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Minutes of 24 November 2008

Fallingbrook Community Association

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

24 November 2008

Ray Friel Centre

Those Present:

Pierre Blais, David Villeneuve, Nick O’Connell, Don Pottier, George Blake, Zybina Richards, Gerry Lacasse, Patrick Hall, Sherri Eustace, Suzanne Sandford, MP Royal Galipeau, Harold Mellish, Katie Jellett, Henri Gravelle.


Paul Pelletier, Eric Tousignant, Marc Cappelli


·          Zybina welcomed the attendees and thanked them for their support during a very difficult year for her.   

Acceptance of Agenda

·          Presenter for Elections of FCA Class A Directors was changed to Nick O’Connell. Motion to accept the Agenda by Don, seconded by David.

Previous Minutes

·          Minutes of 25 March 2008 were approved (Motion by Don, seconded by David).

Matters Arising

·          No Matters raised.  

Treasurer's Report (Don Pottier)

·          Forecasted deficit of approx. 6k for 07/08 turned into a 1.8k surplus due to reduced spending (e.g. lower Rink costs, delay in FCA signage improvements). Motion to accept 07/08 budget as presented by Don seconded by George.

·          Forecasted Deficit of approx. 2.3k for 08/09.  Less revenue generated from Classic Amusements than anticipated during summer funfest.  A FCA youth achievement award ceremony is plan for this year and is included in the budget. Summer funfest was considered successful and the FCA plans to build on this event and included it as part of the budget.  To reduce costs FCA will no longer issue news letters. Current year budget situation is uncertain until a decision is made by the City of Ottawa on grants for the maintenance of community outdoor rinks.  Motion to accept the 08/09 budget as presented by Don seconded by George  


New Business

MP Report (Royal Galipeau)

·          Due to economic uncertainty there is great support for the spending of approx. 400 million on infrastructure (including light rail) which should act as an economic booster.

·          Mr. Galipeau’s current focus will include 2 agenda items:

o         Supporting the establishment of a Technology Transfer Centre for the National Research Council

o         Promote the use of crown owned Liti Lands for National Security Infrastructure.

o         Goretti Fukamusenge (613-830-1800) and Diane Latreille are Mr. Galipeau’s new assistants.



MPP Report (Harold Mellish)


·          Glen Noakes has been replaced by Harold Mellish as constituency assistant.

·          New photo ID drivers licenses will be issued and can be used for cross boarder travel. They can also be issued to non car drivers for ID purposes.  Timing is not finalized but should be in place prior to the June 09 deadline for boarder crossing with existing non passport IDs.

·          New Road safety bill amendments coming out with expanded restrictions on G1 and G2 licenses (restricted # of passengers) designed to improve safety for young new drivers.

·          There is very strong support for the Federal Transportation Plan which is expected to include budgeted spending of over 200 million.

·          A new Enterprise Support Office is being set up at 255 Centrum Blvd to provide support to small businesses and entrepreneurs.

·          Special thanks to Zybina for attending Budget consultation meetings and for raising concerns regarding proposed budget cutback to our health care.


Municipal Reports


(Rob Jellett – Cumberland Ward)


·          No Municipal reports.


 (Bob Monette – Orleans Ward)


·          Henri Gravelle reported on behalf of Bob Monette.

·          Budget cuts are proposed to limit increased spending to 4.9%.  Looking at other opportunities to reduced increased spending such as questionable service fees and the deferral of the Organics Program to save close to 5 million dollars. Budget consultations are still ongoing and the next consultation meeting will be held on Dec. 3, 08.

·          The Students in Motion Program has been transferred over to Sketch Orleans which is supported by the Trillium program.

·          The community garden has installed a well and hand pump. The garden plots are available at a minimum price for any community member or group willing to purchase them.

·          Hosted their mid term report and volunteer appreciation evening.  Over 200 people attended and Zybina was presented with a volunteer award.

·          Important vote on the future of our transportation network takes place on Nov. 26, 08.  Bob will be supporting the East-West route going to Blair.



4th Orleans Scout Group Report (Patrick Wall)


·          Patrick Wall is being replaced by Sherri Eustace as Group Commissioner.

·          Scouts currently have 165 members.

·          The Scouts Organization is facing financial issues due to a 35% increase on Gym rental costs imposed by the City of Ottawa.  The Scouts group may have to move its activities to Navan where the school gyms are not managed by the City and costs much less.  The current registration fees of $180 do not cover the gym rental costs.


A motion was raised to donate $500 to the Orleans Scout Group by David second by George. FCA presented them with a cheque.

Ray Friel Centre (Pierre Blais)


·          Pot holes have been repaired since August 08 and pool repairs are also complete.

·          New replacement fitness equipment has boosted sales.

