Minutes of the Meeting of Board of Directors
Monday November 16, 1998, 8:00 pm
Ray Friel Centre
In Attendance:
Ron Hamelin
David Villeneuve
Marc Cappelli
Don Pottier
Zybina Richards
George Blake
Jocelyne Holmes
Sean Crossan
Giles Warren, Queenswood Heights Rep
Special Guests:
Jacques Lortie, Commissioner Parks, Recreation and Culture
Frank Dugal, Chairperson of Parks, Recreation and Culture Committee
________________________________________________________________________ 1) President welcomed everyone and called the Meeting to order at 8:00pm.
2) Acceptance of October's Minutes was deferred to December's meeting.
3) Acceptance of Agenda - Amendment to include under Other Business,
a) Donations and Budget
b) major/minor capital.
Don motioned for the acceptance of the Agenda, seconded by Paul and carried.
4) Guest speaker - Jacques Lortie - Parks, Rec and Culture
a) Frank Dugal, Chair- Parks, Rec and Culture to visit all Association's for input.
b) Public meeting on plans/options to be considered for Ray Friel held on Nov 30th at 4pm
c) Nature trees for Petrie Island
d) Plans have been presented and are available at Town Hall
e) Turn around time - consideration for 1999
f) Vandalism growing - activities offered for teenagers. Councillor Lewis to discuss with Councillor Morgan and Wendy about the program called L.I.F.E.
g) RMOC/City of Gloucester have been going to all Parks in attempts to get teens involved in activities rather then having them just hanging around. It worked well everywhere else but with the exception of Ray Friel. The teens hanging around there didn't want to be bothered
h) The new school gym to be used for programs for the community youths and not just only existing organizations.
j) User Policy - How Township plans to address it
I) 3 year plan for user fee - annual plan in effect.
II) No direction given for 1999 for user fee Policy
III) Stats to show usage down
IV) Vision to group plan on what programs will be offered
k) 5 year plan for re-development of Ray Friel's facilities
I) 3 options proposed
II) Recommendations made to publish in FCA Newsletter
l) Community Centre - to be discussed in Jan - furniture, key agents, computer access, etc.
I) Plan for site available for view at Township
m) Sports Park still in plan to have playing field by 2000
I) Grading for 8 soccer field by Spring 1999.
5) Councillors Corner
a) Councillor Frank Dugal
b) Ray Friel Site Option meeting on October 24th.
c) Winter Parking By-Law in effect from November 15th.
d) Email circulation - FCA to reconsider distribution to Township Staff.
e) Governance - each Council to take back option and vote on it.
f) Housing construction - Higher in Cumberland as at end of November
Councillor Kreling
a) Easter division of Police office to be decided by the end of November.
b) Hosted Chamber of Commerce Breakfast - discussions on St. Joseph Blvd., Petrie Island and east end bridge.
c) Support vs not supporting east end bridge - get councillors together and present their views. Council to facilitate.
6)Treasurer's report
Don presented the Financial Report
a) no changes since September
b) surplus exceeded due to a successful Canada Day
Don motioned to have the Financial Report received as presented, seconded by Marc and carried.
7) Newsletter
a) October's Newsletter delivered to residents via Ad-Bag October 10-11. Included Ad for Teen dances
b) For us to get more exposure, we need to start getting residents interested and Jocelyn suggested that we ask residents to submit short stories on neighbourhood news which we can publish in the FCA Newsletters.
c) Next edition is due in January. George suggested including Community Centre, Ray Friel Centre and Petrie Island.
8) FCA Web Site
Lots of concerns on graphics, difficulty accessing page - slow. Changed to frames,
9) Canada Day
a) Deadline for applying for Grant from Township is end of November
b) Suggestions to approach sponsors starting immediately since a lot of businesses are currently setting their budgets.
10) Queenswood Heights Community Association
School Signs: awaiting for answers on the legality of usage of the signs. The test school to be used is Dunning Fubert.
11) Recreation
a) Recreation Committee Rep. - first term up December 1998.
i) Sub-committee looking at Associations to appoint a representative. Marc motioned that FCA provide a letter recommending George Blake as our Recreation Committee Representative, seconded by Don and carried.
b) Outdoor Rinks - Lynn has 6 rink assistants, 3 for Fallingbrook and 3 for Jeanne Sauvé.
c) Social Committee - September's dance was cancelled. October - we were late getting started because the rooms were not available on time, but the youths kept coming and soon we were up to about 130. The next dance is November 20th.
12) Other Business
a) Youth representatives - FCA to invite 1 representative per High School to attend our meetings. Ron to issue letter to High School.
b) Donations Surplus - several suggestions were made on how to spend the surplus.
I) Signs for 10th Line
II) Canada Day Banner/Signs, Radios, Marque
III) Store Sheds
IV) Grants to Community Group
V) Rink
VI) Watters Park
VII) Sports Park
VIII) Furnishing the new Community Centre (Computer, Fax, Telephone, etc.)
IX) Dave motioned for the FCA to donate $1,000.00 to the Cumberland Recource Centre, seconded by Don and carried.
c) Budget - major/minor capital
13) Next Meeting: Monday, February 15, 1999
14) The meeting was adjourned at 11:15 p.m.