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Minutes of 21 January 2008

Fallingbrook Community Association

Minutes of the Executive Meeting

21 January 2008

Ray Friel Centre

Those Present:

Zybina Richards, David Villeneuve, Eric Tousignant, Henri Gravelle, Chris Rowland, Nick Oíconnell, Phillipe Berthiaume, Don Pottier, Robert Paiement


Brenda Spearman, George Blake, Marc Cappelli, Paul Pelletier


          Zybina Richards opened the meeting by introducing the agenda.

Acceptance of Agenda

          Motion to accept the agenda by Nick, seconded by Don, approved by all.

Previous Minutes

          Minutes of November 2007 were approved (Motion by Eric, seconded by Nick).

Matters Arising

          Robert Paiement provided a summary of the 10th anniversary Parade of lights, in which the FCA participated.  

Treasurer's Report (Don Pottier)

          Since the last report, the Parade lights, Christmas social and skating rinks were the major activities.

          A cheque from the City has yes to be received with respect to the rink operations, which explains the $2500 deficit.  A $3,000 cheque  from the city is expected shortly.  

          Motion to accept the treasurerís report by Don, seconded by Dave.

New Business

MP Report

          No report from the MPís office.


MPP Report

          No report from the MPPís office.  

Municipal Reports

          Councilor Jellet: Chris Rowland presented the report for Councilor Jellet

          Chris confirmed that Nick received new hoses for the rinks.

          The parking meter issue at the City is taking up a lot of the councilorís time.

          Dave inquired about the walking trail under the power lines. Chris noted that the issue is to be re-visited in February.

          Robert Paiement added that there will be a stonedust pathway from Avalon to Cardinal Creek. There will be no pathway west of Tenth Line Road.

          Dave commented that the City may be missing out on an opportunity, especially since Hydro has constructed access roads through the easement. He requested a clarification from the Councilorís office.


          Councilor Monette: Henri Gravelle presented the report for Councilor Monette. 

          An adult crossing guard will be added to the Princess Louise and Dean Court intersection starting in September 2008. 

          Starting March 1st, memberships at Ray Friel will be transferable to other City Facilities.

          The new portfolio Manager at Ray Friel is Pierre Blais. Pierre is a former Manager of the Bob McQuarie facility.  All services will remain the same.


New Business (continued)

          TOOE will be having visioning sessions in February 2008.  The focus will be on volunteer run initiatives.

          IN December, TOOE hosted a delegation from Mexico to discuss a biotech corridor in Orleans.  A major investment may be announced in 6 months.

          TOOE is working with local hospitals with respect to the Community of Care initiative to oversee funding of various heath care projects.

          A ďFun FairĒ promotional package will be available in March to assist charitable organizations and community based events.

          Suzanne Sanford noted that Minor Capital Partnership grants are still available for this year.  An example of the grantís use is the enhancement of playgrounds around schools. Schools have been notified of the program.  The program could also be used to add more benches for seniors in City parks.

          Robert Paiement noted that TOOE has money for 30 picnic tables.  He asked if the City would match the TOOE contribution to enhance picnic tables in Orleans.  Suzanne Sanford will look into the question.  She noted that TOOE would first need to be in partnership with a group like Friends of Petrie Island or FCA.

          Suzanne noted that each community association has a $350 credit with the City that can be used for special events such as facility bookings, picnic tables, garbage cans, etc.

          Dave Villeneuve inquired about using the Minor Capital Partnership for a new Fallingbrook entrance Sign. Suzanne noted that it would be eligible and that the application deadline is May 1st


 Open Discussion


          A discussion was held with respect to dog issues in Apollo Crater.  A home owner wrote to the FCA with concerns about dogs scaring his grandchildren.   This issue is currently being addressed by the Councilorís office.  Seeing that the crater is designated an Off Leash park, the FCA will differ to the councilorís office with respect to the matter.  The FCA, however, agrees with the idea of having signs put up informing residents that the park is designated an Off Leash Park. Currently the City only puts up signs if the park in an ON Leash park.

          Dave Villeneuve put forward a motion that the FCA not support a change in park status without further input from the community.  Seconded by Eric and Don.

          Nick OíConnell provided a report on the rink operation.  Highlights include:

o         Hockey teams would like to rend rink, but would expect them to be flooded before they play.

o         Fallingbrook rink is in need of better Ice.  Nick is currently working at it.  The snowblower is broken, making maintenance difficult.

o         The current repair shop is charging a lot to repair the snowblowers and the owner will be gone for two months over the winter.  A new repair shop is needed.  Orleans Boat World was suggested by Robert Paiement.

o         The new hoses are not very good.  The orange coating is pealing off and they tend to stick to the ice. Suzanne Sanford will look into the issue.

o         The snowplough at Fallingbrook keeps putting snow mounds where the puddle rink is meant to go.  That is the reason there is no puddle rink at Fallingbrook.

o         One side of the Gardenway rink keeps melting because of how the sun hits it.

o         There are issues with the alarm system at the Maple Ridge rink.  Better communication between rink staff and the school custodian is required.

o         Nick requested that boot grips be purchased for staff working in the rinks.

o         A new snowblower is still required.

          The 2008 Volunteer Awards will be held in April of this year.

          A Bridge EA meeting will be held at the Pinecrest Golf Course on February 18th, 2008.

          Next meeting will be on February 18th (Family Day).  


Meeting adjourned at 9:15 pm.

Minutes recorded by Eric Tousignant.

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