·          A new gas chlorine system has been installed for the pool and will soon convert from dry chlorine to the new system.

·          UV lights have been added to the pool to improve lighting and air quality.  Lighting now exceeds the minimum 200 lux standard.

·          Swimming lessons are up considerably and French lessons are now available up to level 9.

·          New Vermont computer system has been installed to replace the CIRCO system and allows memberships to be transferable.

·          Ray Friel website has been moved to the City of Ottawa website but uses their existing URL. It is much better and the French has been improved.

·          Ray Friel Centre is forecasting a surplus of 500k this year.

·          Restaurant has been reopened by Capone’s Catering.

·          External signage will be updated in December.


Community Update (Suzanne Sanford)


·          In order to obtain funding for community events the event must take place on or around a civic holiday.

·          Minor Capital Partnering Program – Self help grants that match the organizations contributions up to 7.5k are available for such things as Play Structures etc.

·          New play structure to be will be built at Des Pionniers School in the spring. Opportunities will be provided to the FCA to provide input for this play structure.

·          Christmas Lights are available to all association that wish to participate in the Christmas Parade of Lights.

·          David enquired about the policy regarding the maintenance of Community Gateway signs.  Suzanne will review the current policy and advise the FCA.





Petrie Island / Website / Garage Sale (David Villeneuve)


·          Water at Petrie Island has been much cleaner than two years ago but still has a bad reputation.  50k was spent on clean up. The Friends of Petrie Island now has its own separate website.

·          There will be greater use of FCA website to advertise community news, activities, events and issues facing our community.  FCA will no longer issue costly new letters but will use periodic local advertisements to highlight specific events and to refer them to the FCA site.

·          The annual FCA garage sale will continue to be held the Fathers Day weekend.






Outdoor Rinks


·          There are municipal budget cut proposals that include elimination of funding for outdoor rinks. Funding for 2009 is uncertain.  The are possibly two options if funding is not provided:

o         FCA would no longer support the operation of community rinks.

o         With the assistance of volunteers, reduced support to weekends (e.g. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays) to minimize costs. Change rooms would not be open during the week.

·          The major cost for rinks operations is supervision required specifically when the change rooms are open. May need to place signs stating (enter rink at your own risk) when not supervised. Insurance from city should cover any accidents however FCA would be required to cover the deductibles.

·          Other expense considerations include the cost of gas and maintenance of snow blowers for the rinks.

·          Another option identified by Katie Jellett would be to seek a trillium grant from Sketch Orleans since we may be able to link the rink operations to the Students in Motion program. Will consider this option for subsequent years should funding be cut.

·          Will await funding decision which will be around December 17th.


FCA Family Fun Festival (George Blake)


·          There was more participation in the 2008 garage sale.

·          The funfest event went quite well. Support form sponsors such as M&M meats for the BBQ helped greatly to make it a success.

·          There are many opportunities for expansion and improvements for this event. It was felt that having most of the activities on the asphalt in the vast parking lot was not necessary the best location.  It needs to be made more self contained. 

·          FCA will look at different alternatives such as moving the event closer to the soccer field area and possible adding a father’s day soccer event as part of the day’s festivities.  Will need to figure out how the amusement rides could be integrated into the event should it be located at the soccer field.

·          2009 FCA funding is identified for this event.


Newsletter (Don Pottier)


·          Newsletter will no longer be published by the FCA. Each newsletter costs the FCA approximately $1.400 and the value added is questionable.

·          As an alternative, there will be greater reliance on the FCA website to communicate issues, events and activities supplemented by general advertisements for special events and that also refers readers to the association website. 




Open Discussion


Strategy Meeting for Interprovincial Bridge (David Villeneuve)


·          A Manor Park group has been very vocal in opposing the proposed location (Kettle Island) for the interprovincial bridge. The FCA would like to support the Kettle Island proposal and would like to counteract this opposition by posting signs and attending city council meetings on this issue.  FCA could also advertise its support to our community by promoting this proposal on the FCA website.

·          A motion was made by David that the FCA should support the Kettle Island proposal, seconded by Nick.


The Rinks operations and the Ray Friel Transition Plan were covered in earlier discussions.


Elections of FCA Class A Directors (Nick O’Connell)


·          The FCA AGM was advertised for 14 days soliciting nominations for positions on the FCA board of directors.  No nominations were received.

·          A motions was put forth by Nick that the Class A Directors for 2009 be as follows:

o         Zybina Richards – FCA President

o         David Villeneuve – FCA Vice-President

o         Don Pottier – FCA Treasurer

o         Gerry Lacasse – FCA Secretary


Seconded by George.


The date of the next meeting is to be determined.

Meeting adjourned at 9:35 pm.

Minutes recorded by Gerry Lacasse.


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