Minutes of meeting held November 15, 1999 (8:05 p.m.)

Attendees: George Blake, Marc Cappelli, Lynn Hamelin, Ron Hamelin, Paul Pelletier, Don Pottier, Zybina Richards, Gilles Warren.

Regrets: David Villeneuve

Opening Remarks:

Ron welcomed all in attendance.
Subject Discussions/Decisions
Agenda The Agenda was accepted on a motion by Don Pottier, seconded by Marc Cappelli
Minutes Minutes of October 18, 1999 meeting was adopted on a motion by Zybina Richards, seconded by Don Pottier
Councillor Kreling 1. Reported on OC Transpo's Planning - Daily reports on Standing passengers. 

2. Interprovincial Bridge - Origin and destination survey - some work has been completed. The Survey involved Truckers. Substantiate use of Bridge - concerns re usage of bridge by trucks.

3. Local Governance - Media indicated that a Special Advisory Report will be made public as soon as it is available by the Ministry.

Councillor Dugal *Winter parking restrictions apply effective Nov. 15, 1999. I will confirm that Council supports the issuance of warnings only until the snow starts flying.
* At the General Policy Committee meeting on Tuesday (6 p.m.), the Committee will discuss the evaluation of the Recommendations on Graffiti (from COPPS committee).
* The ByLaw department is recommending that Council not renew the summer Municipal Law Enforcement Service Contract with the Fallingbrook Mall. Any comments?
* Council will be approving a project management services contract for the Cumberland arena and Community Centre.
* It is being recommended that Council apply to the Region to amend the Regional Official Plan to amend the boundary of the urban area to permit the Cumberland Sports Park - High School proposal.

*Ray Friel (3 Options) - Sufficient funds have been provided to do the necessary studies for what is required to make the recommended options happen.

* Budget Day - January, 2000.

Councillor Lewis 1. City has bought back piece of land (St. Joseph & Duford) for conservation. Council is planning to erect the City's Cenotaph.

2. Financing has been approved for the building of Hotel. Commercial Drive to facilitte Hotel.

3. Cumberland Budget process underway. Not too late for FCA to submit Wish List.

4. Traffic - Widening 10th Line Road. Minto - Orchardview and Innes need traffic lights and widening before development commences. Legal city speed limit is 50kmh, unless posted.

Treasurer: No change in Report except that $5,00 in interested has been added to the balance.

Motion for the acceptance of the Treasurer's Report as presented was seconded by Paul Pelletier and carried.

Rec. Committee Badminton
The Fallingbrook badminton club started its 12th year in September. Once again the Club is unable to accommodate demand (despite doing absolutely no advertising the past eight years) At the moment there are approximately 60 members and about 20 names on the waiting list. The Club approached the City for time in the new community centre but have been told none is available. The executive this year consists of Convenor/secretary; George Blake (12th year), Treasurer; Wes Roche, Henry Palafox, Jackie Hopkins, Bob Green, Brian Garvie and Gary Newman.
A recent issue has been the confusion surrounding the Cities Badminton night in the new Fallingbrook community centre and the clubs nights at Fallingbrook school. It appears several
people have registered with the City thinking they where joining the club. This will be discussed with the City.

There has been a discussion with Claude Drouin (the chairperson of the Queenswood Heights/Fallingbrook Badminton club) regarding the management of the tennis courts at the new community centre. He's not sure if they want /will be operating this site (they presently manage the Jeanne Sauve site). His big concern is a lack of volunteers to supervise the extra courts and the lack of members to support the site financially. From the few comments received, people want the option of playing anywhere. Advised him that the FCA would help in any way possible including access to our newsletter.

Cities Recreation advisory committee
The new committee no longer meets on a monthly basis. It has had two meetings since September and meets next in February. If anyone wants a copy of the minutes please contact George. Some of the issues George felt need attention include; 

a) the discrepancy in user fees between Cumberland and other municipalities (especially Gloucester). With amalgamation around the corner we may get stuck with higher user fees than neighbouring municipalities until things settle down (which may be two to four years). A comparison of user fees is available for anyone interested. This issue will be discussed at the next meeting in February. The final decision is political.

b) the need to ensure some high profile projects like the sports park, Ray Friel re-development and Petrie Island don't get lost in the process of amalgamation. George feels that it is important that we keep these projects in the public's eye otherwise they may get relegated to the back burner for several years. 

Cyber Recreation Committee
Presently consists of 14 members. As not everyone on the executive is interested in recreational issues (and the concern over too much e-mail) interested individuals are encouraged to join the committee. To join simply give George your e-mail address and he will gladly add you to the list. George asked Don to ensure that it gets mentioned in each newsletter edition. A blurb will be provided if necessary.

Youth Dance The first dance of the season was held on Friday, November 12th. Despite advertisement at schools, the attendance was poor (20 total). Those in attendance had a good time. Cash intake - $102.75 ($60/Door, $42.75/Canteen). $53.50 was reimbursed for supplies purchased. We have ample canteen supplies for the next dance (approximately $115 resale value). The next dance is scheduled for January 21st. Suggestions to expand the age groups - 9 to 14. Thanks to Marc for helping with the advertisement and getting door prizes also Ron and Lynne, Dave Lewis and the youth volunteers for their help.
Petrie Island Absent
Outdoor Rinks Lynn Hamelin reservations for Rinks usage keep coming in even though there is no snow. 
Winterfest To be given some thought and discussion at the January meeting.
Volunteer Awards Recognition Date set for Saturday, March 4th at 7:00p.m. at SFCC. Ron asked for nominations to be submitted early.
Millennium Party No interest shown.
Community Centre Equipment
Donations Proposal for a donation to the CRC was voted against.
Press Release Contact List Ron has asked for everyone to share their Contact list for distribution so that everyone gets well informed. This will serve well when sending out press releases with community functions.
QHCA CRC - Advertisement
December Meeting All were in favour of having a Christmas Social instead of our monthly meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 10:03 p.m. Next meeting Monday, January 17, 2000