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Minutes of 19 November 2007

Fallingbrook Community Association

Minutes of the Executive Meeting

19 November 2007

Ray Friel Centre

Those Present:

Zybina Richards, David Villeneuve, Eric Tousignant, Marc Cappelli,  Francois Robichaud,  Henri Gravelle, Chris Rowland, Patrick Wall, Glen Noakes, Yves Grandmaitre, Paul Pelletier, Marc Cappelli


Brenda Spearman,  George Blake, Don Pottier, Nick O'Connell


·          Zybina Richards opened the meeting by introducing the agenda.

Acceptance of Agenda

·          Motion to accept the agenda by Paul, seconded by Dave, approved by all.

Previous Minutes

·          Marc and Dave noted a few minor errors in the minutes. They will provide Eric with a marked up copy of the minutes outlining the errors. 

·          Minutes of November 2007 were approved (Motion by Dave, seconded by Eric).

Matters Arising

·          None  

Treasurer's Report (Don Pottier)

·          No activity since last month, therefore nothing to report in November.

New Business

·          Presentation by Yves Grandmaitre: Oziles’ Café, Marina and Tackle shop: Yves Granmaitre’s family has been involved in the Petrie Island area since 1958 and they still own some 22 acres of land. The bait shop, which he owns, is located near the access bridge. The area is designated for a future marina and this is what Yves is interested in developing.  He is currently the largest bait and license vendor in eastern Ontario and he sees his business as an opportunity to provide environmental education. An application was made for a permit to build a permanent building that will include a small shop.  Next year Yves hopes to expand his rental operation to include sailboats as well as selling kayaks and canoe, and providing boat storage services.   During the winter he operates an ice fishing hut rental and organizes events such as ice fishing derbies. These derbies are great charity fund raising opportunities.  He plans or creating a large Lazy 8 skating surface on the river as well as a square skating rink.  He welcomes community feedback to setup his activities.  His vision is to eventually make Petrie Island part of the Winterlude festivities.   He also noted that the floating chalet that is currently on site can be rented. It was mentioned that a sign on highway 174 indicating his operation would be helpful. Yves can be reached at:

MP Report

·          Francois Robichaud noted that the house is currently in session that he therefore has nothing new to add at this time. He noted again the  “passport day” in Mr. Galipeau’s Orleans office (255 Centrum, 3rd floor) that will be held on November 24th.  This process allows a 10-day turn around for passports that are submitted through the MP office.



MPP Report

·          Glen Noakes indicated that there is nothing new to report at this time.  

Municipal Reports

·          Councilor Jellet: Chris Rowland presented the report for Councilor Jellet

·          Chris noted that the old hoses for the skating rinks could be traded in for new ones.  Chris will provide the FCA with contact information. He also noted that participation for outdoor rink maintenance is especially low in that area South of Innes road and that a call for help is being made.  The Portobello South Community association has just started up and they will be approached to see if they can assist.

·          The optimistic opening date for Tenth-Line Road is December 3rd.

·          A Budget information session is to be held at Centrum Blvd on Nov 21, at 7 PM.

·          A Newsletter regarding the hydro Corridor was sent out in October.


·          Councilor Monette: Henri Gravelle presented the report for Councilor Monette. 

·          Catch Basins were replaced on Tenth Line road from Innes to Tompkins.

·          An information session for the new bridge (to Quebec) is to be held at the NCC offices on Sparks Street at 6:30 on Nov 21.

·          The Petrie Island partnership did not come through. The City still plans to use $900K to undertake essential work with respect to infrastructure.  Paul requested that the councilor let us know what the $900 K will provide.

·          Staff at the Ray Friel Center was given their notices. Nothing has been resolved yet with respect to the future of the center.  Chris Rowland noted that City Staff is preparing a report that will be circulated to council on Nov 28th. Councilor Jellet would like the facility to remain a Class A facility.


New Business (continued)

·          The Orleans Scouts will receive a $500 donation from the FCA. Motion by Dave Villeneuve, seconded by Paul Pelletier, all in favour.

·          Patick Wall noted that perhaps the scouts could help with the rink operations.   Paul Pelletier said that the volunteers must be 16 years of age or older, which may limit the scout’s involvement.

·          Zybina Richard noted that the application was accepted for the FCA float for the Parade of Lights.  The float will be joint effort from the FCA, team Ottawa Orleans and the multicultural association.  It is float No. 19.   All equipment has been retrieve from storage and is ready to go.

·          No progress on the Fallingbrook sign issues.  The other sign has been fixed and is at David Snelson’s house.

·          The FCA Christmas party will be held on Friday December 14th, at Zybina’s house.


Meeting adjourned at 9:05 pm.

Minutes recorded by Eric Tousignant.


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