Minutes of meeting

September 20, 1999

Attendees: George Blake, Marc Cappelli, John Cloutier, Ron Hamelin, Paul Pelletier, Don Pottier, Zybina Richards, David Villenueve, Gilles Warren.

Regrets: Lynn Hamelin

Opening Remarks:

Welcome to all! Information on Letters from Township: (1) Community Centre, (2) Outdoor Rinks, (3) Cumberland's 200th Anniversary, (4) Ministry of Consumer Relations, (5) Community Centre Operating Hours, (6) Y2K Budget Process, (7) Regional Direction, (8) Retail Outlet Studies, City - Council Meeting, (9) Opening of MPP Brian Coburn's New Office, (10) Local Governance
Subject Discussions/Decisions
Agenda Amended to include: (8) Youth Dances, (12) Scouts, (13) Bi-Centenniel 
The Agenda was accepted on a motion by Marc Cappelli, seconded by Dave Villeneuve. 
Minutes Corrections: Website - Dave recommended removing all information from old site and making link to new site.

Minutes of April 17, 1999 meeting adopted, with corrections duly noted, on a motion by Dave Villeneuve, seconded by Paul Pelletier.

Councillor Kreling 1. Community Forums.
Each of the Regional Councillors will be conducting a community forum. Our's will be held on September 30, 1999 at 5:00p.m. at the MIFO Centre on Carriere Street in conjunction with R2 and R6. These forums will provide the opportunity for residents to discuss any issues they desire. There will be kiosks for each department, as well as round table discussions on governance. There will also be opportunities for residents to speak on the bridge and

Interprovincial transportation and St. Joseph Blvd. 

2. Governance

A few Councillors will be bringing the executive members of community associations together to review the Borough Model developed by the University of Ottawa Centre on Governance. A meeting on this issue will be held on September 28, 1999 at 7:30 p.m. at the St Laurent Centre. All members of our ward's community associations are invited to attend this meeting with Mr. Paquet, Phd. who was the author of the report. The various studies are available at www.restructuringinfo.com

3. Safety Zones

Various locations in Ottawa-Carleton have been designated Community Safety Zones. In these areas, the traffic violations are double and there is zero tolerance. In our neighbourhood, the Gardenway area has been designated.

4. Recycling/garbage collections.

Residents are becoming more familiar with the blue/black box program. Region is also in the process of tabulating the collection tonnages and surveying the residents attitudes on this program. Findings will be reported after they are tabled with Council.

5. Transplan 2000

Annually, OCTranspo conducts autumn meetings to determine the community reaction to bus routes and services. In the upcoming sessions there will be a focus on the Orleans community. These meetings will be held later this year with any changes being implemented next fall. All are encouraged to comment on this service. It is possible that there will be some major alterations in store for commuters this time around as the implementation of the

Consultant recommendations continue and the funding issues in the upcoming budgets are implemented.

Councillor Dugal Tree planting has begun along Charlemagne

Opening soon: Shell Gas Station this fall at 10th Line & Innes, Winners & Staples Feb/March 2000, Burger King, Minto Sales, Feb. 2000 south of Innes, Arrowhead Theme Park, Kinsella Drive, Cumberland Village

Dev. & Planning - Parks & Rec. volunteer position - no response
New housing - 368 todate
2nd Speed hump for DesEpinettes has been approved by Council
Increased Fitness cost at the Ray Friel Centre approved by Council
Fran Stronach named Council Representative at Library
Fees for handicap changes to homes have been waived but approval is still required
MPP Coburn will be putting together a 2000 Calendar and need photographs from the FCA to include.

Treasurer: As was expected, we lost a bit of money on Canada Day. With an additional $600 of revenue still to come in ($500 beer tent, $50 ice cream sales, $50 pizza stand) and a few receipts yet to pay (I'm sure) the summary is as follows:

Revenue $20,648 + 600 = $21,248
Expenses 24,118
LOSS $2,870 (plus any outstanding bills)

The revenue includes from all Canada Day sources (Homeniuk, light sticks, etc) We have 1200 lightsticks left over for next year, which if sold this year would have added $3000 to our revenue, basically eliminating our loss. The expenses do not include the major equipment purchase we bought as part of the FCA improvement initiative (large sun tents, loudspeakers, signs, etc).

Newsletter Information due end September-Mid October. Don to email distribution deadline.
Rec. Committee The new community centre, a beautiful new facility which will surely fulfil our recreational needs, was officially opened September 12.

Issues discussed included:

1) management of the tennis courts (do we (FCA) continue to integrate with Queenswood Heights or do we want to set up our own tennis club,
2) completion of the park and sports field and how the hydro corridor can be developed to enhance the site. Lobby to get trench filled. 

3) Sports Park update - City received request to build another High School. Delayed for 1 year (2001/2002).

Canada Day On behalf of "everyone", George thanked David for pulling off yet another successful Fallingbrook Canada Day. This was endorsed by all. Congratulations Dave!!! Dave humbly responded by reporting that one lesson learned is not to advertise a rain date, since arrangements for an alternate firing were not prepared. Nevertheless, the day was probably the best ever, with thousands attending the various events. Dave in turn thanked everyone, the committee and all volunteers, for the Day's success.
Petrie Island FCA's donation of $300.00 to the Friends of Petrie Island was accepted on a motion by Dave and seconded by George.
Community Centre Dave made us aware that Gilles Warren could not access the elevator at the new Community Centre. Councillor Dugal to follow-up with Comm. Jacques Lortie.
Filing Cabinet The request to purchase a filing cabinet with lock, that fits in with the Motif of the Community Centre, was accepted on a motion by Dave and seconded by George.
4th Orleans Scouts Request by the 4th Orleans Scout Group for FCA to renew Charter as their Official Sponsor was accepted on a motion by Dave and seconded by Paul.

Request for $500.00 donation to the 4th Orleans Scout Group was accepted on a motion by Dave and seconded by George. 

Youth Dance Zybina reported that with little time to advertise, there won't be a dance for September. There were concerns about adult supervision for future dances as well as using the new facility for the dances - based on the location, lack of public transportation, street lighting, etc. It was decided that the dances will be held at Ray Friel Centre. Suggestions were made to contact local community groups (Scouts, PeeWee, Knights, Lions) with a proposal for them to provide the youths and we split the profits.
Bi-Centennial Ron in turn mentioned the 200th Anniversary for Cumberland and due to lack of information, FCA should not send any financial support at this time
Outdoor Rinks Ron mentioned that the 3rd additional rink has been built at the new community centre but there was a few items and corrections still to take place prior to the signing of the contract
QHCA Gilles reported that over the Summer, there has been a decrease in problems in the area Parks. QHCA presented a letter on the Richard Bretton's matter to Council. No resolution todate.

Meeting adjourned at 10:05 p.m. Next meeting Monday, October 18.