Minutes of meeting held October 18, 1999

Attendees: Marc Cappelli, Lynn Hamelin, Ron Hamelin, François Landry, Don Pottier, Zybina Richards, David Villeneuve, Gilles Warren.

Regrets: John Cloutier

Opening Remarks:

Welcome to all! Ron introduced François Landry who has express interest in becoming a member of the FCA. Information on Letters from Township: (1) Social Housing, (2) Light Rail Pilot Project. Ron indicated that he will be inviting Mr. Jacque Lortie to attend the November meeting.
Subject Discussions/Decisions
Agenda The Agenda was accepted on a motion by Don Pottier, seconded by Marc Cappelli
Minutes Minutes of September 20, 1999 meeting was adopted on a motion by Dave Villeneuve, seconded by Don Pottier
Councillor Kreling 1. Governance 

Herb Kreling advised that meetings with the Special Advisor were held with each of the councils and that he participated in the Region's presentation, supporting the one city with borough model. He thanked the FCA and the other Cumberland Associations for their presentation and paper on Governance.

He also advise that the Police Services Board will be holding a meeting on October 19, 1999 at 4:00 p.m., to consider the implications of municipal governance on police governance.

2. Garbage and Recycling

The Region has received information on the collection amounts and the residents' reaction to the revised blue/black box program. A few highlights were noted. A complete copy of the report is available and includes demographic information as well. A copy will be made available at your request.

3. Police Consultations

Partnerships consultation with communities on policing services will commence in the coming weeks. Dates and times will be made available as they are determined.

4. Truck Traffic

The Region in conjunction with the Ministry of Transportation (Ontario) will conduct an origin and destination study. October 25 - 29 are the tentative dates identified. Data will be available in the new year.

Councillor Dugal 1. Community Centre 

Frank Dugal reported that Jacques Lortie is looking into solution/different options with regards the operation of the Elevator at the South Fallingbrook Community Centre.

2. Parks & Recreation
A number of sub committees are in place for the following:
a) Planning
b) User Fees
c) Housing 
d) Governance 

Councillor Lewis Dave Lewis reported that the Home Depot is scheduled to open January 27, 2000.
Treasurer: Don wanted to bring closure to the Canada Day Report. After going over the report once more, Don motioned for the acceptance of the Canada Day Report as presented. The motion was seconded by Dave Villeneuve and carried. Don motioned for the acceptance of the Financial Statement 1999/2000 be accepted as presented, seconded by Marc and carried.
Newsletter 4 page Edition will be delivered in Ad Bags Friday, October 22nd.
Rec. Committee Absent
Youth Dance No Dance was scheduled for October.

A Dance was planned for Friday, November 12th. Marc will start advertising immediately. He will also take care of Door Prizes. We will also approach local groups and offer them a percent of the profits.

Petrie Island Friends of Petrie Island's AGM will be held on Tuesday, October 19th. They thanked the FCA for their generous contribution.
Outdoor Rinks Lynn Hamelin reported that she has already received reservations for Rinks usage. The Rink at SFCC is not ready for use. Is lighting a problem. Pleasure Rinks pose major concerns. Ron to email info on Rinks to Comm. Jacques Lortie.
Filing Cabinet The request to purchase a filing cabinet with lock, that fits in with the Motif of the Community Centre, was accepted on a motion by Dave and seconded by George.
Local Governance The President's of the Cumberland's Community Association brought forward their views on local governance and it can be found on our website at www.fallingbrook.com. The attendees watched a taping done prior to the meeting by CJOH.
QHCA Gilles Warren mentioned their discussion on the Bridge issue and amalgamation.
Round Table Dave Villeneuve suggested that we add a Lost and Found section on our Web Site and that it is approved. Seconded by Marc Cappelli.
Meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m. Next meeting Monday, November 15, 1999