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Minutes of 25 March 2008

Fallingbrook Community Association

Minutes of the Executive Meeting

25 March 2008

Ray Friel Centre

Those Present:

Glen Noakes, David Snelson, Pierre Blais, Marc Cappelli, David Villeneuve, Eric Tousignant, Nick O’Connell, Don Pottier, George Blake, Zybina Richards


Brenda Spearman,  Paul Pelletier,


·          Zybina opened the meeting and introduced Pierre Blais as the new manager for the Ray Friel Center.   

Acceptance of Agenda

·          Summerfest was added to the Agenda (Open discussion section). Motion to accept the Agenda by Eric, seconded by Marc.

Previous Minutes

·          Minutes of March 2008 were approved (Motion by George, seconded by Marc).

Matters Arising

·          George Blake re-iterated the fact that there is a need for public education and signs at parks were dogs are allowed off leash.  If must be clear that dogs must be under control at all times.   Perhaps this could be added to the newsletter and website.  

Treasurer's Report (Don Pottier)

·          Deficit is approximately $1000 to date.

·          No further expenses are expected for the fiscal year.

·          One more Rink cheque is expected, which will bring the balance sheet to positive side.

·          Motion to accept the treasurer’s report by Don, seconded by Nick.

New Business


MP Report

·          Not Available

MPP Report

·          Glen Noakes presented the report from MPP McNeely.

·          Main initiatives in the past month includes health care, dropping trans fats from school vending machines, eliminating smoking in cars when children are present and the success of family day.

·          The bridge EA meetings took place in February.  Eric noted that the EA team should make the weighting criteria available to the public before the data is collected.

·          Phil McNeely wants the 417-174 split to be addressed before the bridge is addressed.

·          Marc Cappelli noted that a bridge in the east end would only push a downtown problem to the east end.

·          Glen is to provide FCA with a copy of the report via email to be included in minutes.

Municipal Reports

·          No Municipal reports. 


Open Discussion


·          Rinks

o         The rinks have been closed for 2 ½ weeks. 

o         There were no further complaints regarding drug use at the rinks.  Alcohol consumption however was an issue as many smashed bottles were found near the rinks after hours.

o         This year was a difficult one due to the heavy snowfall.  David Villeneuve noted that the City of Cumberland used to plough the rinks after heave snowfalls. Nick answered that the City of Ottawa is also willing to provide this service, but at a 10 to 15 day delay (low priority).  Dave Villeneuve added that the FCA should look into a private contractor next year for periods of heavy snowfalls.

o         Nick will be meeting with the City shortly to go over the end of year survey/inventory.

o         The peeling of the new hoses is still an issue.

o         Nick would like to hold a pizza dinner for all the volunteers who worked on the rinks.  FCA agrees. Nick to provide FCA with estimate of cost.

o         Nick noted that two older snowblowers have wear and tear issues (chute and bearings).

o         Don Potier added that new snowblowers may be needed in the future and should therefore be budgeted for.

·          Ray Friel Center

o         Pierre Blais noted that the City has been running the Ray Friel Center since January 1st of this year.

o         Repairs have been done to the pool and many of the features are operational again.

o         Some changes have been done to the administration section (1st floor office near the front desk).

o         The fitness center will be getting new equipment in April.

o         Cardio equipment will be replaced over the next 3 years.

o         Potholes at entranceway to be repaired ASAP.

o         Operation of the restaurant is under negotiation at this time.

o         Hockey camps to be held in the summer.

o         Marc asked if holding the Summerfest in the parking lot is July is a problem.  Pierre to get back to him.

·          David Snelson noted that the Fallingbrook sign in his garage is ready to be installed.  The base for the sign can be picked up at the Cumberland deport on Trim Road.

·          Petrie Island

o         Dave Villeneuve discussed Petrie Island.   An article was published that painted the beach as being a bacteria hotbed.  The City commissioned a study in 2007 showing that bacteria levels at Petrie were no worse than at any other Ottawa Beach.  The 2007 levels were much better than 2006.

o         Eric Tousignant added that in 2006, a broken gate in a sewer overflow chamber downtown was most likely the reason for the high bacteria count.

o         Rainfall is a problem as runoff following a storm increases the bacteria count.  A recommendation may be to close the beach after rainfall events.

o         Glen asked if the FCA would be participating at the Petrie Island Canada day.

o         Marc answered that the FCA will not be participating this year but will introduce the amusement ride people to Fred Sherwin.

o         The question of whether or not Canada day on Petrie Island is actually going ahead this year was brought up.  Zybina answers that as far as she knows, it is sill on.

·          The volunteer awards to be held in the fall.  It will be discussed at a later date.

·          Summerfest:

o         A Meeting will be held on Thursday to choose a date.  Pierre Blais will be contacted afterwards to confirm availability of the parking area.

o         Don Pottier noted that the rides at Summerfest would help produce funds for the FCA.  This has been a problem since losing funding from the Canada rides.

·          The AGM will be held Thursday May 29th.

·          The server for the website will be changed in the near future.  The cost will be reduced to $32/year from $200.

·          Next meeting will be on April 21st 


Meeting adjourned at 9:15 pm.

Minutes recorded by Eric Tousignant.



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