association and Team Ottawa Orleans, to put together a joint float.

o         Zybina will look into combining FCA efforts with the Multicultural Association.

·          Landsdown Park:

o         Dave Villeneuve voiced his concern about the potential loss of this public open space that has been there for over 100 years. He was concerned about handing over the reins to private developers.

o         Councilor Monette noted that an international competition is not required and that he would be willing to listen to proposals from developers.  He noted that there is room for development and that it should include a mix of condos, retail, open space and a new stadium.  By including the development industry, there is a cost sharing benefit that will also help build a strong football franchise, again benefiting the community.


Meeting adjourned at 9:20 pm.

Minutes recorded by Eric Tousignant.


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