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Minutes of 18 February 2008

Fallingbrook Community Association

Minutes of the Executive Meeting

18 February 2008

Ray Friel Centre

Those Present:

Marc Cappelli, David Villeneuve, Eric Tousignant, Henri Gravelle, Chris Rowland, Nick O’connell, Suzanne Sanford,  Don Pottier, George Blake


Brenda Spearman,  Paul Pelletier, Zybina Richards


·          Marc Cappelli opened the meeting.  

Acceptance of Agenda

·          An Agenda was not available. The previous months Agenda was used as a guide.

Previous Minutes

·          Minutes of January 2008 were approved (Motion by Don, seconded by Dave). Correction:  The EA meeting is to be held at the Pineview Golf Course and not the Pincrest Golf Course.

Matters Arising

·          None.  

Treasurer's Report (Don Pottier)

·          Cheques Received for the rinks.

·          Snow Blower has been purchased for the Maple Ridge rink.

·          $2,300 Surplus as of today.

·          Motion to accept the treasurer’s report by Don, seconded by Nick.

New Business


MP Report

·          Last Friday was Flag Day.  As such, MP Galipeau went to local schools to explain the role of an MP in parliament.  He plans on visiting scout troops next.

·          The passport clinic held on November 24th was a huge success.  Approximately 376 people were served.  Another will be held in the future.


MPP Report

·          No report from the MPP’s office.  

Municipal Reports

·          Councilor Jellet: Chris Rowland presented the report for Councilor Jellet

·          Chris stressed the importance of attending the bridge meeting on Thursday.  FCA members will attend.


·          Councilor Monette: Henri Gravelle presented the report for Councilor Monette. 

·          Further to the meeting at Pineview on the 21st regarding the bridge EA, another will be held at City Hall on the 25th.

·          Eric Tousignant noted that the public needs to be involved and should request that the weighting factors be made public.

·          Bob Monette supports the “one for one” needle exchange program.

·          Council has passed the “Cameras in Taxis” motion. A similar program has worked well in Winnipeg.


New Business (continued)

·          Suzanne Sanford noted that the Minor Capital Partership Grant  (MCP grant) could be used for the Fallingbrook sign.  It could also be used for the picnic tables on Petrie Island as long at the tables are a fixed asset on the island.

·          Christmas lights are available to any group who needs them. Contact Suzanne for more information.

·          Suzanne noted that a “Movies in the Park” initiative is being considered for Orleans.  The City would be interested in teaming up with an association such as the FCA to undertake this.  This could be done through the MCP grant

·          It was brought to the attention of the FCA that there have been some complaints about drug use in the vicinity of the rinks.   The City is to get in contact with the police on this issue.


 Open Discussion


·          David Fraser, who provides amusement rides for the civic long weekend is interested in hooking up with the FCA for Canada day on Petrie Island. Marc Cappelli suggested that we simply hook him up with Fred Sherwin who runs Canada Day on Petrie Island.

·          Don Pottier noted that Homniuk may be first in line because they have a long standing relationship with the FCA and Canada Day.

·          George Blake will talk to Dan Brisebois to see if rides can actually be held on Petrie Island.

·          Dave Villeneuve noted that since the FCA will not get involved with Canada Day this year, it may simply be best to let Homniuk and David Fraser talk directly with Fred Sherwin.  We can arrange for them to meet.

·          Marc Cappelli suggested that this be discussed at another meeting.

·          George Blake noted that greater public education is required with respect to the dog issue in Apollo Crater.  Additional signage would be helpful.

·          Motion to spend $6/month for website maintenance to maintain the email list by Dave, seconded by Don

·          Next meeting will be on March 17th. 


Meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm.

Minutes recorded by Eric Tousignant.


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